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Temple Garden - Illustration by Rob Alexander

Temple Garden | Illustration by Rob Alexander

Every Constructed deck needs dual lands to be at its best and reduce mana screw and flood. Whether it’s Commander, Modern, Legacy, or Standard, you’ll need to play the best lands available. Certain dual lands often make or break a lot of decks.

Today I’m looking at the best lands available to Selesnya () decks. I’ll rank the best ones based on the formats where they’re played, their relevance, and which ones can deal best with their downsides.

Let’s get started!

#33. Tranquil Garden + Vec Townships

Tranquil Garden Vec Townships

Tranquil Garden and Vec Townships are good when they enter, and that’s about it. The other lands are so much better that it's hard to justify including these, unless you don’t expect a long game at all.

#32. Selesnya Guildgate

Selesnya Guildgate

A tapped land that’s better if you have gate synergies, but Selesnya Guildgate is important for Maze's End.

#31. Arctic Flats

Arctic Flats

Unfortunately Arctic Flats is worse than Arctic Treeline, only useful to up the fixing and snow count.

#30. Thornglint Bridge

Thornglint Bridge

These cycle of indestructible dual lands are interesting for artifact synergies and the like, but Selesnya usually isn’t that great for an affinity/metalcraft deck, and that’s why I'm rating Thornglint Bridge here.

#29. Botanical Plaza

Botanical Plaza

Being able to pay mana to draw a card later in the game is useful, but that’s it for Botanical Plaza.

#28. Blossoming Sands + Graypelt Refuge

Blossoming Sands Graypelt Refuge

Now a mainstay of many Limited formats like Khans of Tarkir and Neon Dynasty, Blossoming Sands and Graypelt Refuge are a little better suited for Limited than Constructed. But some decks that have lifegain synergies may play one of these.

#27. Selesnya Sanctuary

Selesnya Sanctuary

Although not on the tempo side of things, bounce lands like Selesnya Sanctuary have some synergies with landfall and untap land effects, so they see play in some decks. They provide some card advantage considering that you may have the same lands entering the battlefield again, reducing the missed land drops. But beware of land destruction because it’s extremely painful.

#26. Grasslands


A fetch land in Selesnya that unfortunately enters tapped. It’s interesting because green has synergies with landfall, so play Grasslands if you need to control when your lands are going to enter, or add another fetch to your Selesnya or Naya () deck.

#25. Temple of Plenty

Temple of Plenty

Scrying 1 is a good upside on a land, but Temple of Plenty was very much power crept out of Constructed formats. A good cheap dual for Commander.

#24. Arctic Treeline + Radiant Grove

Radiant Grove is sweet and fetchable, and Arctic Treeline is playable if you need the snow type. The fact that both of these are Forest + Plains brings a lot to the value of the card.

#23. Scattered Groves

Scattered Groves

Scattered Groves is mostly about having the Forest/Plains type and being able to cycle. Lands like these are good in slow Pioneer or Explorer decks, but that’s about it, even making cards like Sunpetal Grove better.

#22. Saltcrusted Steppe

Saltcrusted Steppe

This relic of the past is usually playable when there are no better options. I don’t think that any Selesnya EDH deck wants to play Saltcrusted Steppe, unless you have counter synergies going on. But it has the potential to make better use of your mana while holding a key instant or mana activation.

#21. Bretagard Stronghold

Bretagard Stronghold

The sacrifice ability on Bretagard Stronghold is interesting because pumping two creatures and giving lifelink is a good swing. An interesting land to have 1-of laying around, and it’s better with graveyard recursion like Life from the Loam.

#20. Krosan Verge

Krosan Verge

Judgement is responsible for Selesnya having the weirdest lands, and Krosan Verge at least became a Commander staple having been printed in almost every supplement. It’s mana fixing and ramp since you’ll pay two to fetch two Forests or Plains and put them on the battlefield. It can fetch for other green or white dual lands, so this card is important in 4- or 5-color mana base.

#19. Fortified Village

Fortified Village

This cycle of dual lands is weak but has a chance to enter the battlefield untapped when needed, so I rate Fortified Village above the other lands that enter tapped. A potential downside is showing the lands you have, or drawing it on an empty hand.

#18. Canopy Vista

Canopy Vista

“It takes two to tango,” and in this case it takes two basics to enter untapped. Not every Constructed deck will have that many basics, but Canopy Vista can at least be fetched.

#17. Nantuko Monastery

Nantuko Monastery

Nantuko Monastery suffers from a couple things. Without threshold it would be one of the best manlands since paying two mana to become a 4/4 first strike is above rate. But it’s a very bad land otherwise, and not being printed in a Modern set worsens its playability.

It's awesome in a deck that plays to its strengths and mills itself.

#16. Grove of the Guardian

Grove of the Guardian

Grove of the Guardian can be cashed in for an 8/8 in the late game, and it’s even better with mechanics like populate.

#15. Riftstone Portal

Riftstone Portal

Riftstone Portal is a weird one. If this land is in your graveyard, it’s the most perfect mana fixing for Selesnya. But otherwise it’s bad. Maybe this is good in Abzan () decks with self-mill or discard outlets.

#14. Sungrass Prairie

Sungrass Prairie

Sungrass Prairie is a fine land that would be better if it was printed in a Modern-legal set. It can produce green and white mana from any source, so it’s perfect to splash green or white. And it never enters tapped.

#13. Vitu-Ghazi, the City-Tree

Vitu-Ghazi, the City-Tree

Paying four mana to make a token is very good, on par with Castle Ardenvale. Unfortunately Vitu-Ghazi, the City-Tree produces colorless mana. You should play it if you want a mana sink or have token synergies.

#12. Wooded Bastion

Wooded Bastion

Wooded Bastion is a nice land if your deck has intense mana colors, like double white or double green. The problem is that it requires green or white mana to work, so it’s bad in 3-color decks.

#11. Stirring Wildwood

Stirring Wildwood

Manlands are always good in the colors that can play it, but unfortunately for Selesnya Stirring Wildwood is one of the weaker ones besides enter tapped. The card is good and is fine in EDH. It would be much better in formats with fewer lands available than Legacy.

#10. Brushland


The pain lands like Brushland are almost always playable. The life loss can be mitigated in decks that gain life, which Selesnya decks certainly do.

#9. Sunpetal Grove

Sunpetal Grove

The check lands like Sunpetal Grove go very well with shock lands like Temple Garden. It’s a very important land for Selesnya decks.

Of course you might have one or two of these in your opening hand, and unfortunately that situation calls for a mulligan. Their rate goes up if the deck has lots of basics or shock lands.

#8. Overgrown Farmland

Overgrown Farmland

This cycle of lands is also very powerful, but keep in mind that most Selesnya decks would prefer a land like Razorverge Thicket since the first turns are very crucial. Especially in green decks that play ramp like Elvish Mystic or Noble Hierarch. In formats like Standard and Pioneer, Overgrown Farmland is one of the best Selesnya lands since there isn’t access to the other candidates below.

#7. Gavony Township

Gavony Township

Gavony Township is one of the main reasons to play Selesnya colors because the activated ability is so strong. Selesnya is already a color combo that has lots of small creatures or tokens and +1/+1 counter synergy, so this card is also an anthem every turn.

Most Selesnya or GWx EDH decks will want one too, since these decks often have the game plan of going wide.

#6. Razorverge Thicket

Razorverge Thicket

Entering the battlefield untapped is a nice characteristic for any land, and Razorverge Thicket works if it’s one of the first three lands you play. Aggro and midrange decks usually like this land, and most GWx decks are.

#5. Horizon Canopy

Horizon Canopy

Horizon Canopy is in high demand in formats like Modern, and rightfully so. It has a good characteristic for a land where you can use it right away, and you can sacrifice it to draw a card when you flood. Never bad early and never bad late means this one of the better Selesnya lands

#4. Bountiful Promenade

Bountiful Promenade

Bountiful Promenade is not good in 1v formats. But it’s the perfect land to play in formats like Commander since it’ll always enter untapped (unless your opponents are dead).

#3. Temple Garden

Temple Garden

Temple Garden is a dual land that sees play in almost every format, and it’s efficient for its price. Ravnica and supplementary sets always reprint them, and it's the perfect dual land for Explorer/Pioneer, Modern, and other formats like Commander. They’re fetchable because they have the right land types and go well with cards that card about having Plains or Forests in play.

#2. Windswept Heath

Windswept Heath

The fetch lands are playable in every format. Windswept Heath synergizes with dual lands that have the Forest or Plains types as well as tapped lands like the Arctic Treeline and the tri-lands. Don’t mind the one life; mana fixing without losing tempo is better

#1. Savannah


Savannah is one of the original dual lands. There’s not much to say about them except that they’re better shock lands. They’re usually needed for Legacy and Vintage play, and you can play them in Commander if you have one. Otherwise just replace with another card from this list.

Wrap Up

Canopy Vista - Illustration by Adam Paquette

Canopy Vista | Illustration by Adam Paquette

There’s no shortage of playable Selesnya lands, but there are certainly better and more popular ones. The price of dual lands is subject to playability and print runs.

Each Constructed format has their staple lands. While I think that Savannah is the best dual land for Selesnya, you’ll have to contend with Temple Garden in Modern and Overgrown Farmland in Standard.

What did you think of these rankings? Did I leave something out? Rank too high or too low? Let me know all about my hits and misses in the comments below or over in the Draftsim Discord.

That’s all from me for now. Stay safe, stay healthy, and wash your hands!

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