Shelter - Illustration by Mandy Jurgens

Shelter | Illustration by Mandy Jurgens

Secret Lairs have been WotC's main way to dive into different fandoms and pull in players familiar with other IPs. For players that are already into Magic: The Gathering, Secret Lairs get to adapt characters and settings from different franchises they may like such as movies, TV series, and in some cases, even other games.

In 2024, they decided to take one step towards another franchise, the world-famous digital superstar known as Hatsune Miku. Let's go over each card featuring her, and we’ll rank them based on totally unbiased opinions!

Intrigued by what these cards may be? Let’s dive right into it.

What Are the Hatsune Miku MTG Cards?

Harmonize - Illustration by Syutsuri

Harmonize | Illustration by Syutsuri

Hatsune Miku is a “vocaloid,” a virtual singer developed by Crypton Future Media, Inc., which has evolved into a cultural phenomenon. The Hatsune Miku Magic cards are a Secret Lair set featuring artwork and themes inspired by the digital superstar Hatsune Miku.

This unexpected crossover caught many off guard, including myself. Anyway, these cards were released as part of the Secret Lair x Hatsune Miku: Sakura Superstar drop, made available from the WotC store in the summer of 2024 (May 13 at 9 a.m. PT until June 2 at 11:59 p.m. PT).

The non-foil version of the set costs $29.99, while the rainbow foil versions are priced at $39.99.

These cards are available in English and Japanese, catering to the diverse international fanbases of Magic: The Gathering and Hatsune Miku.

How Many Hatsune Miku Cards Are There?

There are a total of six Hatsune Miku MTG cards in the collection:

Note that Secret Lairs usually include an extra “secret” card, whether that's an artist proof, one of a collection of cards like slivers or elves, or just another card that matches the theme of that Secret Lair. The secret card for this collection hasn't been discovered at the time of writing.

Where to Buy Hatsune Miku Cards?

For those eager to add these unique cards to their collection, the Hatsune Miku set can be conveniently purchased online during the specified release periods on the Secret Lair website or while supplies last through authorized Magic: The Gathering retailers.

Card Kingdom

Known for its extensive inventory of singles, sealed products, and accessories, as well as excellent customer service and buy listing options, Card Kingdom is a dedicated MTG store, where you can also get your cards graded for a relatively small fee.


When it comes to Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, and Yu Gi-Oh!, TCGplayer (which also acquired ChannelFireball) is an online marketplace offering a vast selection of cards from different sellers, featuring competitive pricing and a sophisticated grading system for card conditions.


Amazon is widely recognized online marketplace offering a variety of products with ease of access and fast shipping being its key features. While you may get access to the complete Secret Lair set, you can check individual cards that providers may choose to sell as singles at a fixed price.


Similar to Amazon, users can buy and sell MTG cards on eBay. However, this website mainly functions as an auction platform, where you can see a wide range of options and the possibility of finding rare or unique cards through bidding.


Cardmarket is the European version of Amazon, but it focuses on TCG games. Depending on your needs, you can also purchase full sets or individual cards.

Star City Games

Star City Games is a well-established retailer within the Magic: The Gathering community. While they may not be running many big tournaments anymore, its online store is one of the most, if not the best, reliable websites when it comes to finding singles in a good condition for a fair price.

Best Hatsune Miku Cards Ranked

#6. Shelter

Hatsune Miku Shelter

While Shelter may not be the best instant ever printed, it’s a cool addition for this Secret Lair as you can find many YouTube songs from Hatsune Miku called “Shelter” with a good rhythm. Bad news is that those songs don't make this white instant any better, so you’ll see it barely played outside of some Commander decks.

#5. Chandra's Ignition

Hatsune Miku Chandra's Ignition

I gotta admit, Chandra's Ignition is a red sorcery that I don’t see being played very often, and while it can have some narrow applications, there are better removal spells in red.

What saves this card is that it has cool art in its Hatsune Miku version.

#4. Inspiring Vantage

Hatsune Miku Inspiring Vantage

Inspiring Vantage being reprinted in Standard with Outlaws of Thunder Junction makes this Boros fast land the perfect target for collectors to acquire.

#3. Feather, the Redeemed

Hatsune Miku Feather, the Redeemed

While this legendary angel can be used as a Boros commander or as a Brawl general, I mostly see this version of Feather, the Redeemed as one that will bling out Pioneer decks looking to get fresh art.

#2. Harmonize

Hatsune Miku Harmonize

Harmonize is a perfect green sorcery for ramp decks in Commander, and decks centered around the next card will likely run it, so the second and first place go in hand.

#1. Azusa, Lost but Seeking

Hatsune Miku Azusa, Lost but Seeking

Azusa, Lost but Seeking is a Commander all-star and a green creature that can be played in many formats, like Pioneer, Modern, and Legacy, which makes this new art a must-have for decks that can run it.

In fact, this human monk is the card that drives players to eagerly invest in this particular Secret Lair set, considering its potential value and popularity.

Are Hatsune Miku Cards Legal?

Since these Hatsune Miku MTG cards are based on cards that already exist in MTG, they’ll remain legal in the formats in which the original cards are legal.

For example, Feather, the Redeemed can be used in Pioneer, while Inspiring Vantage can be used in Standard as long as Outlaws of Thunder Junction remains Standard-legal.

Are the Hatsune Miku MTG Cards Foil?

Yes, these Hatsune Miku MTG cards are available in non-foil and rainbow foil versions. The rainbow foil versions typically have a higher price point.

Wrap Up

Inspiring Vantage - Illustration by Dani Pendergast

Inspiring Vantage | Illustration by Dani Pendergast

While WotC has become well-known for its famous crossovers in recent years, it's somewhat surprising to see them releasing Secret Lairs of franchises or fandoms that aren't widely recognized.

Nonetheless, whether my observation holds true or not, I'm excited about this development because it means your favorite childhood TV show crossover might be just around the corner!

What are your thoughts? Did you like this particular Secret Lair, or would you have preferred it to be a bit bigger or feature different cards? Let me know in the comments or over at the Draftsim Discord!

As always, thank you for reading, and remember to follow us on Draftsim's Twitter/X, where you'll find tons of useful MTG-related articles.

Take care!

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