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Unfinity promo - Illustration by Simon Dominic

Illustration by Simon Dominic

I never really paid all that much attention to Un-sets. I like the concept, I think they’re fun, but they always just kind of flew under the radar for me.

I’m coming to regret this absolutely egregious oversight of mine.

Unfinity looks like it’s shaping up to be a gorgeous, whimsical, fun-filled set with a creative and unique aesthetic that we haven’t really seen before in Magic. Do you like carnivals? What about the circus? What about space?

If you said “yes” to any of those questions (which I sincerely hope you did), then this is the set for you.

Unfinity Basic Information

Unfinity promo image


Set Details

Set SymbolUnfinity set symbol
Set CodeUNF
Hashtag#MTGUNF and #MTGUnfinity
Number of Cards244 + 292
RaritiesCommon, Uncommon, Rare, Mythic Rare
MechanicsDice rolling, TBA

Important Dates

Previews startSeptember 20, 2022
Available on Draftsim's draft simulatorTBA
Paper release dateOctober 7, 2022 (Was originally April 1, 2022 and delayed due to supply chain issues).

About the Set: The Story

Unfinity promo image


We’ve only just barely been given a glimpse of the newest Un-set so far, but I couldn't be more excited for the theme in this one. A traveling space carnival with splashes of retro-pop art and a fun, whimsical aesthetic? Sign me up!

Unfinity introduces us to Myra the Magnificent's Intergalactic Astrotorium of Fun (try saying that ten times fast). This circus-carnival-amusement park hybrid features a bunch of interconnected flying spaceships that move from planet to planet. Talk about one heck of a daytrip. How long do you think it would take to see everything the park has to offer?

And be ready for a bit of meta-fun. The park’s owner, Myra, used Magic itself as her main inspiration for the Astrotorium. I definitely saw an Ajani Goldmane cosplayer in some promo art for the Un-set. She’s doing it without a license, though. Don’t be a nark.

Wander through the thrumming streets of Myra the Magnificent's Intergalactic Astrotorium of Fun to enjoy a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. And don’t worry if you spot a goblin, elf, vampire, or zombie running about. Those are just the employees.

Set Mechanics

Stickers and Tickets


Yeah, you read that right, stickers are coming to Magic. Get ready to desecrate your fresh mythics with horns, titles, new stats, and more. Each sticker card contains three name stickers, three art stickers, two ability stickers (which cost tickets), and some power/toughness stickers.

While some may seem pointless, like the art stickers, don't count those out just yet. There are actually some mechanics which want you to analyze the art on the card, or the words/number of vowels on it, and that'll have a serious impact on gameplay. Don't just put a hat on Space Beleren all willy nilly!

Visit and Attractions

In addition to your good ol' fashioned deck of Magic cards, you'll have a separate “attraction deck.” It'll contain attractions, which are a little like artifacts, that come into play whenever you play a card that opens an Attraction, like “Lifetime” Pass Holder.

At the beginning of your main phase, you'll roll a die to visit your Attractions. If the resulting role is lit up on an Attraction you control, you'll get the effect on the card. The Attractions all have numbers one through six, with “1” always being dim, and “6” always being lit up.

Dice Rolling

Unfinity was pretty far into its design process when Forgotten Realms was released, finally introducing die rolling to a premier set. This mechanic has been something of a staple to silver-bordered cards and this Un-set is no different.

In case you completely missed it in AFR and this is your first Un-set, let me catch you up. Dice rolling refers to rolling a D20 when a specific condition is met, or as an activated ability. Certain things happen (or don’t) depending on what you roll. Pretty neat, huh?

The Space Family Goblinson

There are also some payoffs associated with rolling dice peppered throughout the set. The Space Family Goblinson seems to get a new addition every time you roll. They've definitely got their hands full, but at least they're working together!


Hat Trick

Hats are quite literally hats on the creatures within the art. Some cards, such as Hat Trick, have additional effects if the creature has a hat. It's incredibly simple, maybe too so, and fits perfectly well into what these kinds of un-sets like to do.


Wizards of the ___________

Certain cards, like Wizards of the __________, care about the number of vowels or other letters/words on cards. Like Hats, its simply done by looking at the card being targeted/in focus of the wordplay card.

People Outside The Game

Rock Star

Yes, plenty of cards in Unfinity will be referencing people outside of the game. Some require you to ask them directly, some want you to call them. Regardless, these will be exceptionally fun to play and interact with at a packed LGS, or even at a kitchen table with non-Magic players!

Official Spoilers

September 27, 2022

Rad Rascal

September 26, 2022

September 25, 2022


September 24, 2022

September 23, 2022

Treacherous Trapezist

September 22, 2022

Proficient Pyrodancer

September 21, 2022

September 20, 2022

D00-DL, Caricaturist

November 29, 2021

No More Silver Borders

I’m not sure if this necessarily counts as a “fun fact” because it’s kind of important information, but here we go. Among a whole lot of other questions and discussion, Mark Rosewater, the lead for Unfinity, made a pretty drastic decision: this Un-set won’t be entirely silver-bordered.

Before I get too ahead of myself, let me explain in case you’re confused. Basically, silver-bordered cards aren’t tournament legal. Black-bordered cards are tournament legal. Pretty simple, right? Right. So what does this mean?

Well, they’re not completely removing the idea of silver borders from Unfinity, just changing it up a bit. Some of the cards in the set will have a black border and thus be tournament legal. Cards that are deemed unfit for official play still won’t be legal, they’ll just be marked in a different way.

Enter the acorn security stamp:

Unfinity acorn security stamp

Yes, you heard and saw that right. Instead of using a silver border to identify Unfinity cards that aren’t tournament-legal, they’ll be stamped with this little guy. These are dubbed “acorn” cards, while the non-stamped cards are “eternal” cards.

Notable Cards

Showcase Cards

The Space Family Goblinson showcase

The showcase cards for Unfinity are absolutely adorable. As with all showcase cards they feature alternate art. But in this case, the art from the original card was given to another artist who created a retro-pop style version of the same art.

I love it.

Space-ic Full-Art Lands

More full-art lands! And they’re space themed! And so pretty! There are two cycles of the new space-ic full-art lands from Unfinity.

First are the planetary space-ic lands that feature gorgeous, dynamic art of the surface on weird and beautiful alien worlds. You can get your hands on these in Unfinity’s draft and collector boosters, where they show up in about seven of every ten packs. There are two slots for them in collector boosters, though.

The second cycle is the orbital space-ic lands which show off the same alien planets, but from space! If these are more your style you’re still going to want to pick up some boosters. Your odds are the same whether you get draft or collector boosters: one out of every four packs. Just like with the planetary space-ics, collector boosters offer two chances for you to get these lands.

Borderless Shock Lands

Sacred Foundry

I’m not going to talk about the impact of printing shock lands in an Un­-set. They’re not “acorn” cards which means they’re going to be tournament legal, and that’s great! But they’re also shiny and in space and I’m distracted. Let’s just appreciate the pretty art, shall we?

Prerelease Promo

Water Gun Balloon Game

Water Gun Balloon Game is returning from old Un­-sets with a brand-new art treatment! You can get your hands on this card by participating in Unfinity’s release event at your local premium WPN game store.

Galaxy Foil

We don’t have any examples of this yet, but we’ll be seeing a new type of foil with this Un-set. Very on-theme with galaxy foil, these cards will have an effect that looks like stars in space. Sounds pretty cool and I’m eager to see it in practice.

Attractions in Legacy

Both The Most Dangerous Gamer and “Lifetime” Pass Holder have actually seen some Legacy play recently. While they haven't exactly dominated a Legacy challenge yet, they're managed to be thrown around in some jank builds here and there, which is far less than the average Legacy player claimed to be worried about.

Available Products

Draft Boosters

Unfinity Draft Boosters

It wouldn’t be an Un-set without draft boosters! These boosters include 16 cards that are specifically built for Limited play, and you can buy individual packs or a box of 36 boosters. The Unfinity draft boosters feature some promo art with that Ajani cosplayer I mentioned earlier.

Unfinity draft boosters contain:

  • 1 basic land
  • 10 commons
  • 3 uncommons
  • 1 rare/mythic
  • 1 marketing/token card
Wizards of The Coast Magic: The Gathering Unfinity Draft Booster Box | 36 Packs + Box Topper (505 Magic Cards)
  • 36 Unfinity MTG Draft Boosters 1 foil Borderless Shock Land box topper card
  • 14 Magic cards 1 Sticker sheet in every Draft Booster
  • 1 Full-Art Space-ic Land in every pack—Borderless Shock Land replaces Space-ic Land in 4% of Draft Boosters
  • 1 Rare or Mythic Rare card in every pack
  • Full of out-of-this-world mechanics and infinite laughs—just draft, add lands, and play with up to 12 players

Collector Boosters

Unfinity Collector Boosters

Well, this is new! Unfinity is the first Un-set to get a collector booster as part of its product line, and there’s plenty to look forward to. These packs will be 100% foil cards, and they’ll also feature that new galaxy foil I mentioned earlier. 12 of the cards in each booster will be traditional foil while the other 3 will feature the galaxy foil.

Collector boosters are for (you guessed it) the collectors out there. This is the product for you if you’re looking for unique and aesthetic cards to add to your collection. You can also get a box of these instead of buying individual packs, just like the draft boosters. The Unfinity collector boosters boast some retro-pop art of a friendly lil alien ready to welcome you to the Astrotorium.

Unfinity collector boosters contain:

  • 1 foil extended art rare/mythic
  • 1 foil rare/mythic
  • 9 foil commons/uncommons
  • 3 foil special-frame cards
  • 1 foil ancillary card
  • 1 foil token
Wizards of the Coast Unfinity Collector Booster Box | 12 Packs + Box Topper (181 Magic Cards)
  • 12 Unfinity MTG Collector Boosters plus 1 foil Borderless Shock Land box topper card
  • The very first Un-set Collector Boosters—15 foil Magic cards plus 1 foil token in each booster
  • 1 Traditional Foil reprint from a previous Un-set in every pack
  • 1 Galaxy Foil and 1 Traditional Foil space-themed land in every pack—1 Galaxy Foil Borderless Shock Land in 4 percent of packs
  • Total of 3–5 Galaxy Foils plus 10–12 Traditional Foil cards in every pack

Eternal Legality Controversy

Space Beleren

Certain cards, specifically ones without the acorn symbol, are going to be legal in eternal constructed formats such as Commander or Legacy. some cards are already causing controversy for introducing annoying, overpowered, or downright confusing mechanics into these formats in a first-ever move by WotC to remove silver bordering.

Space Beleren is no Unfinity commander, yet the primary target of such criticism. It's completely legal in Commander and Legacy (for now), and is sure to cause confusion and annoyance if it manages to see play.

To Unfinity and Beyond

Unfinity promo image


That’s all we know about Unfinity so far! Are you excited about this Un-set? I know I sure am. It looks fun and cute and colorful, and the space-ic lands are just stunning. Not to mention the inclusion of shock lands, which are “eternal” cards and thus tournament legal. Pretty nice if you ask me.

What are you most excited to see come out of Unfinity? Do you have any speculation about what might show up in this Un-set? Let me know all about in the comments down below, or you can join Draftsim’s Discord and gab about it over there.

I’m all spaced out for now, though. Stay safe, stay healthy, and I’ll see you at the next port!

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