Raffine's Tower - Illustration by Elektrodeko

Raffine's Tower | Illustration by Elektrodeko

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: A Plains, a Swamp, and a Forest walk into a Triome….

If you’re fairly new to Magic, you might be wondering why lands like Jetmir's Garden are called “Triomes” by most players. It’s not exactly some grand mystery or anything, but let’s clear the air for inquiring minds.

What Are the New Capenna Triomes?

The “Triomes” from the Streets of New Capenna MTG set are a cycle of five 3-colored lands in the “shard” colors. They complete the cycle of wedge-colored Triomes introduced in Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths. Each one enters the battlefield tapped, has cycling , taps for one of three different colors, and has associated basic land types. The SNC Triomes include:

What Set Are Triomes From?

The original set of Triomes is from Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths, and the other five are from Streets of New Capenna.

Are the New Capenna Triomes Good?

Absolutely. They’re strict upgrades to the original tri-lands (Seaside Citadel, Opulent Palace), they have basic land types so you can tutor them with fetch lands, and they cycle in the lategame when lands are unnecessary. Some might go as far as to say they’re too good, and they’ve been cited by some players as a “mistake” that made 4+ color mana bases too consistent in formats like Commander and Modern.

Triomes vs. Family Lands

The “family lands” are a cycle of common lands from SNC that sacrifice upon entering the battlefield, gain 1 life, then tutor for one of three tapped basic lands depending on the associated family. For example, Obscura Storefront can search for a basic Island, Plains, or Swamp.

There are no wedge-colored versions of these lands yet. The “family lands,” sometimes called “hideouts,” include the following:

New Capenna Triomes vs. Ikoria Triomes

The New Capenna Triomes are functionally identical to the Ikoria Triomes, with the exception that the former use names associated with the crime bosses of New Capenna, while the Ikoria versions depict environments from that plane. The New Capenna versions technically aren’t even triomes from a lore perspective, but that was the nickname for these tri-lands established with Ikoria.

The Ikoria Triomes include the following:

Wrap Up

Xander's Lounge - Illustration by James Paick

Xander's Lounge | Illustration by James Paick

There’s not much else to say on the matter. Hopefully anyone who was confused about the “Triome” lingo in Magic now knows what’s going on with these 3-color lands. Best to know too, since they’re some of the strongest lands printed in recent years.

If you’re not new to the discussion and you’ve been playing with these lands since they were released, what’s your opinion of the cycle? Did they ruin Magic, or are they net-positive? Let me know in the comments below or over in the Draftsim Discord or on Draftsim's Twitter/X.

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