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Mindstatic - Illustration by Johann Bodin

Mindstatic | Illustration by Johann Bodin

MTG Arena has been the bread and butter of Magic for a while now. It’s the best way for many players to keep enjoying the game despite the circumstances.

Arena offers a lot of options for players to shake it up with its wide variety of Constructed and Limited formats along with casual game modes like Brawl, or weekly events. You always have something different to try, whether you’re just bored or on a bad streak.

But you don’t get a lot of stats from the game itself. If you’re subscribed to the WotC newsletter, you get a couple of stats here and there (especially if you play Limited). But all in all, you don’t get that many.

Why is this a big deal? How can it be improved? Let’s find out!

Deck Stats

If you click on the “Decks” tab and drill down to a particular deck, you at least have a few things. Click on the graph icon and you’ll see this:

MTG Arena deck details

Stats for your deck give you details of its composition broken down by curve, mana distribution, spell count, spell type count, land count, and more.

MTG Arena filters

There are also some filters you can apply while deckbuilding to make your life easier. The most common and useful is separating creatures vs. non-creatures, especially in Limited.

There are plenty of other filters you can apply when building your deck, but I won’t go over all of them here. Just the most common ones you might use, whether you’re just searching for cards in your collection or sorting your deck.

Make sure to replace (bracketed details) with the appropriate details to get these to work:

  • Filter by mana cost: cmc(=, >, or <)
  • Search for a particular rarity: R/Rarity
  • Search based on power: POW
  • Search based on toughness: TOU
  • Search by card type: T:(card type)

Rank and Season Stats

MTG Arena stats

Other in-game stats like your current ranking are relevant for players who want to compete in a MIQ. This gives you a chance to play with the big names of the game and make a name for yourself too.

Game Stats

Scattered Thoughts - Illustration by Brian Valeza

Scattered Thoughts | Illustration by Brian Valeza

And… that’s it? Pretty much, and it’s a massive problem for several reasons. First, let’s go over a few stats that most players would like to have but Arena doesn’t provide:

  • Set completion %
  • Vault completion % unless you don’t open your vault
  • Number of games played
  • Ranking numbers or logs
  • Game data
  • Match data

All of these are unavailable through everyday game experience. You can get these details from MTGA assistants like Arena Tutor can since they’re available through the platform’s logs.

Whether it’s because Wizards’ developers are focusing elsewhere or there’s no clear roadmap of what the subsequent releases should aim for (like quality changes and improvements), a lot of players have been left with a bitter taste in their mouths. But it’s not lost yet!

Why Doesn’t MTGA Show Stats?

Demonic Bargain - Illustration by Sam Guay

Demonic Bargain | Illustration by Sam Guay

The main reason Arena doesn’t show stats is that we just haven’t gotten there yet. It’s not that WotC isn’t willing to provide them.

The digital era for MTGA had to make giant steps in a relatively short period of time given that competitive Magic struggled hard. The main way to play was always in-person games, and that shipped has sailed with the pandemic.

Developers had to focus their efforts into ensuring the competitive scene wasn’t completely shut down. They were essentially pushed into making a stable environment for big-stakes events. This may have passed unnoticed, but it’s a big deal when you rely on technology to provide coverage on these tournaments.

Not to mention that supporting MTGA and MTGO is a big deal. They’re very similar and yet demanded by different subsets of players. Resources are relatively tight when assigning new projects, like improving UI stats.

Bottom line is — the infrastructure is probably there. Still, these stats are definitely quality of life changes that need to be made to MTGA so that players can get what they’re eager to have. Especially players with a completionist and competitive mindset like me and so many others.

Alternative: Use Arena Tutor

The good news is, you can have stats if you install Draftsim’s app Arena Tutor.

Vault Completion

Arena Tutor vault

Right off the bat you can see your progress towards your next Vault Chest on your profile. This can motivate you towards collecting more cards by playing more Limited games or buying boosters and cards from MTGA’s Store.

Number of Games Played and Win Rate

Arena Tutor winrate

This tracks how well you’re doing in a given format. It can also track data historically, as shown on the Win Rate Over Time graph. This can help you see if you’re struggling in a particular format that you need to pay more attention to, or look at which decks you should let go of because they’re underperforming.

On the other hand, these stats can help you figure out which is your best deck if you need to quickly rank up on the ladder.

Game Logs

Arena Tutor game logs

This feature is perfect if you want to improve your game. You’re able to go over games that you felt you could have done better and analyze what went wrong to help you figure out where to improve.

Match Data

Arena Tutor match data

Match data is right at the beginning in the Arena Tutor’s Match Summary. You can find BO1 and BO3 match data here and filter it by format. It also display the stats over the course of the game like spells played, lands played, total life changes, and more.

Arena Tutor summary

It also shows your opening hands so that you can review and see if it would have been better to take a mulligan.

Arena Tutor Achievements

Finally, it introduces a pretty cool feature in the form of Achievements, where you get individual emblems per game based on its result. There are some pretty cool ones like how many consecutive wins you got during your run, and unique ones like “won at one life point.”

You may be able to spot some trends if you keep getting the same ones over and over again.

Deck Stats

Arena Tutor deck stats

Deck stats are very similar to what Arena provides. Everything is presented clearly based on the deck you’ve selected, and it also provides an overall win rate for each individual deck. Other natural stats like creature/non-creature balance are also here. A nifty pie chart that gives you the deck’s color split also comes in handy when you need to optimize your deck’s mana base.

Wrap Up

Witness the Future - Illustration by Anato Finnstark

Witness the Future | Illustration by Anato Finnstark

Even though Arena doesn’t show you more stats, you can always rely on our trusty Arena Tutor to give you more info on your games and decks. Not only that, but it also provides you with a unique interface to track your progress and an exclusive draft helper so you can get better results on your Limited events.

What else would you like to see from the app? Do you love it? Have I piqued your interest in using it? Please let me know in the comments.

Thanks for hanging out, and I’ll see you next time. Take care!

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    brad atkins December 18, 2021 5:12 am

    I like that app but wish it was already part of mtga app as I have an older PC it is limited.

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    Owen December 20, 2021 4:20 pm

    Arena tutor looks really helpful, thanks for the detailed explanation of it.

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