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Obscura Storefront - Illustration by Muhammad Firdaus

Obscura Storefront | Illustration by Muhammad Firdaus

Greetings planeswalkers! When you buy your Magic singles, booster boxes, Commander decks, and other products online, where do you like to shop? Is it always the same store, or do you like to shop around a bit?

There are quite a few options available to you for buying MTG cards, but what are the best ones? Lucky for you, I'll be covering 12 stores that I recommend for you here, today! This list focuses mostly on online stores rather than local game stores to be useful to the widest audience possible. My rankings are based on my own experiences, my friend’s experiences, and online word of mouth that I researched.

Let’s dig in!

#12. ABUGames


ABUGames” stands for “Alpha, Beta, Unlimited” Games. It's based in Boise, Idaho and has both local and online stores.

This store is aimed more toward collectors than anyone else, hence the name. It has a wide selection of sealed products and also sells some very high-end cards like Ancestral Recall. I might check this one out if I were in Idaho, but I otherwise prefer its many superior online competitors.

#11. Card Titan

card titan

Card Titan is a reasonable online store that seems a bit outmuscled by its competitors. I haven’t used them extensively myself, but most of the word of mouth I read wasn’t exceptionally positive. You can buy singles and sealed products here, and they ship all around the United States.

If you end up ordering from Card Titan, try to order enough products to hit these requirements. Shipping costs for MTG cards really add up over time so take advantage of discounts when they are present!

#10. Nerd Rage Gaming

Nerd Rage Gaming

Nerd Rage Gaming (NRG) is a store based in Buffalo Grove, Illinois that's notable for its amusing name and popular cash tournaments. It has a limited selection in its online store, and is a welcome force in the competitive Magic scene and hosts tournaments with its NRG Championship Series.

As for its actual storefront, NRG is a fully competent Magic store that I’d be happy to pick up singles from. But it's not an online giant, so you’ll want to be in Illinois first.

#9. Ninety Five


Ninety Five is an online store that started as a Grand Prix vendor. They eventually carried the profits they made selling and buying singles at tournaments into their very own online storefront. They have a buy list, a decent selection of singles, and are also notable for their blog which features great players like Mike Sigrist.

I don’t have a ton of experience with them online, but I did have good experiences buying from their booth at GPs. Give them a try sometime if you’re in the mood for something new!


Cool Stuff Inc has frequent online sales, and is a busy store with singles and sealed Magic products. They have lots of other gaming items and accessories. It is a popular store here in Florida, the place where this humble Magic writer resides. has six different locations all across the state (Miami, Tampa, Hollywood, Maitland, South Orlando, and Jacksonville) and a massive online store for your non-Florida MTG needs.

Their physical locations also tend to be clean, family-friendly places to play Magic. They have even hosted some PTQs!

#7. Troll and Toad

command tower

Troll and Toad is actually the first online card store I ever used, but I used it to order Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. It still stands to this day as a great online store for your card playing needs. It has a good selection of sealed products and singles at reasonable prices.

I'd have it higher on this list except I use its competitors more often. Its primary audience for its articles and sponsored content seems to be Pokémon players/collectors, so don’t expect to find MTG deck guides or Draft videos on the site.

#6. Cardmarket

Card Market

Although I don’t live in Europe, I'd be remiss to not mention Cardmarket. It has a huge responsive marketplace for trading, buying, and selling singles of all kinds. All the Reddit posts that I read online consistently recommended this store above all others.

You can hardly do better than Cardmarket if you enjoy price hunting and live in Europe.

#5. Star City Games

star city games

Star City Games is an online store based in Roanoke, Virginia. It’s one of the most famous online MTG stores and was once a vanguard of Magic’s competitive scene. It’s a great place to buy singles, particularly if you're patient enough to wait for a flash sale that matches your specific needs.

Were I to have written this years ago, Star City Games might have taken the first place spot on this list. But competitive Magic has fallen off a bit in terms of importance to the game’s profitability, hurting its primary niche.

#4. eBay


eBay is one of the original titans of ecommerce, and it’s a decent place to buy Magic cards. eBay should most appeal to those who enjoy bargain hunting because deals can vary wildly in quality on the site. You’re best off buying singles from here when you find good deals, and buying general sealed products elsewhere.

Be sure to cross reference prices here with a price aggregator from TCGPlayer and MTGgoldfish!

#3. Amazon

amazon mtg basic lands

Do I even need to post a site image here? Everyone knows Amazon at this point!

Amazon often has good prices on sealed products, especially if you’re patient enough to look for sales on boxes or precon decks. Wizards links directly to Amazon for its sealed product, and offers pre-orders as well.

It’s a poor market for singles and sleeves because few people sell a bunch of singles there, and sleeve prices have rarely impressed. There's rarely a Magic product you can not find on Amazon, so it’s easy to pick up an MTG “treat” or two while you're shopping for your usual groceries…

#2. Card Kingdom

Card Kingdom

Card Kingdom is a very solid Magic store for your card gaming needs. They have a large selection of singles, sealed products, and sleeves, as you'd expect.

One unique facet of their site is their large section for Magic beginners with lots of video tutorials and articles aimed at players with little experience. They’re also notable for not selling any of MTG’s competitors like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Flesh and Blood, etc.

#1. TCGPlayer

tcgplayer poison dart frog

TCGPlayer became my pick for the king of card games after it bought ChannelFireball. It has a nice clean interface, a huge selection of goods, and an easy-to-use user-based marketplace that lets you buy cards and compare prices from thousands of different stores. It also has one of the best price aggregators for MTG in general, which lets you shop with supreme confidence.

As one last bit of trivia, it’s worth noting that eBay actually bought TCGPlayer too. The site is owned by eBay now, but both still operate independently.

Wrap Up

Night Market Guard - Illustration by Steve Argyle

Night Market Guard | Illustration by Steve Argyle

And with that we come to the end. I use TCGPlayer and Amazon for most of my card-playing needs, but feel free to shop around a bit and try other stores. You’ll get the best deals by looking in a variety of places, but you can also just use a couple of them if you’re strapped for time.

How do you feel about my rankings and justifications? What are your experiences with these stores? Let me know in the comments below or come chat about it in the official Draftsim Discord.

Until next time, may you always find the best deals on every card you buy!

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