Argoth, Sanctum of Nature - Illustration by Cristi Balanescu

Argoth, Sanctum of Nature | Illustration by Cristi Balanescu

Players get a new cycle of lands with the release of just about every Magic set. These are usually predictable reprints that fit the lore of the plane that the expansion is set on. With Dominaria United we got an abnormal release: six pain lands which were a mix of both allied and enemy color pairings.

This time around in The Brothers’ War, players are getting the other four pain lands, an Azorius () utility land, and some other nice reprints. Time travel screwed some things up, and it looks like our land cycle reprints were caught up in that too.

Let’s take a look at what the set is bringing this time around!

Pain Lands

Four pain lands are seeing fresh reprints in The Brothers’ Land to match the six that were released in Dominaria United. This time we’ve got Battlefield Forge, Brushland, Llanowar Wastes, and Underground River.

These are all great dual lands for Standard and help complete the full legality in Pioneer. They already don’t seem much play in Modern, but they’re a great dual land in highlander formats like Commander.

Fortified Beachhead + Argoth, Sanctum of Nature

Fortified Beachhead

Adarkar Wastes, the Azorius pain land, was printed in DMU so we’re getting a new land to fill in that fifth spot instead: Fortified Beachhead. This is really strong in the context of the set, which is heavily pushing Azorius soldiers. It’s basically just an Azorius Guildgate in other formats. I think we’ll see this card pack a punch in Standard and Limited, and that’s about it.

Argoth, Sanctum of Nature

Argoth, Sanctum of Nature is one of the melding cards for Titania, Voice of Gaea’s pairing. On its own this land taps for green, comes in untapped if you have a legendary green creature, and makes 2/2 bears. This is a great little utility land in green Commander decks and has some serious potential if you manage to meld it.

Utility Lands

Practically every single draftable set has some version of Evolving Wilds, and this set is no different. We’ve also got Demolition Field, but this won’t really matter until Field of Ruin rotates in 2023.

Mishra's Foundry

Mishra’s Foundry isn’t a reprint (you’re thinking of Mishra’s Workshop). This is very similar to Mishra’s Factory, just worse. I don’t really expect the Foundry to go anywhere.

Blast Zone

Blast Zone found its way into the set as well. This is a great land-based board wipe that becomes very versatile and is useful in a bunch of situations. It’s some Modern play (very little), but I’m excited to see its price go down a bit more and have it find a home in Pioneer.

Hall of Tagsin

Hall of Tagsin is a new utility land that focuses in on the new Powerstone tokens. You can create a new one for and tapping this. It’s a pretty neat mechanic and stands to have some power given Treasure tokens’ impact despite being one-time use.

Tocasia's Dig Site

Then there’s Tocasia’s Dig Site, a basic colorless utility land that surveils for one when you tap it and pay . It may be decent in Limited, but I’m not really too excited about this myself.

Full-Art Basics

Just about every Magic product that comes with lands features a cycle or two of full-art lands, and The Brothers’ War is no exception. We got two of each basic in full-art form on top of the 10 “”regular” basics, and they each beautifully portray a scene of Dominaria and the ongoing war.

Between the mechanized monstrosities on the Island by Robin Olausson to the gorgeous forest depicted in Jonas De Ro’s Forest, there’s a lot of beautiful art here.

Where to Get Them

If you’re looking to pick any of these cards up then your best bet is buying singles off a marketplace like TCGPlayer. You’ll get the cheapest price-per-card, and they likely have a store that ships near you.

Magic: The Gathering The Brothers' War Set Booster Box

But if you’re dead set on cracking some packs, set boosters and collector boosters are your friend. They’ll both have some extra cards, special variants and foil versions, and have things actually worth opening compared to draft boosters which are just one rare and some chaff.

Magic: The Gathering The Brothers’ War Collector Booster | 15 Magic Cards
  • Contains 15 The Brothers’ War MTG cards + 1 foil token
  • Only packs that may contain Shattered Glass alternate-art Transformers cards
  • Only packs that may contain special Foil Serialized Schematic cards
  • Foil or nonfoil Transformers Mythic Rare card in every pack + 5 other cards of rarity Rare or higher
  • 3–4 Retro-Frame Artifact cards, including at least 1 Showcase Schematic card in every pack.Shortcut to the coolest cards in The Brothers’ War.Travel back in time to command powerful artifacts and giant robots

If you’re specifically after any of the common or uncommons I’d just recommend buying them online for mere pennies on the dollar. You’ll still get them out of just about any pack you open, but it’ll cost you more.

Wrap Up

Blast Zone - Illustration by Jorge Jacinto

Blast Zone | Illustration Jorge Jacinto

That wraps up everything I’ve got for you today! I’m glad to see the rest of the pain lands come full circle (cycle? Pun?) and become a bit more accessible and affordable. I’d recommend picking some of these up when they’re cheap if you’re a Standard grinder or even a Commander-only sort of player.

What do you think of the lands we’re getting in The Brothers’ War? Do you like the direction the set went, or are you a little disappointed we still haven’t gotten fetch land reprints since Khans of Tarkir? Let me know all of your thoughts and opinions in the comments below or over in the official Draftsim Discord.

Until next time, stay safe and stay healthy!

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