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Bedeck  Bedazzle - Illustration by Randy Vargas

Bedeck // Bedazzle | Illustration by Randy Vargas

Are you tired of swapping between tabs and the MTG Arena client when you’re trying to figure out which card you were supposed to add to your new deck? Trying to manually type your list out by hand? Well look no further. Your friendly neighborhood guide is here to tell you how you can export decks directly from Arena!

Before we start, you might be wondering why you should even bother exporting your decks. After all, you don’t get any rewards or have anything to earn other than the satisfaction of seeing others copy your list. But think of it this way: when you export your deck, you’re creating a new meta, collapsing an annoying one, or forming an alternative to an existing, solid deck.

The Magic community evolves constantly as new decks spread across the internet, and sharing yours only takes a couple of minutes. So why not be a part of it?

How to Export from MTG Arena

Follow this step-by-step guide and you’ll be exporting your Arena decks like a pro in no time.

1. Open the “Decks” tab in MTGA and then click on the deck you want to export

Quick note: You can't export from the deck edit screen, so make sure to just select the deck and not open it

MTG Arena deck tab

2. Click “Export” at the bottom of the deck editing page

MTG Arena deck "export"

3. A pop-up will appear letting you know that the decklist has been copied to your clipboard – click “OK”

MTG Arena export deck pop-up

4. Paste the copied decklist into a word processor and save it

MTG Arena deck export format

Congratulations! You’ve successfully exported your deck after a long and difficult journey. You might be feeling like a god at this point for achieving so much, but it’s not over yet. Stay a while and listen.

Taking Things Further: Uploading to Draftsim’s Decks

Now that you know how to export your deck, it would be a shame to keep your lists a secret. There are a few different websites where you can upload your decks and see what other people think about it. One of which is our very own Draftsim! That’s right, we’ve now got a deck database for just this purpose. It’s pretty simple, but here’s a quick guide.

On the submit deck page, copy and paste the list you want to upload in the “Maindeck” and “Sideboard” tabs on the left. Type and select the deck’s info in the “Deck name,” “Deck format,” and “Game mode” fields. You'll also probably need to complete a Captcha, too. Once you do, click “Preview Deck.”

Draftsim deck database upload

You'll be able to look over your deck and make sure everything is right. There's also some info for you to analyze for your deck's mana curve and spell types, and you can sort your deck by color, mana cost, or rarity. Once you've verified that everything's all good, click “Publish Deck.”

Draftsim deck database - deck preview

And you’re done! It’s that easy. Your deck has now been uploaded to our database.

One Other Way: Exporting from Arena Tutor

Aside from using MTG Arena for your exports, there's one more way you can export your decks. If you're a regular on Draftsim, you should already know about Arena Tutor, an app you can use to enhance your MTG Arena experience. It's an MTGA tracker with our signature AI built right in!

If you're looking to export any deck in MTGA, you can also export it using Arena Tutor. A huge advantage here is that you can share your past draft decks that you may have forgotten to “add to decks” in the game itself. We've got your back.

Just open the deck you'd like to export in the app, and then click the “Export this deck” button on the top right, like so:

Arena Tutor deck export button

The deck will be copied to your clipboard so you can more export your decks anywhere you want. Pretty simple, huh?

Export, Don’t Be Shy

Exporting your decks is actually one of the fundamental things that’s kept Magic alive and well for decades. It’s not just about saying, “look what I made.” It’s about theory crafting, helping others develop solid plays, and sometimes just helping newcomers win a couple of games.

Sharing your lists helps build a community and makes it easier for new players to join the fray. I know it may feel bothersome to share your decks or you might hesitate because you think it wouldn’t contribute to anything. You don’t need to be Mythic rank or have won several championships to share your decks with others. Even if you share a list that’s similar to an existing deck, it’s still something new and could help other players come up with an entirely new brew.

So leave any doubts behind, export your decks, and share them to your heart’s content! You can even head over to our Discord to chat about your favorite (or least favorite) lists!

As always, if you have any questions, let me know in the comments below. See you next time!

Looking for the flip side of this process? Read this article on how to import decks into MTGA.

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    Ichibu March 11, 2024 12:46 am

    What does the number after each card mean?

    • Timothy Zaccagnino
      Timothy Zaccagnino March 11, 2024 1:28 pm

      That’s the collector’s number for that particular card. You shouldn’t need that info (or the exact set code either) for importing/exporting, but it’s automatically included in the decklist with Arena’s export feature.

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