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Angel of Suffering - Illustration by Martina Fackova

Angel of Suffering | Illustration by Martina Fackova

Streets of New Capenna rocked Standard’s world when it released, shaking up the metagame and inspiring a plethora of new tri-color decks. It’s been a bit since the release, which means we’re getting closer and closer to the release of Alchemy: Streets of New Capenna and the earth-shattering effect it will surely have on both Alchemy and Historic.

There aren’t too many details available yet, but we can infer a lot from earlier Alchemy supplementary set releases and use that to start painting a picture of just what to expect when it comes to release date, mechanics, and cards.

Let’s jump right in!

Alchemy: Streets of New Capenna Basic Information

Forbidden Alchemy - Illustration by David Rapoza

Forbidden Alchemy | Illustration by David Rapoza

Set Details

Set SymbolAlchemy SNC set symbol
Set CodeA22
Number of Cards30
Rarities5 mythic, 15 rare, 10 uncommon
MechanicsConnive, Perpetually, Seek

Important Dates

Release on MTG ArenaJune 2, 2022
Available on Arena TutorJune 2, 2022

About the Set

Errant, Street Artist - Illustration by Justine Cruz

Errant, Street Artist | Illustration by Justine Cruz

There isn’t much to know just yet about Alchemy: Streets of New Capenna, but odds are we’re in for a similar situation to Alchemy: Neon Dynasty and Alchemy: Innistrad. The set will likely contain similar mechanics to New Capenna mixed with Alchemy and digital-only mechanics like conjure or perpetually.

New Capenna released officially on April 29, 2022, which leads us to believe that Alchemy: Streets of New Capenna will likely be released around the end of May or early June 2022.

Set Mechanics

Alchemy: New Capenna only brings 30 new cards to the digital-only format, which means we aren’t getting a plethora of new and exciting mechanics this time around. Instead, we’ll have to settle for a little bit of everything this time. That includes a sprinkling of blitz, casualty, and connive mixed in with some digital-only mechanics like perpetually and seek.

Alchemy: New Capenna Card Gallery







Card Legality

These new cards are made for a digital-only format, which means they won’t be legal in just about any other format, Standard included. The new Alchemy: Streets of New Capenna cards will only be legal in Alchemy and Historic, as well as Historic sub-formats like Historic Brawl and Historic Artisan.

So you’re out of luck yet again with this set if you’re a Vintage or (for whatever reason) paper Historic player. But you’re probably used to that by now.

Alchemy: Streets of New Capenna Packs

Like with earlier Alchemy sets, Alchemy: Streets of New Capenna will likely release in its own pack in the MTG Arena Store. There were no commons in previous Alchemy supplementary sets, which led to the common slots in these packs being filled with commons from the normal version of the set.

I always found this to be particularly stingy of WotC and would like to see either more uncommons per pack or even just a second rare. Then again, this is sort of on track for how Alchemy functions as a format and can maybe act as a way to see how the design team views things.

Duplicate Protection

While duplicate protection is extended to the Alchemy sets, it’s a little weirder given the sets are typically much smaller than their conventional counterparts. Instead of receiving gems when you open a rare you already have a playset of, you get a rare from the non-Alchemy version of the set (in this case, that’s just normal Streets of New Capenna).

Wrap Up

Boon of Safety - Illustration by Robin Olausson

Boon of Safety | Illustration by Robin Olausson

With that we’ve covered just about everything there is to know about Alchemy: Streets of New Capenna for now. Wizards usually drops all of the info on Alchemy sets all at once, including everything from its release date to the entire card gallery. So if it isn’t here, it isn’t out yet!

What do you think of the new set, and Alchemy as a whole? I don’t really play it, but I know that some of my friends that do really enjoy it as a Standard alternative while disliking its effects on Historic. I want to know your thoughts too, so leave a comment below or talk about it in the official Draftsim Discord. And don’t forget to grab Arena Tutor so that you’re as prepped as you can be when the set finally drops.

Until next time, stay safe and stay healthy!

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