Last updated on September 18, 2020

Arena Tutor Ad Free Major Release Update

This is a pretty exciting moment for Arena Tutor — we’re rolling out an ad-free version! If you’re not familiar with Arena Tutor, also be sure to check out the first blog post where I introduced our app.

I’m all about giving our users options, and this is a pretty exciting new one that you’ve got at your disposal.

Do you love Arena Tutor but are annoyed by the ads while you’re trying to play?

In app ads… blargh!! I hate ’em too, but we have to pay to keep Arena Tutor running somehow!

We’ve just created a small subscription program — similar to what you might find on Twitch or Patreon. The price is very similar – just $2.99/month.

You might not think of us as “creators” like your favorite streamer or Youtuber, but it’s a very similar concept. My developer Bobby and I are working hard behind the scenes to make this application. There’s no huge game or software studio working full time on the project, it’s just us.

The “content” we create… is this software! As we continually add to it and publish new versions and features, we need your financial support to fund that continued work on the project.

Arena Tutor dev, Bobby

Arena Tutor dev Bobby, excited to visit Overwolf in Israel

So by subscribing you’ll help yourself first and foremost by eliminating ads and getting a better UI (more on that later), but you’re also really helping us do what we love the most – making an awesome Magic app just for you.

Eliminate Ads

So what does the ad-free version look like?

Here’s what the draft companion looks like with ads:

Arena Tutor draft assistant with ads

And here’s what the new ad-free version looks like:

Arena tutor draft assistant with no ads

Nice, right?

What about the lobby? Here’s the before:

Arena Tutor lobby with ads

And here’s the after:

Arena tutor with new stats tracking for MTGA

I think it’s a win-win – you’re not bothered by ads, you get a more premium experience, and we get the support we need to continue development.

Extra UI Improvements

But wait, there’s more…

Sorry, just had to put on my infomercial pitchman hat for a second there.

You might notice in the draft companion that the size looks a little different. Here’s the draft companion in context with the ads:

And here it is without the ads

You can see that the ad-free version allows us to free up a lot of real estate in the draft screen.

So an added major benefit is that the app is also a lot easier and nicer to use once you remove ads.

And, as an added bonus…

Since we removed the ads from the lobby screen, we had to put something else in its place! So behold — another graph:

Arena Tutor ad-free with new deck stats in lobby

The “deck donut” there will show you the breakdown of colors in your deck — the count of cards of each color. Plus it gives you a good sense of the color weight and balance in your deck.

Overall, you can think of this new version as ad-free++. You get just a leetle bit extra too.

Free Trial and How to Sign Up

The other great thing about the ad-free version is that you don’t even have to fully commit to see if it’s worthwhile.

We’ve got a three day free trial ready and waiting for you. Just click the “Go premium to remove ads” link right above the ad box in either the lobby or draft companion:

Click "go premium to remove ads"

And then just click “Start Free Trial” to begin the trial.

After that, you’ll get a fully-featured ad-free version to try out and see if you like it. Of course, we’d love if you just “click that subscribe button” after three days and stay ad-free.

Why Ads Anyway?

As I mentioned above, we’ve put countless hours into building and maintaining Arena Tutor.

The app is professionally designed (we think it’s the prettiest out there…) and is the only one with any semblance of artificial intelligence.

Speaking of AI, we have some really great stuff around the corner coming this year. Right now it’s just cooking in “the lab.” But we are seriously evaluating what types of machine learning features we can get implemented and out for your consumption.

So, to summarize, here’s what you get for your $2.99:

  • 1,2,3, and 4: No ads. Huge.
  • Smaller draft companion
  • New lobby graph/stats
  • Our eternal love and admiration – and even better features down the road

Next Steps

Can’t afford $2.99/month? Tell a friend about the app. Share this post. Leave a review on Overwolf. Or just say hi in Discord and give us feedback.

I think you’ll really like the ad-free version. So make sure you have the latest version of Arena Tutor, then click the Go Premium button next to the ad to see what you think!

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