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Doubling Season - Illustration by Kemonomich

Doubling Season | Illustration by Kemonomich

Tokens have many benefits in Magic. Creature tokens act as extra defenders on the field. Food tokens help you gain life, Clue tokens draw you cards, and Blood tokens are like Clue tokens with extra steps.

Today, we’ll be touching on 30 of the best green token generators in Magic. From creature tokens generated with the cast of a spell or the pass of your upkeep to Treasure tokens generated from the tap of a land, you’ll be swimming in tokens by the time we’re done!

What Are Green Token Generators in MTG?

Second Harvest | Illustration by Matt Stewart

Second Harvest | Illustration by Matt Stewart

Green token generators are mono-green cards in Magic: The Gathering that create a token of some kind. Some nontoken green creatures make creature tokens when a special instance happens. Green instant and sorcery cards can generate creature tokens based on how much mana you pour into X. Certain enchantments and nontoken creatures can even create creature tokens on every upkeep with special conditions met.

#29. Galadriel, Gift-Giver

Galadriel, Gift-Giver

Galadriel, Gift-Giver gives you a Food, Treasure, or a +1/+1 counter on a creature whenever it attacks or enters the battlefield. The variety in being able to choose between a Food or Treasure token makes this creature valuable to get the lifegain or ramp resources you need.

While Galadriel, Gift-Giver could be your commander, it’d be better in the 99 as a support creature to one of the legendary token generating creatures.

#28. Galadhrim Ambush

Galadhrim Ambush

Galadhrim Ambush generates Elf Warrior tokens equivalent to however many creatures are attacking, whether that's you or someone else attacking. Plus, any combat damage dealt by non-elf creatures will be void because of this instant spell’s effect. It’s a very low chance that your opponent will also be controlling elves, so this is a good chance to lower your opponent’s life total where you can and maybe even use this card as a win condition.

#27. Arasta of the Endless Web

Arasta of the Endless Web

Gain Spider tokens when opponents cast instant or sorcery spells with Arasta of the Endless Web. While this is a very conditional card, you can still generate some blockers when opponents answer your cards with instants and sorceries. This is a legendary creature that acts better as a member of the 99 than a commander because of how conditional it is.

#26. Awakening Zone

Awakening Zone

If you need some ramp in a token deck, try Awakening Zone. The Eldrazi Spawn creature token created on every upkeep can act as a chump blocker if needed. When you need extra mana, they can be sacrificed to add colorless mana to your mana pool. If you’re missing land drops, fall back on these sac-ready creature tokens to get the mana you need to keep the value engine going.

#25. Tireless Tracker

Tireless Tracker

Card draw is essential to getting the resources you need to build your board state in Magic. Tireless Tracker’s landfall trigger generates Clue tokens that can be later sacrificed to draw a card. Accumulate Clue tokens and set them aside in case you find yourself top decking for answers.

#24. Honden of Life’s Web

Honden of Life's Web

Honden of Life's Web gives you Spirit tokens equivalent to the number of shrines you control on every upkeep. With two other mono-green shrines, you can get at least three creature tokens per upkeep if you’re running a mono-green deck. You can get 17 creature tokens per upkeep if you have all 17 shrine cards on the battlefield while running a 5-color deck.

#23. Druid’s Call

Druid's Call

Druid's Call gives you Squirrel tokens when the enchanted creature is dealt combat damage. For best results, place this enchantment on an indestructible creature like Nyxborn Behemoth or Nylea, God of the Hunt for guaranteed Squirrel tokens whenever your opponents block.

#22. Squirrel Wrangler

Squirrel Wrangler

Speaking of squirrels, Squirrel Wrangler gives you two Squirrel tokens when you pay 2 mana and sacrifice a land. This card would be great for landfall decks where there’s a higher access to mana. To get your lands back, make sure to have Titania, Nature's Force to be able to replay lands from your graveyard

#21. Sandwurm Convergence

Sandwurm Convergence

Sandwurm Convergence is a fun card that not only generates a 5/5 Wurm token on every end step but also prevents flying creatures from attacking you or planeswalkers you control. The high mana cost justifies itself in a few turns with protection from flying creatures and how many Wurm tokens you get to create. Protect this enchantment with Heroic Intervention if it’s about to be removed.

#20. Ezuri’s Predation

Ezuri's Predation creates Phyrexian Beast tokens equivalent to how many other creatures your opponents control. These 4/4 tokens then fight all your opponent’s creatures one-on-one. This spell would work best if your opponents' creatures are power and toughness 4 or less so that it’d act as a one-sided board wipe.

#19. Awaken the Woods

Awaken the Woods

Creating Dryad land creature tokens equivalent to how much mana you pour into X for Awaken the Woods has many benefits. Each of these tokens you create are also mana dorks that can tap for a green mana. Plus, these Dryad land creature tokens can gain vigilance from Embodiment of Insight and get a buff from Blossoming Tortoise and/or Sylvan Advocate.

#18. Wolverine Riders

Wolverine Riders

Wolverine Riders keeps the elf ball rolling by generating an Elf Warrior token on every upkeep, which gains you minimum 1 life per entrance. Gain more tokens with Elvish Warmaster as the tokens from Wolverine Riders come into play. Then, use Elvish Warmaster’s activated ability to buff your elves and give them deathtouch as a formidable win condition.

#17. Elven Ambush

Elven Ambush

Let’s get ready to elf ball! Elven Ambush doubles how many elves you control based on how many you already control. Plus, being able to cast this spell at instant speed can surprise your opponent when you’re quadruple or quintuple-blocking to destroy their huge creature that won’t stop attacking you.

Marwyn, the Nurturer can get a boat load of +1/+1 counters as each elf enters from Elven Ambush. Make your elves more formidable with an elf typal buff and forestwalk ability granted from Elvish Champion.

#16. Second Harvest

Second Harvest

Second Harvest instantly places a copy of each token you already control onto the battlefield. It doesn’t have recurring doubling effects like the green token doublers, which is why it loses a few points.

If you have 10 Treasure tokens and five Saproling tokens, you’ll create another 15 tokens total. Cast this card in the late game along with Concordant Crossroads out so all the creature tokens gain haste and you can swing in for the win.

#15. Hollowhenge Overlord

Hollowhenge Overlord

Hollowhenge Overlord doubles the number of wolves you have every upkeep for however many wolves or werewolves you already control. Garruk, Cursed Huntsman gives you the most value in creating two black and green Wolf tokens with its 0 ability to exponentially increase how many wolves you have in just a few turns. Pump your wolves and werewolves with Nightpack Ambusher.

#14. Jedit Ojanen of Efrava

Jedit Ojanen of Efrava

Jedit Ojanen of Efrava creates Cat Warrior tokens with forestwalk whenever it attacks or blocks. Plus, it has forestwalk itself. While this cool cat can make a great mono-green commander with Jolrael, Mwonvuli Recluse and Feline Sovereign for cat flavor, Jedit Ojanen of Efrava can be a good complement for recurring token generation as a member of the 99 in any green token deck.

#13. Avenger of Zendikar

Avenger of Zendikar

Avenger of Zendikar generate plant tokens equivalent to the number of lands you control, which start off pretty small. They only get bigger with +1/+1 counters for each land that enters. Take advantage of increasing the power and toughness of these Plant tokens with Branching Evolution and Hardened Scales.

#12. Tendershoot Dryad

Tendershoot Dryad

Saproling lovers assemble! Tendershoot Dryad creates a Saproling token every upkeep while giving saprolings a +2/+2 buff as long as you have the city’s blessing. This comes from this dryad’s ascend ability that gives you the city’s blessing when you have at least 10 permanents on the battlefield.

Make Tana, the Bloodsower your commander to create an army of Saprolings when it deals combat damage to opponents. These tokens benefit from Tendershoot Dryad‘s buff once you gain the city’s blessing.

#11. Master of the Wild Hunt

Master of the Wild Hunt

Master of the Wild Hunt creates a Wolf token on every upkeep. Tap all these tokens after tapping this creature to have the wolves deal damage to a target creature equal to the sum of their combined power.

This is a great creature to have in your arsenal for targeted creature removal when you haven’t drawn into your Generous Gift or Beast Within types of removal. If you tap five of the Wolf tokens, it deals 10 damage to a creature. Bye bye, Gigantosaurus!

#10. Greensleeves, Maro-Sorcerer

Greensleeves, Maro-Sorcerer

The more lands you control, the higher power and toughness Greensleeves, Maro-Sorcerer has. Plus, you get a Badger creature token each time a land enters.

Azusa, Lost but Seeking and Oracle of Mul Daya can help you play additional lands in a turn to generate more tokens at a time and a higher power and toughness on Greensleeves, Maro-Sorcerer. Since the Badger tokens have a power of 3, you can draw a card off of Elemental Bond for each one that enters.

#9. Titania, Nature’s Force

Titania, Nature's Force

Titania, Nature's Force creates Elemental tokens as long as forests are entering the battlefield. If any of these tokens die, you mill three cards, but don’t worry! You can play lands from your graveyard with Titania on the field anyway. Make even more Elemental creature tokens with Zendikar's Roil, which have the same trigger of milling three cards whenever they die because of their elemental creature typing.

#8. Elder Gargaroth

Elder Gargaroth

Elder Gargaroth has much more versatility than the potential to create a token every time it attacks or blocks. Gain life or draw a card as needed when those triggers occur. Plus, it can ward off flying creatures because of reach and it has a better chance of landing combat damage with trample.

Its vigilance ability always makes it available to attack or block to take advantage of one of three triggers. Have Lithoform Engine on the field to double up triggers when Elder Gargaroth attacks or blocks (Engine will default to the same mode).

#7. Polyraptor


Polyraptor is much like the other dinosaurs in Ixalan and Rivals of Ixalan with the enrage mechanic. Whether you block an attack using Polyraptor or inflict damage on it with one of your cards or creature’s abilities, you can create a token of Polyraptor.

Once you build your army of multiplying dinos, opponents will be afraid to even block their attacks! Keep the Polyraptor tokens protected from a board wipe with Heroic Intervention.

#6. Bootleggers’ Stash

Bootleggers' Stash

Lands can tap for mana and… Treasure tokens?! With Bootleggers' Stash from Streets of New Capenna, it’s possible! This is a mid-game ramp card that acts as a backup for when you’re missing land drops or haven’t drawn into any of your other ramp cards. Create more recurring Treasure tokens in mono-green with Instrument of the Bards, Fae Offering, and Boxing Ring.

#5. Scute Swarm

Scute Swarm

Oh no! Here comes the Scute Swarm! Each time a land enters, after the sixth land, you create copies of Scute Swarm. If you want to run a monstrous green token deck, then Scute Swarm can get you there fast. Read on to learn more about the green token doublers in the 1-3 spots that'll get you even more value with Scute Swarm.

#4. Old Gnawbone

Old Gnawbone

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms brought us a very valuable green dragon, Old Gnawbone, which creates Treasure tokens equivalent to how much combat damage you deal to an opponent. By attacking with Old Gnawbone alone, you get seven Treasure tokens. Make that 14 with Parallel Lives and 28 with having Doubling Season on the field simultaneously.

For best results, have as many flying creatures as you can on the field that can land combat damage more easily to gain you extra Treasure tokens. Did you know that with Jinnie Fay, Jetmir's Second on the board along with Old Gnawbone, you can transform those Treasure tokens into 3/1 Dog tokens with vigilance of 2/2 Cat tokens with haste?

#3. Parallel Lives

Parallel Lives

Parallel Lives is one of the quintessential token doublers in green that has been around since Innistrad. This would perform well in a mono-green deck that makes larger 3/3 creature tokens compared to a mono-white deck that’s known for mostly generating 1/1 creature tokens.

Include in a green landfall deck build where you get rewarded creature tokens just for playing a land. You can get two 3/3 Badger creature tokens per land played with Greensleeves, Maro-Sorcerer on the field. Rampaging Baloths slaps two 4/4 Beast creature tokens onto the field when Parallel Lives is on board all for just playing a land.

While these and the next two cards may be both generators and also great payoffs, I feel that they're worth including as they do generate tokens and are essential to the strategy overall.

#2. Primal Vigor

Primal Vigor

Primal Vigor doubles not only your token output but also your +1/+1 counter generation. The Great Henge can place two +1/+1 counters on your nontoken creatures when they enter the battlefield instead of one with Primal Vigor also on the field.

#1. Doubling Season

Doubling Season

Doubling Season is almost like Primal Vigor, but better in that not only are tokens doubled, but any type of counters are also doubled, not just +1/+1 counters.

While you can have Doubling Season in just a token-themed deck, you get more value with it in a token deck that also has a counters sub-theme in some way. Primeval Bounty embraces the tokens-and-counters theme well with its abilities while also helping you gain life when a land enters.

Best Green Token Generators Payoffs

Having tokens on the field can get you added benefits when you have other synergistic cards to go with them. Here are some of the best green token generator payoffs.

Jaheira, Friend of the Forest turns any of your creature tokens, Food, Treasure, or other tokens into mana dorks. Tap one of your tokens to add a green mana to your mana pool. Then, you have the tools to cast those high-cost token creators like Bootleggers' Stash and Crush of Wurms.

Killer Service

Turn your smaller creature tokens or Food tokens into larger creatures with Killer Service from New Capenna Commander. As long as you pay 2 mana every end step and sacrifice a token of your choice, you can get a 4/4 Rhino Warrior.

Somberwald Beastmaster

Somberwald Beastmaster gives you three creature tokens while giving all creature tokens deathtouch. Even if you’re attacking with a small 1/1 creature token with deathtouch, opponents are less likely to block it if they have their best creatures out on defense.

Gala Greeters

As multiple creature tokens come into play at once, if at least three of them enter, you can get all the triggers off of Gala Greeters. Gaining life, creating a Treasure token, and placing a +1/+1 counter on the elf druid itself can turn the tides of the game in a small but valuable way.

Wrap Up

Awaken the Woods | Illustration by Bryan Sola

Awaken the Woods | Illustration by Bryan Sola

Green token generators make different types of creature tokens, Food, Clue, and Treasure tokens via instants, sorceries, enchantments, and creature spells. It’s easy to make different themes of token decks when playing mono-green.

Are you ready to make a mean green token machine deck? Go to the Draftsim blog for more inspiration on cards that synergize with green token generators. Stop by the Draftsim Facebook page to get updates on when we post new MTG content and news updates.

Until next time, stay mean and stay green as you build your next deck!

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