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Satoru Umezawa - Illustration by Anna Pavleeva

Satoru Umezawa | Illustration by Anna Pavleeva

Editor’s note: Our Ultimate Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Limited Set Review and Ultimate Guide to Drafting Neon Dynasty are here! Be sure to check those out if you want complete (and I mean complete) coverage of the Limited format.

Things are back to normal after the Innistrad twins and a new Standard set is here. But this new set is anything but ordinary. We’re revisiting a plane we haven’t seen in nearly two decades, with an electrifying new twist.

Welcome to Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. Things have changed since you were last here.

Set Details

Atsushi, the Blazing Sky - Illustration by Victor Adame Minguez

Atsushi, the Blazing Sky | Illustration by Victor Adame Minguez

Set SymbolKamigawa set symbol
Set CodeNEO
Number of Cards302+
MechanicsNinjutsu, Reconfigure, Modified, Sagas, Channel, Compleated

Important Dates

Previews startJanuary 27, 2022
Full gallery availableFebruary 4, 2022
Release on MTG Arena & Magic OnlineFebruary 10, 2022
Available on Draftsim's draft simulatorFebruary 7, 2022
Practice for free here
Available on Arena TutorFebruary 10, 2022 (estimated)
Prerelease weekFebruary 11 to 17, 2022
Paper release dateFebruary 18, 2022
Launch partyFebruary 18 to 20, 2022

About the Set: The Story

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Illustration by Billy Christian

Illustration by Billy Christian

“Light it up.”

There was a distant click and whir as cooling fans kicked on. A faint buzz grew to a low droning hum of power with snaps of static and connections as energy raced through them. The sizzle of dust and dormant equipment energizing with the surge of power led into a burst of light.

As afterimages of swirling colors faded from your eyesight, you could see it worked.


Remember the Kamigawa block back in the mid-2000s? There were three sets, all of which were centered in (you guessed it) Kamigawa. Based on Japanese mythology, this block was all about “Shinto gone wrong” and focused on themes and mechanics reminiscent of feudal Japan.

But this new venture into Kamigawa is something new. “Neon Dynasty” doesn’t exactly scream Japanese mythology, after all. This time we’re seeing Kamigawa as we’ve never seen it before: a sci-fi city with new technology and a futuristic sheen.

The first thing you need to know is that we’re getting a new face: Kamigawa-native and cyber ninja Kaito Shizuki. The Wanderer is also returning, and she's making quite the splash. It looks like we're getting some more details on her origins and who she is, as it's been revealed that she's the current emperor of Kamigawa as evidenced by The Wandering Emperor. Seems fitting if you ask me.

Kamigawa‘s story starts when Kaito unexpectedly meets the emperor herself, and then a man with a metal arm changes both their lives forever: Tezzeret, Betrayer of Flesh. On his journey to find answers, Kaito encounters a Phyrexian monster as well as another planeswalker.

Tamiyo allies with Kaito and together the two uncover a dark plot that unfolds even as Kamigawa's emperor returns, though the city is on the brink of war. They're ambushed by Tezzeret and the Phyrexian, Jin-Gitaxias, Progress Tyrant, before they can stop what's been planned.

The Wanderer is able to save them, and the three band together to save Kamigawa and stop the evil on their doorstep. But the story doesn't end there. The Wanderer disappeared as her spark took hold of her, and Tezzeret took Jin-Gitaxias through a portal after Tamiyo.

The next time we see Tamiyo, she'll be… different.

Set Mechanics


Satoru Umezawa

Ninjutsu is a returning mechanic from the original Kamigawa block. This ability is exclusive to ninja creatures, which we’ll also be seeing a lot of in Neon Dynasty. There are 22 ninja creatures in the set, to be exact.

This is an activated ability that allows you to put the ninjutsu card onto the battlefield from your hand, tapped and attacking, in exchange for the ability’s cost and returning an unblocked attacker to your hand. It’s basically a swap, one for another.

There’s also a “commander ninjutsu” ability which has the same effect except you can put the card onto the battlefield from your hand or your command zone. It doesn't look like this was added to the Commander precons, and it's pretty unlikely that it'll feature in the main set. But speaking of ninjutsu in EDH, you should check out this Satoru Umezawa-led build.


The Reality Chip

This is an ability that's exclusive to artifact creatures that have the equipment subtype. You can pay a card's reconfigure cost to attach it to or detach it from another creature. These cards can obviously be left on the battlefield as a standalone creature, but they offer some pretty cool effects if you can afford to reconfigure them. The Reality Chip is a great example of a nice effect that's also got great flavor.


Akki Ember-Keeper

Creatures that are modified are equipped, enchanted by an aura you control, or have a counter on them. Various cards, like Akki Ember-Keeper, produce some sort of effect when something happens to modified cards. Akki cares when they die but others might care about how many modified creatures you have, when they attack, that they live, etc.

When it comes to auras it has to be under your control. An opponent's Pacify does not count as a modified creature. But for counters, any kind of counter, well, counts. +1/+1 counters, -1/-1 counters, keyword counters, etc. And it doesn't matter how many you have either.


You remember sagas, right? Well they're coming back to Magic in an even bigger way than before. Kamigawa features double-sided transforming sagas that tell the stories of the plane.

If you're not familiar with sagas, they're an enchantment subtype that enter the battlefield with a lore counter on them which triggers the card's first chapter ability. You add another lore counter to the saga on your precombat main phase, which triggers the subsequent chapter. Once you've gotten to the final chapter of these double-sided sagas, you exile it and then return the card to the battlefield transformed.

The back face for all of these new sagas is an enchantment creature, some of which may be familiar to players who know a bit about Magic's lore in Kamigawa.


Boseiju, Who Endures

Channel is an ability that was first introduced in Saviors of Kamigawa. It allows you to pay a mana cost and discard the card for a pretty powerful effect. Well, sometimes. Boseiju, Who Endures features this keyword with a penchant for destruction and a clear synergy with legendary creatures.


Tamiyo, Compleated Sage

Compleated is a brand-new mechanic introduced with Kamigawa. It's only featured on planeswalkers and uses Phyrexian hybrid mana to get up to some shenanigans.

When you go to cast a planeswalker with compleated, you can choose to pay the Phyrexian hybrid mana with either of the two associated colors or some life. The catch with this mechanic is that the planeswalker enters the battlefield with less life counters if you pay with your precious life.

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Card Gallery



Thousand-Faced Shadow




Webspinner Cuff


Tamiyo, Compleated Sage


Walking Skyscraper



Notable Cards

Hey, you wanna know something cool? Every single rare and mythic rare in Kamigawa will have an alternate version. Most of these will be in the soft glow frame (37 rares and 6 mythics, in fact).

Special Frame Treatments

Where can I find it graphic - samurai frame, ninja frame, soft glow frames


Samurai Frame

On top of ninjas, we're also being treated to 21 samurai creatures (plus the Wandering planeswalker) in Kamigawa, each of which will have a Samurai alternate up for grabs! These feature Japanese-style alternate art and a sharp frame similar to the Ninja treatment.

Ninja Frame

Kaito Shizuki ninja frame

Featured on Kamigawa’s fresh-faced planeswalker, ninja frames boast unique art and sharp border accents that make up a truly magnificent alternate. All 22 (7 common, 8 uncommon, 6 rare, and 1 mythic) of the ninja creatures in the set will also be treated to this frame along with Kaito.

Soft Glow Frame

Hidetsugu, Devouring Chaos soft glow frame

Cards with a soft glow frame also feature unique art all their own as well as a stylized border that highlights Kamigawa’s themes of the past and future coming together to make something new.

I already mentioned that most of the alternate rares and mythics in the set will be available with this treatment, but there's a twist. The double-sided sagas in the set will only feature the soft glow frame on the back side while the front keeps the original frame. They'll both have alternate art, though. Take a look:

Ukiyo-e Basic Lands

These unique basic lands feature beautiful full-art treatments that pay homage to traditional Japanese woodblock printing. If you’re smitten with these gorgeous basics you can get your hands on them in Kamigawa draft, set, and collector boosters. They come in both foil and non-foil versions.

Where can I find it graphic - ukiyo-e basic lands, borderless, extended-art


Hidetsugu Neon Ink

The neon ink treatment is unique to four versions of Hidetsugu, Devouring Chaos. These alternates feature the same art as the soft glow versions with a bright neon twist that shows off a brand-new foiling process that's meant to really make them pop.

These four Hidetsugus are Kamigawa’s ultimate collector cards. You can only find the green, blue, and red cards in less than 1% of the set’s collector boosters. As for the yellow neon ink Hidetsugu, this bad boy will be given out as a promo card at your local WPN Premium game store.

Where can I find it graphic - foil etched, neon ink


Phyrexian Cards

You know Phyrexia, right? Well they're spilling into Kamigawa now too! There are two Phyrexian cards available in the set: Jin-Gitaxias, Progress Tyrant and Tamiyo, Compleated Sage. These can be opened in any set, draft, and collector boosters of any language and feature the Phyrexian frame and text in Phyrexian, though they each sport the card's regular art.

Available Products

Draft Boosters

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty draft booster box

Draft boosters offer a pack of 16 cards that’s specifically built for Limited play. You can buy individual packs or a box of 36 boosters, and Wizards offers buy-a-box promos with exclusive cards if you opt for the bigger purchase. The Kamigawa draft boosters feature art of the new planeswalker, Kaito Shizuki.

Kamigawa draft boosters contain:

  • 1 double- or single-faced rare/mythic
  • 1 double-faced common/uncommon
  • 3 single-faced uncommons
  • 9 single-faced commons
  • 1 ukiyo-e land (33% of packs), common dual land, or basic land
  • 1 token, helper card, or ad card
Magic: The Gathering Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty 3-Booster Draft Pack | 45 Magic Cards
  • 3 Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty MTG Draft Boosters
  • 15 Magic cards per booster
  • Ukiyo-e Land in 33% of Draft Boosters
  • Just draft, add lands, and play
  • With cyberpunk cards full of color and chrome—the future is bright in Kamigawa

Set Boosters

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty set booster box

The bread-and-butter of set products. You can buy a box of 30 packs instead of individual boosters with their own buy-a-box promo as incentive. The Kamigawa set boosters feature art of The Wanderer, a mysterious planeswalker that we first saw in War of the Spark.

These boosters are aimed at players looking to open packs without drafting them. They have a higher average number of rares than their draft counterparts and also have cards from “the list,” a pre-curated selection of varied cards from across Magic’s long history.

Kamigawa set boosters contain:

  • 1 art card
  • 1 foil double- or single-faced card
  • 1 double- or single-faced rare/mythic
  • 2 double- or single-faced cards
  • 1 single-faced showcase common/uncommon
  • 1 double-faced common/uncommon
  • 2 single-faced connected uncommons
  • 3 single-faced connected commons
  • 1 ukiyo-e land (33% of packs), basic land, or common dual land
  • 1 token, ad card, helper card, or card from The List
Magic: The Gathering Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Set Booster Box | 30 Packs (360 Magic Cards)
  • 30 Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Set Boosters
  • Best MTG booster to open just for fun
  • 12 Magic: The Gathering cards per booster
  • Ukiyo-e land in 45% of packs, with possibility of being traditional foil
  • 1–4 cards of rarity Rare or higher in every booster

Collector Boosters

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty collector booster box

These packs are for the collectors out there, hence the name. Collector boosters are the product for you if you’re looking for unique and aesthetic cards to add to your collection. You can also get a box of these instead of buying individual packs just like the set and draft boosters. The Kamigawa collector boosters feature stylized art of a mechanized motorcycle.

Kamigawa collector boosters contain:

  • 1 neon ink foil, foil-etched, or traditional foil rare/mythic
  • 1 showcase rare/mythic, borderless rare/mythic, or Phyrexian mythic
  • 1 extended-art rare/mythic or borderless mythic
  • 1 extended-art Commander rare/mythic
  • 1 foil rare/mythic
  • 1 foil showcase ninja common/uncommon
  • 1 showcase ninja common/uncommon
  • 1 foil showcase samurai common/uncommon
  • 1 showcase samurai common/uncommon
  • 1 foil double-faced common/uncommon
  • 2 foil uncommons
  • 2 foil commons
  • 1 foil ukiyo-e basic land
Magic The Gathering Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Collector Booster | 15 Magic Cards
  • 15 Magic: The Gathering cards + 1 foil token
  • Shortcut to the coolest cards in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty
  • Only NEO packs that may contain a Neon Ink Foil or Foil-Etched card
  • Only MTG boosters with Extended-Art cards—get 1–3 in every pack
  • 9–10 traditional foil cards and 5 cards of rarity Rare or higher in every pack

Theme Boosters

Kamigawa Neon Dynasty theme boosters

Theme boosters are my favorite of each set’s products. These boosters are for players who value deckbuilding most of all. They feature a selection of themed cards that just need lands to finish off a deck, or you can build around them if you’d prefer. Flavor-lovers will also appreciate these.

Each set usually comes with five different theme boosters, either by color or color combo if there’s a clear theme for them. Both Crimson Vow and Midnight Hunt broke that mold a little bit by releasing five mono-colored boosters and a 5-colored booster of the set’s main tribe (vampires and werewolves respectively), and Kamigawa is following in their footsteps with a 5-colored ninja theme booster.

Theme boosters contain 35 cards. The rarities vary between each pack with mostly commons and uncommons plus a handful of rares or mythics.

Prerelease Packs

Kamigawa Neon Dynasty prerelease pack

Prerelease packs are available during prerelease events. The idea behind this product is to give new players a look at the set and what to expect from it along with some goodies to whet your appetite for the set. The Kamigawa prerelease packs feature more art of Kaito Shizuki.

Kamigawa prerelease packs contain:

Kamigawa Bundle

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty bundle

Set bundles are what you want if the set really speaks to you. This has everything you need to get started in a new format, add to your collection, or enjoy a new set with your friends! The Kamigawa bundles sport some more art of the mysterious The Wanderer.

Kamigawa bundles contain:

  • 8 set boosters
  • 20 basic lands
  • 20 foil basic lands
  • 1 oversized spindown life counter
  • 1 foil alternate-art Invoke Despair
  • 1 card storage box
Magic: The Gathering Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Bundle | 8 Set Boosters + Accessories
  • 8 Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty MTG Set Boosters
  • 1 foil alt-art promo card—Invoke Despair
  • 40 basic land cards (20 foil + 20 nonfoil)
  • Spindown life counter + card storage box
  • With cyberpunk cards full of color and chrome—the future is bright in Kamigawa

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Platinum Edition Package

Kamigawa Platinum Edition backpack

Wizards has teamed up with Beadle & Grimm’s, a company known for some pretty grand Dungeons & Dragons accessories, to bring a new bundle to the table for Kamigawa. This is for players that just really want some swag since it doesn’t come with any actual Kamigawa boosters or cards. Instead you’ll get a sweet collection of Kamigawa-themed swag and accessories, including a sweet backpack.

If you’ve got the coin for it, that is. The platinum edition package goes for a whopping $499 USD. It’s available for preorder right now if you want to get your hands on this.

The special Kamigawa platinum edition packages contain:

  • 1 Kamigawa-themed backpack
  • 1 sword-adorned card vault
  • 1 Kamigawa-themed neon pink deck box
  • 1 demon-themed lightning blue deck box
  • 100 black dragon sleeves
  • 100 gold dragon sleeves
  • 1 Kamigawa wall art poster
  • 5 lithographic art prints
  • 1 Kamigawa art card folio
  • 1 sidekick plush
  • 1 art-inspired spindown life counter
  • 1 LED playmat
  • 1 Kamigawa metal counter set
  • 1 demon mask necklace
  • 1 exclusive game log
  • 1 Kamigawa world map
  • 1 in-world guide to Kamigawa

Commander Decks

Wondering if the Neon Dynasty EDH precons are even worth it? We've got you covered!

Buckle Up

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Buckle Up Commander deck

Led by Kotori, Pilot Prodigy, Buckle Up is an Azorius () deck that's stocked full of futuristic vehicles and tech. This precon is going to be all about attacking with benefits. It's interesting that vehicles are pivoting to Azorius since they've typically been a very Boros () mechanic.

Magic The Gathering Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Commander Deck – Buckle Up (White-Blue)
  • 100-card ready-to-play Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Commander deck
  • Deck includes 2 traditional foils plus 98 nonfoil cards
  • 1 foil-etched Display Commander, 10 double-sided tokens, 1 life tracker plus 1 deck box
  • Introduces 15 MTG cards not found in the main set
  • Bring your Vehicles to life and pilot futuristic mechs

Upgrades Unleashed

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Upgrades Unleashed Commander deck

Upgrades Unleashed is the second of Kamigawa‘s Commander precons. This one is helmed by Chishiro, the Shattered Blade, a Gruul () samurai warrior that looks like it's ready to run a battlefield that's absolutely filled with auras, equipment, counters, and tokens.

Magic The Gathering Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Commander Deck – Upgrades Unleashed (Red-Green)
  • 100-card ready-to-play Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Commander deck
  • Deck includes 2 traditional foils plus 98 nonfoil cards
  • 1 foil-etched Display Commander, 10 double-sided tokens plus life tracker
  • Introduces 15 MTG cards not found in the main set
  • Mod your creatures with epically enhanced abilities

Wrap Up

Eiganjo, Seat of the Empire - Illustration by ZOUNOSE

Eiganjo, Seat of the Empire | Illustration by ZOUNOSE

And that’s everything you need to know about Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. It’s the age of flashing neon signs and electrifying new tech.

What are your thoughts on the set? Are you excited for this new twist on Kamigawa, or do you wish we could go back to the way things were before? And am I the only one who’s getting a very distinct post-Silco undercity vibe from this set? Let me know in the comments down below, or find us over on Twitter to let all your innermost thoughts out for the world wide web to see.

Keep your tinkering tools ready, I feel like we’re gonna need them!

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