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Rootha, Mercurial Artist - Illustration by Chris Rahn

Rootha, Mercurial Artist | Illustration by Chris Rahn

Dice sets are a handy accessory for any tabletop gamer. They’re necessary to play TTRPGs like D&D and dice can help track info in Magic and other card games; that's one stark similarity between Magic and Dungeons & Dragons. There’s no shortage of dice to choose from, and finding the perfect set for you can be overwhelming.

There are several things to consider when looking for the right set of dice. Narrowing down the most unique dice can be a difficult task, but today I have a selection of some of the better options available to you. Let's get into it!

Best Overall Dice Set

AUSPDICE Handcrafted Designer

The overall best unique set of dice is the AUSPDICE Handcrafted Designer set. These handmade dice come in a wide array of unique colors and patterns and have a lot of contrasting colors, making them easy to read.

The AUSPDICE set is made from resin, which means they're lighter than plastic or metal dice. This means they can be rolled on any surface without scuffing up an unprotected table. Their light weight also helps them roll more easily.

There are also customer reviews with photos of their dice, showing that they’re as beautifully unique as promised in the promotional photos. Some dice do look a little lackluster in certain lighting, but most look great.

AUSPDICE DND Dice Set Handmade 7Pcs Sharp Edge Dice for Dungeons and Dragons TTRPG Games(Mix Green&Brown Color)
  • 1. Material & Specification: Natural resin, strong, wear-resistant, 7 Pcs per set.
  • 2. Easy Reading & Good Hand Feel: Large and easy to read numbers with weighted irresistible hand feel. The size is common D&D dice standard on market.
  • 3. Sharp Edge Dice & Mirror Look: 100% handmade, the inclusions are coming through nicely, the edge is extremely sharp, great for dice collection or as a gift.
  • 4. Multi Purposes: Used for board games, tabletop RPG games as D&D(Dungeons and Dragons), Shadowrun, Pathfinder, Savage World, Warhammer, Yahtzee, Heroscape and many other RPGs, Math Teaching, etc.
  • 5. 40 Days Money Back Guarantee for any reason. Just email us to get an immediate solution for any defective or incomplete set. Make you 100% satisfied!

Honorable Mention: The Pounder D100

The Pounder D100

Though not a full dice set, this D100 from Misty Mountain Gaming is a very unique die. This massive ball of a die actually has 100 sides, making it a different and more entertaining way to roll a D100.

Of course, this die alone costs about $50, so it’s a little pricey for dice.

#7. Hollow Orb Dice Set

Hollow Orb Dice

All D&D players have at some point experienced frustration with dice that don’t roll well, particularly D4s. The Hollow Orb dice by Soar Forge solves this problem by making a round version of every die regardless of side numbers. Each die has a different set of round vertices that stop it on a number instead of having hard edges.

While these are some of the best dice to roll, they do lose a little when it comes to readability since the numbers can get lost in the intricate design. It can also take a bit of extra time to determine which die is which when it comes time to roll.

Metal DND Dice Set - Unique Round Hollow Orb Design for Better Rolling - Beautiful Dragon Metal Dice Set for Role Playing Games (RPG) - Stunning D&D Dungeons and Dragons Dice Set (Black Gold)
  • ⚽ Round Dice Roll Better - Our unique Hollow Orbs feel *amazing* to roll with smooth, balanced and random rolling. They ‘snap’ into place much like sharp edge polyhedral dice but perform better than regular DND metal dice that land and stop without much roll. With no sharp edges, our dice are family, furniture and DM friendly. 😉 (*Design patent issued. Expedited Utility patent also pending for round dice)
  • ⚽ Unique New Design - Elegant, unique and intricately detailed. The artistically styled Ancient Dragon dice design not only look beautiful but exude a magical aura. You'll be sure to enchant the rest of the table as you pull them out at a game. The eye-catching, clear numbers are also really easy to read.
  • ⚽ Just the Right Heft and Size - Just the Right Heft and Size - Hollow Metal Dice Orbs are not only highly durable but lighter than you’d think, with just the right heft and size to make them feel great in the hand. The satisfying jingling sound they make when they clink together is almost musical.
  • ⚽ Dice Pouch Included - The cool looking pouch conveniently protects and stores your Orbs so they won't get lost after a game or get dinged up while in transit. It also enhances the overall set's appeal making them awesome DND gifts. These role playing dice are perfect for dice goblins, DM's and RPG enthusiasts!
  • ⚽ Soar Forge Satisfaction Promise - Create lasting memories with friends and family knowing that if you're not totally satisfied with this d&d dice set for any possible reason, just let us know and we'll do our absolute best to make it right again.

#6. Shadow Kingdom Crown Dice Set

Shadow Kingdom Crown Dice Set

When it comes to uniquely shaped dice it’s hard to find anything more unique than the Shadow Kingdom Crown set from GladlyInfiniteDesign on Esty. These dice are a variety of fun royal-themed shapes, like a jester’s hat and a royal orb. They’re also nice and easy to read thanks to their bright white lettering against the black base color.

#5. Spellcaster Black Obsidian and Aqua Blue Cat’s Eye Stone Dice Sets

Misty Mountain Gaming has quite a good selection of unique dice sets when it comes to interesting materials. The aqua blue Cat’s Eye dice are some of the most beautiful gemstone dice available, and the Spellcaster black obsidian dice also look great and are extra thematic thanks to Obsidian’s fabled ability to heal and protect.

#4. ZECIDOT Zinc Dice Set

Zinc dice

ZECIDOT’s zinc dice are some of the most uniquely designed metal dice out there. Players looking for a nice heavy set of metal dice with an interesting design should definitely check these out.

ZECIDOT does a good job with coloring to make the numbers on the dice pop. They also come with a nice metal tin and a felt bag, giving you the option of how you want to carry them around.

DND Dice Set Dungeons and Dragons Dice with Gift Box & Dice Bag Metal Polyhedral Dice Large D&D Dice Set for RPG MTG Pathfinder Role Playing Dice D and D Dice D20 D12 D10 D8 D6 D4 Black Blue
  • 【Material Process】The sharp metal DND dice is made of environmentally friendly zinc alloy, the dice is very strong, wear-resistant, not fading, beautifully made, cool and unique, you can get the envy and praise of your friends in table games
  • 【Good balance, easy to read】7 RPG dice weigh 7.58 oz. It is heavier than normal dice and feels very good in the hand. The dice are cast in one piece and hand-polished, which makes the balance and roll of the dice very good, guaranteed 100% random. Each dice is colored by environmentally friendly pigment, the dice are like gems in the hand, very beautiful, the numbers on the D&D dice are very large, clearly visible and easy to read
  • 【Metal Dice Set】The set contains 7 kinds of metal dice, including D4, D6, D8, D10, D10%, D12, D20, as well as a metal dragon gift box and a black leather bag. It protects your dice well and won't get lost or damaged. It is also a good choice as a gift for a friend
  • 【Wide range of uses】This MTG dice set is perfect for tabletop role playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Heroscape, Savage World, Shadow Run, Magic Gathering, Warhammer and many other TRPG and card games
  • 【after-sale warranty】We carefully inspect each dice before packing to ensure you receive the perfect dice! All our products come with a 30-day money-back. If the dice you received has color and quality issues, please contact us. We are always ready to help you

#3. ZHOORQI LED Light Up Dice Set


ZHOORQI’s LED dice are a great unique idea for a dice set. The dice change between several different colors, giving them an enchanted feeling. Their batteries can be recharged using their charging box, and the dice turn green when they’re finished charging.

The dice also flash if you want to create a thunderstorm-like effect, or just have a D&D-themed rave.

DND Dice Rechargeable with Charging Box, Light up Dice 7 PCS LED Electronic Dices, Dungeons and Dragons Dice Polyhedral Dice Sets for Tabletop Games ZHOORQI D&D Dice Role Playing Game (3 Color Light)
  • 🎲【Upgrade Light up Dice】ZHOORQI's LED dice are fully upgraded based on the previous non-rechargeable dice. The upgraded electronic dices come with a charging box with charging interface, which allows you easily charge these DND dice via power banks/power adapters/computers etc. The dice are upgraded from the previous 10 seconds to 20 seconds per blink, making the joy of the game more durable.
  • 🎲 【Rechargeable LED Dice】 ZHOORQI's upgraded electronic dice set automatically light up and go out when collisions or rolls occur. The polyhedral dice set comes with a charging bin that charges for 2 hours and continues to glow for 6 hours, can be used multiple times.
  • 🎲【Gaming Dice Sets】ZHOORQI d and d dice tend to be slightly lighter than regular dice of the same size. When you shake the black dnd dice, the light up dice will emit colored lights such as red, blue and green, which increases the atmosphere of the game. Hold all the might in your hand, and then, roll!
  • 🎲【D&D Dice Set】For dnd dice set is composed of 7 black dice, including D4, D6, D8 and D10 (double Precision), D9 (odd Number), D12 and D20. You may be ready to take d&d or table games to a new level
  • 🎲【Great for Game Lovers】ZHOORQI polyhedral dice great for any dice games. Used for dungeons and dragons dice game, shadow running, war Hammer, pathfinder, savage world, hero, RPG tabletop game and card game, etc. The cool dnd dice is one of those dice that every dice lover should have.

#2. Dragon Scale Metallic Dice Set

Dragon Scale Metallic dice

The Dragon Scale metallic dice from DNDND are a great option for dragon lovers. These dice come in a variety of different colors, each with a beautiful dragon-scale texture. This means you can grab a set of dice matching your favorite color of dragon.

The font on the dice is also really nice, making the numbers very easy to read while still having a distinct style.

DNDND Dragon Skin Metal Dice Set, 7 PCS Metallic D&D Die with Metal Tin for DND Game (Azure with Silver Edge)
  • Metal Dice Set D&D: One set dice total 7 pcs including D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20 and D%.
  • Color: Azure skin with silver edge and gold number, the dragon scale design promises a stunning effect, which is sure to stand out on the table,the design is perfect for D&D character.
  • Net Weight: Full set net wight is 5.64Oz.D20 is 0.9inch and 1.64Oz. It's biger and heavier than a normal d20 die and very nice feeling.Upgrade your dice game with this set of heavy.
  • Quality: Made of zinc alloy, extremely durable. Each die has a hefty weight and durable coating that lets you throw with confidence and authority. Usage

#1. Copper Hollow Metal Dice Set

Copper Hollow Metal Dice

The Copper Hollow metal dice set also from DNDND is a great option when looking for some unique polyhedral dice. The carved dragons are very thematic for D&D, and their hollow metal aesthetic also makes them a great fit for Eberron-based campaigns.

Buyer’s Guide


It’s important when looking at the differently styled dice to find a design that's unique to your liking while remaining functional. Certain designs may throw off a die’s weight, like dice that have small figures inside. This could lead to the dice not actually being randomized, more often landing on numbers opposite the more heavily-weighted side.

You should also pay attention to any design elements that create sharp edges. You’ll want to roll those dice on a playmat or similar surface so as not to scratch up wooden tables.


Resin dice are very light, making them easier to roll than other kinds of dice. This also makes them slightly easier to lose as you’re getting used to how far they roll.

A lot of dice are plastic. Plastic dice can have some more unique designs because they aren’t restricted by their material the same way glass, metal, or stone dice are. They’re a bit heavier than resin dice, but they still roll nicely.

Metal dice have a nice weighty feel to them, and they’re more durable than other types of dice. They’re a bit more limited in color than resin and plastic dice, but there are a lot of nice tame options for metal dice coloring.

If you plan on using metal dice to roll then you’ll likely need a playmat or dice tray. It takes a little more effort to get a metal dice to roll nicely, so it’s important you find the right way to throw them that won’t send them flying but also roll enough to be random.

Glass and gemstone dice are a nice middle ground between plastic and metal. They have a slightly weightier feel that makes them seem less cheap, but they may chip if not rolled on a mat or another soft surface depending on the exact material used.

Gemstone and glass dice can also have a lot of interesting colors, making them a little flashier than metal ones with a similarly heavy and expensive feel to them.


For dice to function properly it’s important that you can actually tell what you’ve rolled. It can slow down games if the numbers are hard to see, which in turn becomes frustrating.

You may also want to consider how easy it is to tell the different types of dice apart. You may not want a design that strays too far from the traditional shapes that D&D dice use if you want to have an easier time grabbing the right die to roll.


You want your set of dice to last. Make sure you check product reviews to see how customers feel after having owned the dice for a little bit. You don’t want your dice to get ruined after a few rolls if you’re spending a decent amount of money on them.

Some brands offer lifetime guarantees on their products, which might be a good option if you’re worried about the dice not holding up.


The last thing to consider is price. You can get a lot of unique dice sets within the $20 to $40 range. Anything on the lower end of that or even cheaper and you risk getting a set of dice that might chip or have the numbers rub off over time.

You also want to avoid spending too much money on dice. Even if they’re very nice looking they could still be damaged or lost, especially since they’re small objects that you’re throwing around.

If your price range is a bit higher than most then you should look for a company like Misty Mountain Gaming that offers you a guarantee.

Custom Dice Sets


A great way to get a unique set of dice is to look for creators or companies that make custom dice. One of the cheaper options is DnDDice, which offers you the chance to mix and match polyhedral dice to make your own custom set.

While you can’t customize what’s on the dice, it can be fun to mix and match different colors and designs to create a set that’s more unique than just a set of matching dice.


The next step up in terms of your ability to customize dice comes from CustomClickClacks on Etsy. These dice offer you a bit more customization options, allowing you to pick from a few different finishes and colors.

You can also choose between a couple of fonts for the numbers on your dice. While these will still be your standard polyhedral D&D dice, it’s nice to pick and choose your favorite features.


If you want a fully customizable D20 then RainbowShopCN on Etsy is a great option. The shop offers over 20 options for different gemstone materials and allows you to engrave nearly anything you want on the dice. That can be as little as replacing a single number with a word or custom symbol, or you can change every face of the die.

One option that the store previews is a joke die that has only 1s on each face. This can also be great for Magic players who missed out on a specific prerelease and want to get a set symbol engraved on a custom spindown counter.


While the dice aren’t technically custom-made, Luffleberry on Etsy offers an interesting option to buy character-specific dice. You just tell the seller the class, race, and details of your character and they’ll design a set of dice just for that character.

You can also specify some preferred colors if you don’t want to risk getting one that you don’t like.

Artisan Dice

Artisan Dice doesn’t make custom dice, but they do have a unique selection of products. These dice can have incredibly limited runs, making them feel custom as you’re unlikely to run into anyone else with the same set.

Wrap Up

Annoyed Altisaur (Commander Legends) - Illustration by Lars Grant-West

Annoyed Altisaur (Commander Legends) | Illustration by Lars Grant-West

While all the dice I’ve talked about are great options, I still think that the AUSPDICE Handcrafted Designer set is the best when considering all the different aspects you want to look for in dice. I’m partial to resin dice as I like lightweight dice for a good randomized roll. Their unique designs make them stand out from other sets, but they don’t compromise the rolls in any way like some more complex designs would.

Of course, it’s all a matter of personal preference. If one of the other dice listed here jumped out at you, then go for it! Just make sure to follow the buyer’s guide to make sure you get a good product if you go searching for even more dice or gift options.

Which unique dice set is your favorite? Do you have a specific material you like for your dice? What would you like to see as a custom dice option? Let me know in the comments below or over on Draftsim’s Twitter.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time!

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