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Force of Negation - Illustration by Paul Scott Canavan

Force of Negation | Illustration by Paul Scott Canavan

Double Masters 2022 is just around the corner now, and this time all the cards are reprints, so there’s no guessing to be done on whether that new shiny rare is a format warper or bulk. The set has incredible reprints, including Imperial Seal to Mana Vault and everything in between.

But there are still some Drafts and Sealed events coming up, and it’s important to know what’s worth taking and what to be on the lookout for if you end up cracking some packs when the set first comes out.

That’s why today I’m going over my top 30 cards in Double Masters 2022. I’ll talk about what cards are good and why, and how this set impacts their price going forward.

Let’s get started!

#30. Oracle of Mul Daya

Oracle of Mul Daya 2X2

Starting off our list of cards is none other than the Oracle of Mul Daya. The Oracle has long been a staple in green Commander decks that have any level of land synergy, and it’s a great second or third pick in the Vintage Cube.

This card generates lots of value for you in the long game, providing you with extra land drops and card advantage as a result. It falls into that same superb category of land creatures that Courser of Kruphix and Dryad of the Ilysian Grove are in.

#29. City of Brass

City of Brass 2X2

Next up we have City of Brass. I’d actually prefer this to be Mana Confluence to help bring the cost of Pioneer down a bit, but I’ll take what I can get. The City is a great land that provides any color you want, and the cost of one life isn’t really too relevant in Commander. Especially if your games are going to be short.

While we’re on the topic of City of Brass, the MTG x Fortnite collab is right around the corner and I’d like to put my prediction that this card becomes Tilted Tower in the Secret Lair. Just throwing that out there.

#28. Green Sun’s Zenith

Green Sun's Zenith 2X2

Green Sun’s Zenith’s price was starting to climb and was certainly due for a reprint. This helps bring down the price of elf decks across Legacy and makes the card much more attainable considering how much it can be used in Commander.

This reprint nearly halved the card’s price, which is almost as good as we can hope for. I’m really happy to see this card be back in the “I’ll skip lunch today so I can buy another single” category and not the “breaking a $50 bill” category.

#27. Damnation

Damnation 2X2

Damnation is a card we haven’t seen in a while, basically since Time Spiral Remastered, and I’m glad to see it in packs again.

This is just Wrath of God in black, but the limited printing made it a somewhat expensive single for far too long. It’s appearance in 2X2 will keep it floating around $20 for a few months, so pick it up while you can!

#26. Consecrated Sphinx

Consecrated Sphinx 2X2

While it’s one of my favorite pet cards in Commander, Consecrated Sphinx has always been (in my opinion) a bit too expensive as it usually floats around $40 to $60. The reprint will keep it in the low $30 range for some time, which makes it a much more affordable option for casual EDH decks.

The Sphinx also doesn’t really have any use outside of that format, which makes this set release feel a lot more like another Commander Legends instead of a Master’s format. This isn’t the last Commander staple we’ll be ranking and talking about today, either.

#25. Assassin’s Trophy

Assassin's Trophy 2X2

Assassin’s Trophy is some great instant-speed permanent removal that sees play in just about every BGx Commander deck. It even sees occasional play in Vintage Sultai decks, but it’s kind of absent outside of those two formats.

And this card isn’t too expensive either. So while it doesn’t need a reprint like some of the other cards in this set, it’s great removal in Limited and you’ll never be upset to slot this into your binder for future use.

#24. Grand Arbiter Augustin IV

Grand Arbiter Augustin IV 2X2

Ah yes, Grand Arbiter Augustin IV. This is one of those Magic cards that’s been around forever and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. It’s one of the most popular Azorius () commanders and offers some of the best one-way stax effects in the game.

This is a card I always dread seeing across the table but love to play myself. It was starting to get a little pricey having not been printed since Modern Masters outside of The List, and this inclusion in 2X2 practically made it 50% off.

#23. As Foretold

As Foretold 2X2

As Foretold was one of the first blue mythics revealed during spoiler season. And while I admit it wasn’t my first or second or third (or fourth) choice of blue cards to see reprinted, I’m glad it found its way to the mythic slot instead of Force of Negation.

Joking aside, this is an incredibly powerful card when it goes unchecked and starts to accumulate time counters. The right deck can absolutely run away with the game if their enchantment starts to grow, and you shouldn’t take this card being cast lightly.

Your deck runs a 1-of copy of enchantment removal. Use it!

#22. Monastery Mentor

Monastery Mentor 2X2

Up next we’ve got Monastery Mentor, one of the most aggressive white cards in Magic. This creature loves seeing you cast nonbasic spells, so it sits in an interesting spot being an aggressive white card that doesn’t want to be in mono-white weenie. It’s typically reserved as the win condition for Esper () and Jeskai () control and combo decks as a way to generate a board presence.

#21. Crucible of Worlds

Crucible of Worlds 2X2

I was more than excited when Crucible of Worlds was revealed during spoiler season. This card is a necessary combo piece in just about every land-based deck in Commander, and it brings some incredible interactions.

It hadn’t been printed since Core Set 2019 and was starting to get expensive. Now, with its reprint as a colorless mythic, this card has become much more affordable and playable for most players.

#20. Bitterblossom

Bitterblossom 2X2

The infamous Bitterblossom has also found its way into Double Masters 2022, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited. This card has won many tournaments in its lifetime, and I’m happy to see they kept the original and beautiful art by Rebecca Guay for this iteration (nothing against her other art for the box topper, it’s also wonderful).

#19. Supreme Verdict

Supreme Verdict 2X2

Supreme Verdict is in the #19 today. I’m glad to see this card included even if it didn’t necessarily need a reprint from a price perspective. It’s a great board wipe, was once a staple in any WUx control deck, and has since fallen into the 1-of category in Modern.

I’ve always loved this card, everything from the art to the mana cost. I truly hope to pull this in some 2X2 Drafts.

#18. Liliana, the Last Hope

Liliana, the Last Hope 2X2

Liliana, the Last Hope was one of the first cards spoiled for Double Masters 2022 alongside Wrenn and Six and Cavern of Souls. I think this card is great,and it’s one of the most underrated Liliana planeswalkers of all time.

It comes in at a high loyalty count, can protect itself (and maybe kill something) the turn it comes in, and it offers you the opportunity to win the game if you can activate its ultimate ability. This is a great card all around and an absolute bomb in limited.

#17. Gifts Ungiven

Gifts Ungiven 2X2

Gifts Ungiven quickly went to bulk territory in your binder after being banned in Commander. Only worth a few dollars, this is certainly a reprint I’m less excited about since I can still get the version from Modern Masters for just a few bucks.

Prices aside it’s not even that good in Limited, so you have multiple reasons to be upset when you open this bad boy up P1P1.

#16. Concordant Crossroads

Concordant Crossroads 2X2

Concordant Crossroads is up next and was a complete surprise to see spoiled as a reprint. But this card isn’t as busted as it seems.

It gives all creatures in play haste, which can sometimes be your undoing in multiplayer formats. That said, it’s a great combo piece and wonderful inclusion in any Commander elves deck. Pick this up while it’s cheap if you enjoy those kinds of creature decks!

#15. Surgical Extraction

Surgical Extraction 2X2

Surgical Extraction does it better than any other when it comes to sideboard graveyard hate. Being basically a free spell at instant speed, this card is spectacular against reanimator and other graveyard strategies. It’s most strong when used on an opponents’ draw step, so you can take the chance of exiling their draw on top of the copies from their deck.

#14. Allosaurus Shepherd

Allosaurus Shepherd 2X2

Allosaurus Shepherd is basically only used in Legacy elves. It’s a great way to bypass blue decks countering your other creatures, and it having protection from counterspells itself is pretty important.

It was a much-needed reprint since the card was quickly becoming more and more expensive on paper. It’ll help MTGO prices too, but to a much lesser extent.

#13. Warrior’s Oath

Warrior's Oath 2X2

Warrior’s Oath is one of the last cards I expected in a reprint and is the second ominously mentioned reprint from P3K. This card isn’t too spectacular on its own. We’ve seen mono-red turn cards that lose you the game before, but this one is quite expensive since it costs just and hadn’t had a reprint in well over 20 years.

#12. Sensei’s Divining Top

Sensei's Divining Top 2X2

Next up we have Sensei’s Divining Top, which reads and acts like a blue card, but isn’t one. It’s a great way to get lots of card information while also being an outlet for deck manipulation in conjunction with other cards. It’s a great artifact that’s used in basically any control or midrange Commander deck.

It’s also been a while since it saw print, the last time being in Eternal Masters. So I wasn’t surprised at all to see it again. I’m glad they went with the original art as well. I much prefer it to the new rendition, and it keeps a lot of personality that the card had.

#11. Food Chain

Food Chain 2X2

Food Chain was, admittedly, not something I expected to see in Double Masters 2022. It’s a great green combo piece that carries a lot of weight in its name, and it being reprinted as a mythic is no surprise here.

Speaking of reprints, this card saw a near 30% price reduction just from being spoiled and really benefitted from the reprint. Hats off to WotC for this set so far.

#10. Smothering Tithe

Smothering Tithe 2X2

Next up we have Smothering Tithe, a powerful white enchantment that taxes spells and rewards with you with Treasure tokens (as opposed to cards like Rhystic Study).

This card absolutely needed a reprint. The price was starting to run away from it which made it increasingly hard to get a copy for a good deal. Seeing it in this set at rare has already dramatically reduced the price, and it’s making this set very successful as a reprint-oriented one.

#9. Teferi’s Protection

Teferi's Protection 2X2

Teferi’s Protection is another expensive card that most people opted out of buying thanks to the possibility of it being banned. This reprint helps reduce that risk while keeping the reward the same.

I’m glad to see cards like this (i.e., Commander-specific ones) in the set. Too often do these Masters sets become Modern Masters themselves, and I’m happy to see that isn’t the case here considering Modern Horizons 2 wasn’t too long ago.

#8. Aether Vial

Aether Vial 2X2

Aether Vial is one of the bigger Modern (and to lesser of an extent, Legacy) reprints in the set. The card was approaching the upper $20 and early $30 in terms of price, and this will help solidify it as another sub-$20 card. It’s also almost always needed in playsets, which means this is a big cost reduction for basically any eternal format.

#7. Mana Drain

Mana Drain 2X2

Mana Drain is the best non-free counterspell in the game, and it’s back again in Double Masters 2022. This is another reason why this set feels a lot like Commander Legends 2 (as opposed to Battle for Baldur’s Gate a month prior).

I’m glad this card is getting a lot of reprints. It’s keeping a powerful and staple mythic cheaper than it otherwise would be. I love seeing this card for less than $50, and it’s always worth it to pick it up when it’s this cheap.

#6. Mana Vault

Mana Vault 2X2

Next up we have Mana Vault, one of the most powerful forms of mana acceleration in Commander. This card is essentially Sol Ring on steroids, and its price reflects that.

I’m not sure how much this reprint will do for its price tag, though. It’s no Mana Crypt, and while I’m sure it’s overall price will go down, don’t be expecting to pick this up for much cheaper than before.

#5. Dockside Extortionist

Dockside Extortionist 2X2

It was either getting banned or reprinted, and when it was spoiled in 2X2, everyone immediately became aware of their fates. Dockside Extortionist is back, and its more available than ever. Previously existing only as a card printed in a single precon Commander deck, the Extortionist desperately needed a reprint considering how powerful it is in any red-based Commander deck.

This card often creatures more Treasures than it cost to cast, and its controller will usually win the game through mana advantage alone if it resolves on a full board. As somebody who specifically plays mono-blue artifacts in cEDH, I can’t say I’m happy knowing more of my opponents will be playing this card.

#4. Cavern of Souls

Cavern of Souls 2X2

A lot of Magic cards garner a high price tag because they’re just rare, but Cavern of Souls is expensive because so many decks want it. It’s the ultimate land for tribal decks or decks with minimal creatures. That’s why it always carries an extremely high price tag despite being reprinted in most Masters sets.

#3. Force of Negation

Force of Negation

Despite desperately needing a reprint, maybe even as much as Wrenn and Six, Force of Negation was one of the last cards spoiled. And leakers (incorrectly) said it wouldn’t be coming in 2X2.

Lucky for us the promised day came, and the card was one of the last cards revealed in the set. It even got slotted as a rare again, which halved the price overnight and made Modern, and Legacy to an extent, much cheaper formats to buy into.

#2. Imperial Seal

Imperial Seal 2X2

Imperial Seal is a card that everyone was debating whether or not it would finally see a reprint, its first since the judge promo edition over six years ago. It was hard to find a copy of this card for less than $700 before the reprint despite only really being used in Commander.

Personally I’m really curious to see how this card’s price fluctuates in the next few months. Will this stay above $300? Will it become a $80 mythic as opposed to an $800 one? We’ll have to see.

#1. Wrenn and Six

Wrenn and Six 2X2

Finally, in first place, is you guessed it: Wrenn and Six! This is one of the most prominent cards in Modern and still sees play in Legacy, all while being one of the most expensive as well. This card needed a reprint bad, and WotC seemed to know that when they chose to have it be the first card revealed in the set.

This card has incredible power with the ability to kill an early creature or bring a fetch land back to your hand to keep your mana base nice and healthy. It’s the ultimate early tempo card in multicolor decks and doesn’t seem to be getting banned any time soon.

If you manage to open Wrenn and Six, keep it like your life depends on it.

Wrap Up

Imperial Seal - Illustration by Milivoj Ceran

Imperial Seal | Illustration by Milivoj Ceran

That wraps up everything I have for you today! I’m really excited for Double Masters 2022 and can’t wait to head to my local game store and get drafting! But I will say that I’m a little disappointed there won’t be a prerelease nearby.

What do you think of Double Masters 2022? Are you excited to see some great staples across almost every format get a reprint? Do you want more new cards, or are you a little tired of so many new sets coming out? I want to hear your thoughts, so let me know what you think in the comments or come chat about it in the official Draftsim Discord.

Until next time, stay safe and stay healthy!

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