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Everything you wished MTGA had, but doesn't

Arena Tutor has a suite of amazing tools to help you at every stage of the game and let you focus on what matters -- at just the right time
wrappixel kit
Deck Tracking

Track what cards you and your opponent have played this match and easily calculate your odds.

wrappixel kit
Draft Assistant

Get instant pick recommendations using Draftsim AI.

wrappixel kit
Personal Stats Galore

Find out how well you're doing, details on your deck performance, and which format is your best.

The most advanced AI technology

Arena Tutor supercharges your decisions by putting all the critical information you need right at your fingertips. Harness our proprietary machine learning algorithms to gain an edge on the competition.
meta deck identification

Automatically track the cards your opponent has played and see example decklists and sideboards if a metagame deck is found.

draft helper suggestions

Revolutionary AI from Draftsim dynamically recommends the best card for your deck based on your previous picks. Works for both bot (quick) AND live drafts with humans.


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Arena Tutor is available on Overwolf

Draftsim has partnered with Overwolf, the premier platform for game-enhancing overlays and assistant applications. Click here to learn more about Overwolf.
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Arena Tutor makes a real difference

Thousands of users absolutely love our MTGA assistant - new players and experts alike

Squeeze More Fun Out of MTG Arena

Arena Tutor can track your matches, analyze your games, and even give you achievements whenever you have an epic match.
meta deck identification

Track your epic ladder run to mythic, see which color combinations you do best against, or just brag about your draft format dominance.

postgame stats

Analyze everything - spells cast, lands played, cards drawn, and more. You can even view a complete text log of the game and export your opponent's deck for future brewing!

Ad free version also available

You can get a better user interface, more stats, and absolutely no ads for a small subscription fee.

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lobby stats and draft assistant without ads

Frequently asked questions

Once you download Arena Tutor, you'll be up and running in 2 minutes. But we know you might have a few questions first, so we've got answers.

What does Arena Tutor do?

Arena Tutor is an MTG Arena addon overlay that helps you track your MTGA decks, matches, drafts, and collection progress. And it makes it both fun and beautiful to do.

How does Arena Tutor work?

The helper app reads your MTGA log files to get realtime game data and display it in a user-friendly way.

Is Arena Tutor free?

Yes, it's completely free. We also have a paid version with additional features if you want to help support our work.

Is Arena Tutor legal?

Yes! Third-party apps are allowed by Wizards of the Coast as long as they don't break the MTGA terms of service.

Why do I have to download Overwolf? Won't it slow my computer down, spy on me, etc?

Working with Overwolf lets Arena Tutor to do way more than we ever could without it, including enabling exclusive features within the app. Overwolf has recently taken very strong actions to address past performance issues, which you can read more about here.

Is it safe to use an MTGA assistant app?

Yes. The only data that Arena Tutor stores is related to our app and your MTG Arena matches. Overwolf also has strict security and compliance standards that we have to follow to be on their platform.

Is it cheating to use an MTGA assistant?

No. Arena Tutor does not give you access to any information you don't already have. It is simply a tracker that reduces your mental load so you can focus on -- and improve -- your gameplay.

How do I update Arena Tutor?

Arena Tutor automatically updates! You may need to restart Overwolf to make sure you have the latest version.

Is Arena Tutor available for Mac?

Not presently. We'd love to have a Mac version at some point though, so stay tuned. If you want to try running Arena Tutor through other methods on your Mac, please have a look at this article.

Does Arena Tutor work on mobile?

Unfortunately not. The log files that the tracker needs to run are not provided by MTG Arena like they are on a PC.

How do I use Arena Tutor? What should I do if it's not working?

Please read the new user and common troubleshooting steps over on our help page. Problems are usually a quick fix. If you're still having trouble, we'd love to talk to you on Discord or you can submit a bug report.

How do I download this MTGA tracker?

Glad you asked! There are two ways to get the app -- either from this direct download link or from the Overwolf app store.
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