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Oracle of the Alpha - Illustration by Nino Vecia

Oracle of the Alpha (Alchemy: Dominaria) | Illustration by Nino Vecia

It seems like we get an MTGA Alchemy counterpart with each Standard set release, and it’s no different for Dominaria United. Wizards just announced a new release in their MTG Arena announcement, and the name of the set is Alchemy: Dominaria.

Alchemy: Dominaria will be released on MTG Arena on October 6, but we got the first spoilers on September 29. Stay with us, because we’ll be covering Alchemy: Dominaria daily and bringing you the best cards from the set from now until October 6.

So keep this page on your radar because we’ll be updating it frequently!

Alchemy: Dominaria Basic Information

Plains (Dominaria United) - Illustration by Lorenzo Lanfranconi

Plains (Dominaria United) | Illustration by Lorenzo Lanfranconi

Set Details

Set SymbolTBA
Set CodeDMUA
Number of Cards30
RaritiesMythic, Rare, Uncommon
MechanicsConjure, Enlist, Perpetually

Important Dates

Previews startSeptember 29, 2022
Full Gallery AvailableOctober 6, 2022
Release on MTG ArenaOctober 6, 2022
Available on Arena TutorOctober 6, 2022 (estimated)

About the Set: The Story

Swamp (Dominaria United) - Illustration by Seb McKinnon

Swamp (Dominaria United) | Illustration by Seb McKinnon

Alchemy sets are based on the story of their Standard counterparts. So here we have the plane Dominaria being invaded by the Phyrexians led by Sheoldred, the Apocalypse (and they’re winning). There are some problems with Jaya Ballard and Ajani Goldmane too. They’ve both been compleated, meaning they’ve essentially been converted into a planeswalker war-machine by the Phyrexians!

Dominaria United is the first of a four-set storyline where we’ll see the fate of Dominaria, our favorite planeswalkers, and perhaps the entire multiverse be decided. It’s only just getting started.

Set Mechanics

Alchemy sets usually have the same mechanics as their Standard counterparts so mechanics like domain, kicker, and enlist are all but guaranteed. We’ll also get evergreen digital-only mechanics like perpetually, seek, and spellbook.

Alchemy: Dominaria is also likely to have its own new digital-only mechanic judging from the pattern of Alchemy sets.


This is the only image of the set we have so far:

Alchemy: Dominaria teaser for Oracle of the Alpha

It looks like an aven to me. I bet it has flying. 

One speculation is that we’ll see poison in this set. Thanks to the Sleeper Agent event on MTG Arena, and some players speculate that poison may be due to return since we have a huge story arc coming on “Phyrexians vs. Dominaria” immediately followed by “Phyrexians vs the Multiverse.”

It’s been more than 10 years since infect was put on all-new cards in MTG. Some Alchemy: Dominaria cards even already have poison counters in some way thanks to Fynn, the Fangbearer.

As was the case in Alchemy Horizons: Baldur's Gate, we may have an alternate Limited format with Alchemy: Dominaria, and rebalanced cards too.

Dominaria United Alchemy Full Gallery

White Cards

Blue Cards

Black Cards

Red Cards

Green Cards

Multicolored Cards

Colorless Cards

Notable Cards

Oracle of the Alpha

Oracle of the Alpha

Oracle of the Alpha was the very first card spoiled for Alchemy: Dominaria, and what a card it is! A 3-mana 2/3 that puts the entire Power 9 into your deck when it enters the battlefield, no strings attached.

Wrap Up

Island (Dominaria United) - Illustration by Seb McKinnon

Island (Dominaria United) | Illustration by Seb McKinnon

That’s all we’ve got so far! These Alchemy sets are typically spoiled and rolled out extremely quickly after they’re announced, so stay tuned. We’ll keep this page updated with the latest information!

What do you think about Alchemy: Dominaria? Are you an avid Alchemy player and ready to get theorycrafting with all these new cards? Or are you maybe a Standard grinder who forgot the format even existed? Let us know your thoughts on the set and format so far in the comments below or in the official Draftsim Discord.

Until next time!

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