Pair o' Dice Lost - Illustration by Bruce Brenneise

Pair o' Dice Lost | Illustration by Bruce Brenneise

When playing games, you want to express your personality, and that’s especially true for roleplaying games. While the way you play does a ton to support this, another great way to show who you are is through your gaming accessories.

Maybe you want a set of dice to embody the kind of merchant your character is. Perhaps you’re looking for a great gift for a D&D player, or you want to show off how big those +1/+1 counters make your creatures.

The key features we’re looking for in these expensive dice are high-quality materials and excellent designs. This isn’t the space for cheap plastics and resins, though they’re not wholly out of contention. Metals, stones, and even glass are the materials that dominate today’s list. Another big part of the price also comes from the design. If there’s not at least a little flair, why are we paying these prices? Simplicity has its charms, but style is a huge part of why people purchase custom accessories.

Pro tip: you may want to invest in a dice tray to roll these without damaging them or your tabletop.

#9. Forged Gaming Black Raven Dice Set – $31.99

Black Raven Dice

These Black Raven dice from Forged Gaming are a cheap price point for a player looking to spend extra money but unwilling to drop a billion dollars on an accessory. These dice have great color, with the soft gold providing excellent contrast to the black metal.

These dice are crafted from a solid aluminum-zinc alloy, which gives them a solid thunk upon landing and means you may want to keep them away from any fragile or soft terrain while rolling so you don’t accidentally dent something.

#8. Kraken LUX Production Dice Set – $45

Kraken LUX Dice

The Kraken LUX set is a step up in price and a unique offering. These clear, sharp-edged die roll cleanly but have a bit of a story. The dice line was produced by Kraken partnering with a small business that sadly went under during the pandemic. While the LUX line never went into full production, these test dice are getting sold as a remembrance. Given this background, these dice are something hard to pick up again in the future.

#7. URWizards Resin Galaxy Dice Set – $69.99

URWizards Galaxy Dice

This very nice set of dice from URWizards has a stunning set of galaxy-themed die. While these are cast from resin, the design quality more than makes up for the material. Each die has a planetary core surrounded by glittering flecks made of opal. Resin is a softer material, so these are best rolled on softer surfaces, which could limit where you can use them. But it’s a lovely set of die to let your opponent look to the stars while you bring heaven’s wrath down upon them.

#6. DnD Dice Dwarven Metal Dice Set – $79.99

Dwarven Metal Dice

DnD Dice offers a lovely set of Dwarven Metal Dice which are ideal for anyone who wants to go deep on roleplaying as a dwarf. The dice are made of a hefty metal that provides plenty of weight, but the intricate designs are what make the dice. Each face has a piece of weaponry carved alongside the number you rolled on top of a textured background. These small details lend an air of realness to the dice like they were forged by a true dwarf.

#5. Misty Mountain Gaming Spellcaster Dice Set – $89.99

Misty Mountain Spellcaster Dice

Sometimes, you need dice that invoke the powers of the mystic arts. Misty Mountain Gaming’s Spellcaster set captures that in stunning purple glass with golden paint in the intricate designs. Each dice is hand-painted after the design gets engraved in the glass. These dice have a great air of mysticism about them, thanks to the simple linework and symbols etched around the numbers. These would be great for those roleplaying wizards or warlocks.

#4. Dice Envy Corruption Dice Set – $99

Dice Envy Corruption Dice

Sometimes, you just need something simple. Dice Envy’s Corruption set has a deep gray face hand-coated in pitch-black ink for truly dark dice. Made from obsidian, with the numbers laser engraved before inking, these dice make simplicity everything. They’re an excellent choice for cursed objects or rogues but are simply stunning away from the roleplaying aspects.

#3. Wrymwood Gaming Labradorite Dice Set – $125

Wrymwood Gaming Labradorite Dice Set

One great aspect of specialty dice is finding them made from interesting materials. Different materials give the dice different properties, which can extend well beyond weight or price for unique experiences. We see this in Wyrmwood Gaming’s Labradorite dice. They’re carved from a stone with a unique property called labradorescence, a visual effect caused by light passing through the exterior of the stone and reflecting on its interior surfaces. This visual effect not only makes these incredibly unique but also helps differentiate each set as no two stones have the same reflective surfaces.

#2. Norse Foundry Tungsten Dice Set – $600

Norse Foundry Tungsten Dice Set

Norse Foundry has a dice set that gives us a slight jump in price thanks to their material. Tungsten is an incredibly rare metal and one of the densest found on Earth. This gives these valuable dice incredible weight. These dice are heavy enough that you need a separate place to roll them, lest you destroy any gaming terrain you have set up. You might also want to look at some grip strength exercises to give these a good shake and roll.

#1. Artisan Dice Memento Mori Dice Set – $2691

Artisan Dice Memento Mori Dice Set

It’s pretty hard to top a set of dice made from metal as rare as tungsten, but Artisan Dice managed it with their Memento Mori dice. These dice are crafted from the surprisingly abundant material of human bones, although these are only made with bones donated to medical facilities for training and have outlived their usefulness. This makes these dice incredibly unique. More than that, it even gives a surprising weight and legacy to them with every roll. The site mentions several states they can’t ship to, so make sure you live where you can order these.

Wrap Up

Pippa, Duchess of Dice - Illustration by Simon Dominic

Pippa, Duchess of Dice | Illustration by Simon Dominic

Accessories don’t just make gaming easier, but they also give you a chance to express yourself in ways you might not be able to in game. With roleplaying game, they add a special flare when you take the time to pair your dice with the character you’re roleplaying.

While there are plenty of options for cheap dice, there are a couple of set out there that can make your collection truly special. What’s the most expensive set of dice you own? Do you pair your dice with your character? Let me know in the comments or on the Draftsim Discord!

Stay safe, and keep rolling!

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