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Owlbear Cub - Illustration by Ernanda Souza.jpg

Owlbear Cub | Illustration by Ernanda Souza.jpg

There are plenty of ways to rank Magic cards. You can look at the most powerful, the most versatile, or you can get more specific and look at the best of a certain creature type. There are also more fun ways to evaluate Magic cards, like flavor text or art. But there’s one specific art trend in Magic that’s always been of interest to me: cuteness.

In a game full of very serious characters and weighty plotlines, it can sometimes be a breath of fresh air to play a deck that’s populated by cute squirrels or cats and dogs. There are plenty of cute cards, but I did my best to narrow down what I thought were the cutest cards in all of Magic.

Ready? Let’s get into it!

#32. Proposal


Proposal is an outlier on this list because it doesn’t feature cute artwork. But the story behind the card is very heartwarming and I felt that earned it a spot on this list.

When Magic creator Richard Garfield decided it was time to propose to his girlfriend, Lily Wu, the two of them sat down for a few games of Magic. Instead of stacking his draws, Garfield had to play through a couple of games before drawing Proposal to play it to propose to Wu.

#31. Phoenix Chick

Phoenix Chick

Current Standard players might not find Phoenix Chick all that cute if they keep losing to RDW decks. But this little firebird from Brian Valeza is definitely one of Magic’s cutest creations from an objective standpoint.

Phoenix Chick still looks fuzzy despite being made of fire, and its big vacant eyes give it a sense of innocence. It’s also cute to imagine this pudgy little bird flapping its tiny wings with all its might to get off the ground.

#30. Might of Oaks

Might of Oaks

Squirrels are awesome. It might be the only thing that all Magic players agree with Mark Rosewater about. From their big bushy tails to their cute black eyes reminiscent of a stuffed animal, I’m always happy to see some of these critters hit the table in a Magic game.

Ron Spencer’s art on Might of Oaks stands out as extra cute among squirrel cards thanks to the sheer scale of the squirrel in the art, as well as the funny flavor text.

#29. Diminish


Diminish immediately stands out to cat lovers as one of the cuter Magic cards. Eric Deschamps has perfectly captured the cat’s inquisitive look just before it starts batting around whatever fierce creature has just been shrunk down to size.

Also a great choice to use an orange tabby. They’re known to be some of the most cuddly and affectionate cats.

#28. Princess Twilight Sparkle

Princess Twilight Sparkle

Everything about the My Little Pony universe is cute, and Jennifer L. Meyer’s take on Princess Twilight Sparkle is no exception. Meyer seems to have intentionally upped the cute factor of the show’s original design by giving Twilight some glowing red cheeks.

The inclusion of Twilight’s pet Owlowiscious also helps increase this card’s cute factor.

#27. Hyalopterous Lemure

Hyalopterous Lemure

Hyalopterous Lemure is somewhat hidden from view, which seems to have been a good choice by Richard Thomas in terms of keeping it cute. The flavor text on the card explicitly states that the lemures were actually quite ferocious once in combat.

But the tiny glimpse we get of this one’s furry body and big orange eyes shows us how Lucilde Fiksdotter may have been taken in by the creature’s cute appearance.

#26. Arctic Foxes

Arctic Foxes

The art for Arctic Foxes may only feature one fox, but we can forgive Mark Poole because of just how cute that one fox is. Just looking at this artwork you can imagine just how fluffy the fox would be to touch, and its soulful, almost beseeching eyes will break the heart of any player that decides to bolt it off the battlefield.

#25. Tenacious Pup

Tenacious Pup

It’s a shame that Tenacious Pup is an Alchemy-only card since it would make a great addition to any wolf deck looking for some cute new additions. This pup earns its adjective.

Its tenacity can be clearly seen on its face. Its can-do attitude evokes images of Scrappy Doo, but luckily Brian Valeza made this puppy much cuter. And it can’t talk.

#24. Spore Frog

Spore Frog

Not everyone might be as enchanted with Spore Frog as I am, but there’s something about this gross frog that I find very endearing. Maybe it’s its big eyes or little smirk that says “you’re not doing combat damage this turn.”

But to me, Donato Giancola created the ultimate ugly-cute creature.

#23. Furnace Whelp

Furnace Whelp

Dragons are some of the fiercest creatures in Magic, but tiny baby dragons like Furnace Whelp? Those are adorable.

This whelp’s big red eyes seem like they’re looking right at you and its little grin says “want to play?” Shreya Shetty also seems to have infused some cat-like elements with the baby dragon’s front claws, which only adds to the cuteness factor.

#22. Canyon Jerboa

Canyon Jerboa

I have to strongly disagree with Bruse Tarl on Canyon Jerboa. Far from a “wretched thing,” this giant-footed pig mouse is one of the cutest creatures I’ve ever seen.

Antonio José Manzanedo did a great job capturing the various textures on the jerboa, and its big reflective eyes make it really feel alive. It also helps that it’s just so tiny! You can just imagine scooping it up and putting it in your pocket.

#21. Rin and Seri, Inseparable

Rin and Seri, Inseparable

Rin and Seri, Inseparable may be the perfect commander for a deck that focuses on cute cards. Not only are there tons of cute Dog and Cat tokens they can create, but these two are also some of the cutest Magic creatures themselves. Leesha Hannigan did a great job capturing the way a real cat and dog might be startled in unison, and their inverse color patterns just strengthen the sense of connection between the two.

They’re visually similar to a yin and yang symbol, which also reflects the way a lot of players see cats and dogs as opposites. The idea of these two supposed enemies working together is just as cute as the animals themselves.

#20. Rarity


No offense to Twilight Sparkle, but even in the My Little Pony world Rarity is meant to be the cuter pony. Andrea Radeck’s art does a great job translating this pony’s perfectly curled mane and false lashes from the show to a slightly more 3D look.

The card also does a great job showing off some of Rarity’s passion for fashion as she’s in the middle of designing a scarf.

#19. Hydradoodle


Hydradoodle both perfectly fit Unstable’s theme of hybrid animals and is a funny reference to dog breeders’ propensity to combine poodles with everything under the sun. The creature itself is very cute with its pink scaly body and puffy poodle hairdos on each of its many heads.

Mathias Kollros also managed to include several other cute creatures in the art including a part-owl part-frog professor, and several flying hippo hybrids.

#18. Eyekite


Eyekite would be a wholly unremarkable card if not for its big dumb eyes. Some might find its eyes more frightening than cute, but I think its wide vacant stare is exactly what makes this such a cutie.

Dan Scott also drew the drake with its head lowered as though waiting for an approving pat on the head to let it know it’s doing a good job.

#17. Storm Crow Token (Unfinity)

Storm Crow token (Unfinity)

Storm Crow has become somewhat of a meme among Magic players over the years, so it was an easy choice when looking for a funny creature token for Unfinity.

What makes Greg Staples’ Storm Crow so cute is its club jacket and 50s greaser hairdo. This mixed with its clear sense of pride and an exaggeratedly cool storm in the background makes this creature token cute in the same way a little kid is when they think they’re bigger and tougher than they really are.

#16. Basking Rootwalla

Basking Rootwalla

The look of pure joy on this happy little lizard is one of the cutest pieces of Magic art out there. Heather Hudson also did a great job adding texture to the Basking Rootwalla’s wrinkly chin.

#15. Silverchase Fox

Silverchase Fox

Foxes are naturally very cute, but Howard Lyon managed to make Silverchase Fox just that much cuter by adding some tucked-back ears and a look of determination. There’s also a bonus cute horse in the background if you look closely.

Apart from the cute animals, this card just also has some really great autumn vibes with the beautifully colored leaves on the ground and trees.

#14. Contortionist Token (Unfinity)

Contortionist token (Unfinity)

The Contortionist token from Unfinity drew a lot of attention from fans thanks to its unique mechanic. The card can be folded in half at the beginning of each upkeep, and the double-sided card is printed so tinier and tinier versions of it can still be playable after being folded. While this gimmick got most of the attention, Tomek Larek’s art definitely deserves some praise for how cute this octopus is.

Contortionist perfectly fits the cute retro sci-fi aesthetic of the set. Its little top hat and tentacle raised to wave to the audience also add a lot of personality, making this a very cute card.

#13. Artificer’s Assistant

Artificer’s Assistant

Everyone loves a helpful animal sidekick, and Artificer’s Assistant fits that both in look and card mechanics. Chris Seaman’s art is full of great little detail, especially the subtle look of accomplishment on the bird’s face as it delivers whatever tool its owner needs.

Seaman also deserves credit for so faithfully capturing the coloring of a magpie in his art.

#12. Earl of Squirrel

Earl of Squirrel

The Earl of Squirrel isn’t just a cute squirrel, it’s a cute fancy squirrel. Everything about Milivog Ćeran’s artwork just adds to the cuteness of the card, from the Earl’s powdered wig to its golden acorn and gilded twig scepter.

This card is made even cuter by one of the best abilities ever printed on a Magic card: squirrellink.

#11. Princess Luna

Princess Luna

Of all the My Little Ponies, the Princess Luna is the cutest in Magic card form. Luna’s shy little smile and big shiny eye perfectly capture what makes the pony designs so adorable.

I also appreciate how John Thacker posed this pony so it perfectly reflects the Mare in the Moon in the background, even if it’s technically inaccurate from a lore standpoint.

#10. Ferocious Pup

Ferocious Pup

Everyone loves an underdog, and that’s what Ferocious Pup is. Literally. Rudy Siswanto was able to give the pup so much personality in its stance and facial expression that it feels like looking at a real dog.

If it wasn’t for its much more intimidating pack mate behind it you’d want to scoop up the little one and take him home with you.

#9. Arahbo, Roar of the World (Secret Lair)

Arahbo, Roar of the World

The OMG Kitties! Secret Lair gave us plenty of new cute cards. Erica Williams’ version of Arahbo, Roar of the World was one of the cuter cards from that drop, translating the big fierce Arahbo into a photorealistic kitten.

Williams added Arahbo’s long hair and puffy tail from the original art onto this cuter version, making it even more adorable. Adding ribbons and a bell were the perfect finishing touches for this cute cat avatar.

#8. Dinosaur Cat Token

Dinosaur Cat token

It was hard to narrow down which hybrid cat token was the cutest, but I think Brian Valeza’s Dinosaur Cat takes the top spot. Valeza chose to keep just enough fur on the cat to make sure it stayed cute instead of becoming horrifying, but it’s still clearly part dinosaur.

This token’s extra-long fangs also puff up its snout in a very cute way.

#7. Totally Lost

Totally Lost

The cute little homunculus Fblthp has been a fan favorite ever since Totally Lost was first printed. Though it’s been reimagined and even given its own card since then, the definitive and cutest version of Fblthp is definitely the original.

The way Fblthp is trying to make its already tiny body even smaller to navigate the crowded Ravnica streets instantly makes you feel for it, and its big eye really communicates the fear it feels at this moment. David Palumbo should definitely get credit for making this Magic icon out of a card that could easily have had forgettable art.

#6. Bear with Set’s Mechanic

Bear with Set's Mechanic

Bear with Set’s Mechanic is one of the playtest cards from Magic’s Mystery Booster. Like all playtest cards the art is more of a rough sketch, but it still manages to be one of the cutest Magic cards.

The bear can be seen riding a horse with a flying ghost bear in the background and a quizzical fish jumping from the water the horse is walking on. These represent some of the different mechanics the bear might have based on the given set (like horsemanship or islandwalk) along with the storm cloud in the background.

Annie Sardelis deserves credit for her minimalist art being one of the cutest the game has to offer.

#5. Dog Token (Core Set 2021)

Dog token (M21)

Manuel Castanon’s Dog token from Core Set 2021 perfectly captures what makes dogs so cute and lovable. This big goofy pup bounding off to fight with equipment it largely can’t use is one of the best ways to show a dog’s persistent loyalty.

It also helps that the dog is wearing a big happy grin on its face instead of a fierce snarl!

#4. Cat Token (Secret Lair)

Cat token (Secret Lair)

The OMG Kitties! Secret Lair came with several Cat tokens, but Andrea Radeck’s Amonkhet kitty stands out as the cutest cat token of all time. This little cat has big expressive eyes that you might expect to see in a Disney movie.

Its open mouth and swatting paw perfectly encapsulate a cat’s playful nature. Add to this his cute little gold outfit and you have one of the cutest Magic cards ever made.

#3. So Shiny

So Shiny

It’s kind of funny that So Shiny is the cutest squirrel card since it can’t be played in any squirrel commander’s deck. But it’s hard to beat Drew Tucker’s little squirrel and its fascination with this shiny object.

The glazed-over look in its eye coupled with its mouth that’s slightly agape is such a cute way to communicate the squirrel’s fixation.

#2. Regal Caracal (Secret Lair)

Regal Caracal (Secret Lair)

There are a lot of cute cat cards, so you know it’s significant that Andrea Radeck’s Regal Caracal from the OMG Kitties! Secret Lair is by far the cutest. This card actually includes the same playful kitty from the Cat token, but now it’s playing with another cute kitten instead of a bug. Always a plus! The grumpy older cat’s angry eyes and tiny sneer are the perfect contrast to the younger cat’s playfulness.

Regal Caracal’s art is also a huge flavor win because it perfectly ties in with the mechanic of a bigger cat entering the battlefield with two smaller ones.

#1. Owlbear Cub

Owlbear Cub

Competition on this list was stiff…

For second place, because I always knew that nothing could be as cute as Ernanda Souza’s Owlbear Cub. Not only is this one of the cutest imaginings of an owlbear in terms of design, but the look of pure rage on this little cub perfectly communicates just how fierce it is.

The Cub is also perfectly posed to look like a toddler, and that little extra bit of humanity really helps you feel for it.

Wrap Up

So Shiny (Modern Horizons II) - Illustration by Drew Tucker

So Shiny (Modern Horizons II) | Illustration by Drew Tucker

Cute Magic cards are some of the best ways to add a little extra life to your deck. With so many cute cards to choose from it’s even possible to make a deck completely themed on finding the cutest art. These are also great cards to collect and keep in a binder if you just want to appreciate the great artwork on them.

Did I include your favorite cute cards? Are there any you think deserved a spot that I forgot? Let me know in the comments below or over on Draftsim’s Twitter.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you in the next one!

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