The Great Henge - Illustration by Jeremy Paillotin

The Great Henge | Illustration by Jeremy Paillotin

Hello, planeswalkers! The grass is always greener on the other side, but this garden is the greenest. Boasting aside, let’s look at all the green artifacts so far in MTG. It’s not a huge list, but there are a few green artifacts that can pack a punch.

You most likely won’t be going out and making a green artifact deck after reading. However, some of the cards below fit well into multicolored decks. Many of these artifacts are great support cards for your other mono or multicolored green decks.

You may just find that some of these green artifacts are absolute bombs that are worth your time.

What Are Green Artifacts in MTG?

Vegetation Abomination - Illustration by Mike Burns

Vegetation Abomination | Illustration by Mike Burns

Green artifacts are exactly what the name implies. We’re looking at the artifacts that have a Forest in their mana value and are considered green. I won’t be checking out artifacts that can produce green mana or transform into some sort of green permanent. If it’s a mono green card and has the card type or subtype of artifact, I’ll look at it here.

#43. Pool of Vigorous Growth

Pool of Vigorous Growth

Only legal in Historic, let’s keep it brief with Pool of Vigorous Growth. You can turn an extra land in your hand into a potentially deadly creature. Or, you could discard a card for a puny creature. May luck always be in your favor.

#42. Vegetation Abomination

Vegetation Abomination

Don’t forget to eat your vegetables! Vegetation Abomination is about as fun as being forced to eat vegetables you don’t like. The deathtouch is nice, but a 3-mana 2/2 that has a sporadic sac ability is just meh.

#41. Galadhrim Bow

Galadhrim Bow

Do you like combat tricks without much upside? Let me introduce to you Galadhrim Bow. As I jested, this card is better left for some Limited combat tricks. In Constructed there are far too many ways to counter and survive combat tricks for this card to be valuable.

#40. Thundering Tanadon

Thundering Tanadon

For 6 mana, you’re going to need a bigger and badder creature than Thundering Tanadon. It has a tiny bit of upside in using your life as a casting cost and having trample. But I think we can all agree that it just doesn’t compete with green cards like Forgotten Ancient or Vigor in the same part of the curve.

#39. Sylvok Battle-Chair

Sylvok Battle-Chair

For Mirrodin! I’m not for Sylvok Battle-Chair in my decks. Six mana for a 6/6 with trample seems like an alright use of your resources, but where’s the upside? Moving this equipment is difficult, and I’m not sure the creature token is the game-winner you need.

#38. Capenna Express

Capenna Express

Sacrificing a Treasure to essentially crew Capenna Express is a nice way to overpower your opponent in Limited formats. In Constructed, however, those Treasure tokens are much more valuable for their mana production. The stat boost for the Alchemy version doesn’t make this card worth the investment on your part. Save your Treasure.

#37. Spiked Ripsaw

Spiked Ripsaw

For equipment to be viable in competitive matches, you need quick and easy ways to maneuver. Spiked Ripsaw sits in the middle of both of these aspects. Not good, but not terrible. This isn’t the statement you’re looking for when designing a deck. I do like the name “Ripsaw” instead of chainsaw though.

#36. Incubation Sac

Incubation Sac

Incubation Sac is a card better left for Limited play. 3/3 creature tokens can make a difference in this format, but most likely not in Constructed. At 4 mana and at sorcery speed, the token creation here is just too clunky and slow.

#35. Spawning Pod

Spawning Pod

Spawning Pod is an Alchemy card that works with the seek mechanic. You can sac a creature to seek a creature with 1+ mana value. Seek is the digital twist on fetch. It’s nowhere near as valuable, because it’s random. Trading up creatures is nice, but I’m not a fan of the randomness here.

#34. Evolving Door

Evolving Door

What a fun way for multicolored decks to fetch their many-colored cards. Evolving Door lets you sac a creature to get a creature with one more color type. You can turn a Gatecreeper Vine into a Scuzzback Marauders and then into a Korvold, Fae-Cursed King. The downside here is that you still have to cast the creature, so you need the right color mana to do so.

#33. Webspinner Cuff

Webspinner Cuff

Reconfigure is an interesting and useful mechanic in certain circumstances. If you reconfigure your artifact creature like Webspinner Cuff and your opponent uses a board wipe, the equipment reverts to a creature and remains on the battlefield. This is a fun interaction, but the stats and costs of Webspinner Cuff just aren’t valuable enough.

#32. Wolfrider’s Saddle

Wolfrider's Saddle

Wolfrider's Saddle seems like it could be good, but it simply isn’t. “Can’t be blocked by more than one creature” isn’t the bomb keyword that it may seem like. A piece of very vanilla equipment that deserves to gather dust deep in your collection.

#31. Dodgy Jalopy

Dodgy Jalopy

Dodgy Jalopy is a vehicle to include in your big green Commander decks. It could have a ton of power depending on the highest mana value of your creatures. I think this vehicle is a little slow, but the trample and scavenge adds a slight amount of value.

#30. Rosethorn Halberd

Rosethorn Halberd

Pumping up a creature +2/+1 for more than one turn for only one mana is great! However, Rosethorn Halberd has the stipulation that it can only be automatically attached to non-human creatures. The cheap automatic equip is very nice, but the later 5-mana equip cost makes this a no-go for me in most decks.

#29. Ranger’s Longbow

Ranger's Longbow

I think reach is sometimes an overlooked keyword. It doesn’t often help you to win games, but it can stop or hinder many players’ strategies. Ranger's Longbow is a not-so-cheap equipment to achieve this. I don’t mind the mana value, but the equip cost isn’t great for keeping up with your opponent.

#28. Saddle of the Cavalier

Saddle of the Cavalier

It’s nice to be able to ignore some chump blockers when you are trying to crush your opponent. Saddle of the Cavalier gives a creature big stats and limits what creatures can block it. This is a good card for Limited play, but the mana value and equip cost may keep it from many competitive Constructed decks.

#27. Bramble Armor

Bramble Armor

Bramble Armor is a Rosethorn Halberd repeat, but it can be attached to any creature type and the future equip cost is 4 mana. Still not enough to tickle my fancy for most Constructed decks.

#26. Tangleweave Armor

Tangleweave Armor

As far as token creation goes, the living weapon mechanic has its benefits and deficits. With Tangleweave Armor you can create a Phyrexian Germ token with stats equal to the greatest mana value of your commanders. I don’t like the equip cost of this card and the fact that the token dies if you remove the equipment.

#25. Elven Bow

Elven Bow

Elven Bow can fit well into an elf typal build of any format. It has an even bigger payoff in alchemy with the reduced ETB cost from two mana to one. Elven Bow also has the bonus of the token entering with reach, ruining some opponent’s aerial advantage.

#24. Skyclave Pick-Axe

Skyclave Pick-Axe

I always find myself leaning towards a landfall deck. I mean c’mon, why can’t I get benefits every time I play a land? Skyclave Pick-Axe costs one mana, automatically attaches to a creature, and gives that creature +2/+2 each time you play a land. What’s not to love?

#23. Bag of Tricks

Bag of Tricks

Bag of Tricks is a gambler’s kind of card. For 5 mana you could get a 1-drop, an 8-drop, or nothing. It all depends on the mana value of the creatures you decided to stack your deck with. This is a card best left amongst friends and not in competitive formats.

#22. Courier’s Briefcase

Courier's Briefcase

Courier's Briefcase has become quite a decent card for the 5-color decks in Standard at the moment. You get a chump blocker against aggro, a Treasure token to get any mana you need, and a chance to draw cards in the late game. I think this card is made for 5-color decks, and it does what you expect reliably. 

#21. Sequence Engine

Sequence Engine

Sequence Engine is a fun way to utilize some graveyard hate in your favor. You remove a possibly reanimated creature from an opponent’s graveyard, and you get a big creature token with counters. It may be expensive and slow, but at least it provides decent creatures and insurance against many board wipes.

#20. Vivien’s Arkbow

Vivien's Arkbow

Vivien's Arkbow is a nice artifact for strong midrange decks. If your deck is built to reliably provide you with strong, 4- or 5-mana-value creatures, then Vivien's Arkbow can help you top deck them each of your turns. Discard your pesky late land draws and turn them into cards like Questing Beast or Primalcrux.

#19. Instrument of the Bards

Instrument of the Bards

Instrument of the Bards is an extremely slow fetch card. The upside is having this card in your opening hand and fetching a creature you need by turn four or five. You have to build counters, pay to fetch, and the fetched card goes to your hand. For all of these reasons, I’m most likely out. However, there’s value to be had if you can proliferate or just afford to wait.

#18. Boxing Ring

Boxing Ring

Boxing Ring is a wildly interesting card to build around. If you can stack your deck with creatures with higher toughness like Arcades, the Strategist, you can remove your opponents’ creatures and make Treasure tokens. This is a wonderful way to gain multiple advantages over your opponents.

#17. Bone Sabres

Bone Sabres

If green is your strategy, you’re going to want counters. Bone Sabres gives the equipped attacking creature four +1/+1 counters. This is going to put a lot of pressure on your opponent when you attach this to a creature with trample or double strike. I have railed against three mana value and three equip costs before, but the payoffs here are too good to ignore.

#16. Scepter of Celebration

Scepter of Celebration

Scepter of Celebration is a Selesnya and Jetmir approved artifact. When combat damage is dealt by a creature equipped with this scepter, you can make that number of 1/1 creature tokens. This has high upside for wide board presence, but a slight devaluing based on the costs of actually using it.

#15. Kolvori, God of Kinship // The Ringhart Crest

We all love two-sided cards for the options they can give us. Choose between the legendary creature-themed Kolvori, God of Kinship or the green tribal support of The Ringhart Crest. If you have a deck of similar legendary creature types, the choice won’t be too difficult. If you have other builds, I suggest using The Ringhart Crest to help with green tribal support.

#14. Tanuki Transplanter

Tanuki Transplanter

Tanuki Transplanter is a good way to generate mana that you don’t lose at the end of phases. This can help your curve and even get your bombs like Tyrranax Rex out quicker. The reconfigure adds even more value as it can protect against a total loss from removal and board wipe spells.

#13. Verdurous Gearhulk

Verdurous Gearhulk

Verdurous Gearhulk is an artifact that feels right at home in a green deck. It has trample and distributes counters when it ETBs. You can surround this card with bounce or return from the graveyard effects and reap all the counters.

#12. Belt of Giant Strength

Belt of Giant Strength

Belt of Giant Strength is an entertaining green equipment card. There are many bows, but I want the Belt of Giant Strength. This card is made for the massive green counters decks. This equipment changes the base power, but if you have counters on top of that you’ll have a gargantuan creature.

#11. Chitterspitter


Fear the army of squirrels! Chitterspitter is a wonderful artifact for the swarming squirrel tribal decks. Put this artifact in with a commander like Chatterfang, Squirrel General and synergy cards like Squirrel Mob, then watch your army grow. Very fun!

#10. Fractal Harness

Fractal Harness

When you play Fractal Harness, you create a Fractal token with X +1/+1 counters on it. Each time you attack you can double the number of counters on the equipped creature. It’s a beautiful way to grow a creature that can be moved around for only 2 mana and is a great addition to many Simic, Selesnya, or Gruul counter-themed decks.

#9. Jade Orb of Dragonkind

Jade Orb of Dragonkind

Jade Orb of Dragonkind can check many boxes for a green-splashed dragon deck. Provides mana ramp, check. Provides an additional counter to your dragons, check. Provides protection for your dragons, check. There’s a lot to love about this green artifact when splashing green in a dragon deck. The Alchemy version even provides any color mana you need.

#8. Esika’s Chariot

Esika's Chariot

Esika's Chariot is a token deck’s delight. Creating two tokens that can crew this vehicle is great, but the huge value is creating a copy of a token when Esika's Chariot attacks. This is a wonderful card to benefit cards like Wrenn and Seven or Nissa, Ascended Animist.

#7. Ozolith, the Shattered Spire

Ozolith, the Shattered Spire

Counter and proliferate decks rejoice! Ozolith, the Shattered Spire is here to help make the most of your +1/+1 counters and to give them to creatures or artifacts when you need them. This card is a wonderful addition to Simic, Selesnya, and mono-green counter decks. It even has value in Standard at the moment with cards like Botanical Brawler.

#6. Monster Manual

Monster Manual

Can you imagine playing your Atraxa, Grand Unifier for only 2 mana? With Monster Manual, you can play creatures for the low cost of 2 when you tap this green artifact. This card has immense value even before you consider that it has adventure. This is a great card in a big creature Commander deck.

#5. Bootleggers’ Stash

Bootleggers' Stash

Let’s build a Treasure hoard that would make Smaug jealous. Bootleggers' Stash is a 6-drop enchantment that can turn your lands into Treasure token producers. This could be effective for artifact or Treasure-style decks. You can use wincons like Revel in Riches or artifact bombs like Arcbound Ravager.

#4. Bow of Nylea

Bow of Nylea

I love options and I love putting pressure on my opponent. Bow of Nylea is my kind of card. You can make all your creatures deadly and tap Bow of Nylea for lifegain, counters, direct damage to flying creatures, and even some mill protection. I think this card may be interesting with some sort of untap synergy with a card like Filigree Sages.

#3. Conduit of Worlds

Conduit of Worlds

When you get into Constructed and cEDH playing lands from the graveyard can be tremendous. With Conduit of Worlds, not only can you play cards like Lotus Vale without fear, or play a permanent from your graveyard if you don’t like the spells in your hand. There’s a wonderful upside to this card maximizing your spells and graveyard.

#2. Birthing Pod

Birthing Pod

Birthing Pod was so fantastic at getting the cards you need reliably that it has been banned in Modern. There was a significant number of Grand Prix winners using this card to take advantage of the newest and best creatures. If you still want to use it in Eternal formats, then enjoy churning through the mana value of your creatures to get to the big baddies you want.

#1. The Great Henge

The Great Henge

No green artifact ranking would be complete without The Great Henge. This card is a wonderful addition to ultra-competitive and friendly green decks alike. You can greatly reduce the mana value with powerful green creatures and you can tap for the life gain even if you don’t need the mana. This is a card your opponent has to neutralize if they’re going to have a chance.

Wrap Up

Birthing Pod - Illustration by Wooden Cyclops

Birthing Pod | Illustration by Wooden Cyclops

The color green is often associated with nature and life, not artifacts and weaponry. MTG breaks this mold just a little with a few green artifacts to boost your creature-heavy decks. It’s not hard to imagine your elves riding into battle with brilliant artifacts. I prefer to use a little more imagination and imagine my Scavenging Ooze wielding Bone Sabres.

Which green artifacts do you run in your decks? Which do you hate seeing on the other side of the board? Leave a comment below or join the conversation in the official Draftsim Discord. And don’t forget to check out all the other wonderful articles on Draftsim!

I hope you draw the cards you need!

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