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We use proprietary AI and machine learning models based on thousands of draft matches to predict your win/loss record for your draft deck.

Paste your decklist below and you’ll get a prediction for your win-loss record in MTGA for a best of one draft run (max 7 wins). The list must be exactly 40 cards.

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Sample deck format:

2 Ardent Electromancer
1 Cleric of Chill Depths
1 Cunning Geysermage
1 Expedition Diviner
1 Fissure Wizard
1 Pyroclastic Hellion
1 Skyclave Squid
1 Teeterpeak Ambusher
1 Thundering Sparkmage
2 Umara Wizard
1 Field Research
1 Lullmage's Domination
5 Roil Eruption
1 Thundering Rebuke
1 Cinderclasm
1 Molten Blast
2 Bubble Snare
1 Roost of Drakes
7 Island
8 Mountain