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Everything you wished MTGA had, but doesn't

Arena Tutor has a suite of amazing tools to help you at every stage of the game and let you focus on what matters -- at just the right time
wrappixel kit
Deck Tracking

Track what cards you and your opponent have played this match and easily calculate your odds.

wrappixel kit
Draft Assistant

Get instant pick recommendations using Draftsim AI.

wrappixel kit
Personal Stats Galore

Coming Soon

Find out how well you're doing, details on your deck performance, and which format is your best.

The most advanced AI technology

Arena Tutor supercharges your decisions by putting all the critical information you need right at your fingertips. Harness our proprietary machine learning algorithms to gain an edge on the competition.

Automatically track the cards your opponent has played and see example decklists and sideboards if a metagame deck is found.

* Metagame analysis coming soon


Revolutionary AI from Draftsim dynamically recommends the best card for your deck based on your previous picks.


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Arena Tutor is available on Overwolf

Draftsim has partnered with Overwolf, the premier platform for game-enhancing overlays and assistant applications. Click here to learn more about Overwolf.

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