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The Big Idea - Illustration by Bram Sels

The Big Idea | Illustration by Bram Sels

Being a content writer can be tough, especially when you’re tasked with formulating long editorials or technical deck guides. But nothing is harder than making a meme compilation.

Memes are incredibly important to the sense of community for a game or IP, and Magic is no exception. So today I’ve broken my back to come to you with a long listicle of the best memes I could find for your viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy.

Let’s get to the good part!

Commander Memes

The first meme category of the day is Commander memes, which as the name implies is a lot of Commander-specific jokes and memes. Commander being not only an incredibly popular but also casual format makes it a popular meme-target, which is why I’m putting it first.

when someone threatens to kill your commander but you have wincon in hand meme
that one guy who always asks to read your card meme
turn 1 sol ring into signet meme
when your 6yr old cousin's precon has your big brother's $1k foiled edh deck on the ropes meme

I have personally been one of the people in this meme, though it was my friend’s $50 budget list up against a deck worth far more than my car.

can't fit jank meme

Knowing you have no way to really win other than your 3/1 flying Vendilion Clique can be a scary thought.

chaos EDH deck meme
when it's time to sleeve your commander deck meme

Even worse when you’re double sleeving and know you’ll have to redo some cards multiple times to get the sleeve to fit perfectly.

not afraid to combo and kill myself meme
Tempt with Discovery meme

I know the consequences of my actions, and I don’t care.

janky tribal decks meme
jank meme
spending money on MTG meme

For some players this can be read as “spends $300 on Magic card.”

multiplayer EDH meme

Commander is the only format where I can take a 15-damage swing and not worry about it whatsoever.

Storm meme
Commander meme

It’s always “casual format this” and “casual format that” until somebody Sol Rings into Arcane Signet.

turn 1 Sol Ring meme
Cyclone Rift meme

MTG Arena Memes

This part is dedicated entirely to memes revolving around MTGA. Arena certainly has a large community behind it that loves to poke fun at the often glitchy and pay-to-win client. There’s a near infinite number of things you could make jokes about but I’ll try to keep it down for now.

MTG Arena meme
MTG Arena pay to play meme

“Free to play,” by the way.

brewing vs playing new deck meme

Oh boy, I sure hope this deck that took the last three months of wildcards is good enough!

3-color planeswalker deck meme
wildcards meme

Those 12 dual lands aren’t going to craft themselves!

banned meme
MTG Arena update meme
mythic wildcard meme
Mastery Pass meme
playing Arena on the job meme

When you work at Draftsim.

losing on Arena meme
Arena emotes meme
MTG Arena rewards meme
MTGA opponent reactions meme
Obama Feels Good Man meme

The Obama Feels Good Man meme is a little tacky and dated but I think that’s why I like it.

Modern Memes

Modern’s player base seems to be much more die hard and anti-fun than that of EDH, but there are still plenty of good memes to go around!

Modern vs EDH players meme
viable midrange deck meme
Tron meme
Modern fetch lands meme
Lurrus meme
Modern mana base meme

It’s going to take more than one grocery bill saved to buy a mana base nowadays…

Burn deck meme

Haters will say burn takes no skill.

Standard vs Modern meme

The cards are just cooler, what can I say?

Modern B&R announcement meme
EDH players meme

Building a terrible deck is just a part of playing EDH. Maybe one of the best parts.

Other Memes

This last part is a compilation of memes that just don’t fit into the categories above but are still funny or whacky enough for me to include them. There’s no theme or reasoning behind any of them, I just think they’re funny and low quality enough to earn recognition.

MTG colors meme
me in my 30s meme

I too await the day that Vintage Masters packs sell for $6.99.

how WotC treats white vs green meme
in response meme

No better feeling then when your opponent yields through your entire turn.

blue players meme
red deck player meme
hand full of lands bluff meme
mono blue players meme
holding counterspells meme

As the only person in my playgroup with two mono-blue decks, this one is my favorite so far.

talking vs playing MTG meme
Path to Exile vs Blight Steel Colossus meme
top decking meme
mutation deck meme
Fynn, the Fangbearer meme
Thoughtseize meme
slivers meme
better than this meme

Never. It never did.

essential workers meme

The capitalist machine must never stop churning.

mulligan meme

“Go to five.”


drafting foil rare meme

If you haven’t rare drafted, you haven’t drafted.

Rhystic Study meme

“Do yOU pAy ThE oNE?”

testing brews meme
Disney+ free trial meme

That free year of Disney+ from Verizon ended up costing me way too much.

blue player meme
lifegain meme
wish i had her body meme
elf tap for mana meme


Wrap Up

GO TO JAIL - Illustration by Marco Teixeira

GO TO JAIL | Illustration by Marco Teixeira

There’s your dose of MTG memes! I hope it scratched the itch you had when you came looking for them. I really like very trashy low-effort memes so I’m sorry if that influenced my collection here too much for you.

What are your favorite memes from this listicle? Were these too cringy or not what you were looking for? Let me know down below or over in our official Draftsim Discord.

Until next time, stay safe and stay healthy!

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