Watermarket - Illustration by Simon Dominic

Watermarket | Illustration by Simon Dominic

Buying Magic singles can be tough. You want the right versions in the condition you expect, so you have to shop with people you trust.

Today I’m sorting out the best online vendors for buying Magic singles, including some of my personal favorites. Let’s get to it!

#9. Amazon

Amazon MTG singles search

Amazon can be very hit or miss when searching for singles. They don’t have a Magic storefront and deal almost exclusively in sealed product, so singles on Amazon are posted by individual users. A quick search of the website makes it clear that this isn’t the place to go in search of singles.

That’s not to say you can’t use Amazon to buy cards, just that there’s no guarantee you’ll find the version or condition you’re searching for. There’s less QA or reassurance that your cards will arrive in the condition you expected since cards are posted by individual sellers.

If you insist on using Amazon then your cards should arrive fast and can deliver to just about anywhere imaginable. Still, my personal recommendation is to save Amazon for your sealed product needs and avoid it for singles.

#8. eBay

eBay MTG singles search

eBay is great for selling Magic singles, but it takes a bit of persistence and digging to buy cards. Items on eBay are listed by individuals who set their own prices. You’ll find a mix of cards going for way more than the reasonable asking price, but also the occasional steal where someone’s asking for less.

Shipping prices on eBay fluctuate wildly depending on where the cards are being shipped from; it’s not a flat rate like most sites. I want to reemphasize that these cards are usually being sent from individuals, not full storefronts, so there’s less security when it comes to judging card conditions, returns, etc.

My recommendation: keep eBay in your back pocket for selling cards, but also keep an eye out for an occasional deal on a card you’ve been searching for.

#7. Wizards’ Website (Secret Lairs)

Wizards' website (Secret Lair)

I wanted to give a quick mention to Secret Lairs, which you can buy directly from WotC. These include valuable reprints and the occasional Universes Beyond crossover, almost always with new art. You won’t always find the card you need to fill out your latest deck, but you’ll sometimes find a unique bucket-list card you’ve been searching for.

This site showcases current sales and superdrops, just remember that these products typically don’t arrive until many months after they’ve been bought. You also have the choice to pay immediately or delay that payment until the item has shipped.

#6. Cardsphere

Cardsphere MTG cards Explore

Cardsphere is a P2P trading website, not just online vendor. I wanted to mention it here because it’s a site I personally use to get cards. You get funds by shipping cards to other users, after which you’re free to cash out or keep your funds available for others to send cards back based on a personalized want list. You can also manually add funds to your account.

Cardsphere has a comprehensive catalog that’s updated fast after new set releases. A $6/month premium membership allows you to buy and sell sealed product on the platform.

They recently launched the Cardsphere Marketplace, which allows you to purchase individual cards at your own discretion. I haven’t delved into their Marketplace yet, but I can highly recommend Cardsphere as a place to liquidate bulk and save up for cards you’re more interested in.

#5. Star City Games

Star City Games MTG singles Weekly Sale

Star City Games is perhaps the biggest Magic retailer in the world. They have one of the most comprehensive card catalogs on the market, with listings for just about any single you can imagine.

From personal experience, they seem to sell out of top-tier tournament playables quite often. You can usually find alternate versions or accept cards below Near Mint condition, but card quantities seem more sparse than other competitors.

I’ve also found their prerelease prices to be inflated. If you’ve found something you want from Star City Games, I’d do a cross-analysis with other sites to make sure you’re not overpaying. It’s still great for buying singles, but I’d avoid preorders here.

#4. Troll and Toad

Troll and Toad MTG singles

A quick search of Troll and Toad shows an impressive stock of cards, even going so far as to list foreign versions of certain cards. Their return policy also seems reasonable, offering a full refund on any items as long as they’re returned in the same condition within seven days.

None of the prices seem outlandish, so this may be a site worth referencing for the singles that you’re looking for.

#3. CoolStuffInc

CoolStuffInc MTG products and singles

CoolStuffInc is another vendor in the same vein as Troll and Toad. They have a wide selection of cards save for a few rare big-ticket items. There are 5-star ratings attached to each individual card, but they seem mostly arbitrary.

Shipping generally costs $2.99 for singles, but it’s free on orders of $30 or more (US only). There’s also a rewards program that applies free of charge to all users after their first purchase. The more you spend on the site, the more of a discount you’ll get on future purchases.

I didn’t find anything really negative to say about this site. I’d recommend keeping tabs on CoolStuffInc if you’re on the hunt for singles.

#2. CardKingdom

CardKingdom MTG singles search

CardKingdom is another popular retailer that ships worldwide and offers free shipping on singles orders over $35. Card prices are competitive and shipping is fast and cards generally arrive in the condition you’re expecting, at least based on my personal experiences. They use a slight variation of the grading system that most players are familiar with, but it’s intuitive.

I find this website easy to navigate with handy tabs for each card to separate foils from non-foils. They also boast a large stock of periphery items like sleeves and deck boxes. It’s an excellent site to use if you’re looking to buy singles and new Magic swag all at once.

#1. Your LGS

Wizard's Tower logo

I of course have to plug the local game stores out there that provide spaces for people to buy and play Magic. Hobby shops and game stores help Magic thrive, so I always recommend searching for singles at your favorite LGS before buying online. You can get the cards you need while supporting local businesses that help grow the game.

As always, different individuals have different budget concerns, and your LGS may not always be the cheapest option, so consider what works best for you and your personal needs.


Spike, Tournament Grinder - Illustration by Zoltan Boros

Spike, Tournament Grinder | Illustration by Zoltan Boros

Hopefully you’ve found a new place to shop for singles, or at least somewhere new to compare prices. There are countless other places to buy singles on the web, these are just some of the more widely known vendors or the ones that I personally trust.

Let me know where you shop for singles, especially if you buy from someone who’s not listed here! You can shout out your vendor of choice in the comments below or over in the Draftsim Discord.

Thank you for making Draftsim your #1 stop for all things Magic!

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