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MTG Arena's Player.log file is an MTGA file often used for debugging and troubleshooting issues with MTG Arena. It's also used by third party apps, like Draftsim's own amazing tracker, Arena Tutor.

Here's how you can find your Player.log file and what you can use it for.

How to Find Your Player.log File

For as critical as the file is, Player.log is rather difficult to find.

Windows Method 1: Use File Explorer or This PC

1. First, open the file explorer in Windows:

Windows File Explorer

2. Click on the address bar and type %appdata%/../LocalLow\Wizards Of The Coast\MTGA

File path for Player.log

The folder for MTGA's logs will be loaded.

3. Find the file named Player.log and copy it

The Player.log file

Windows Method 2: Use Run on the Start Menu

1. Open your Windows Start Menu

Windows start menu

2. Type in run and click on Run

Windows run function

3. Type %appdata%/../LocalLow\Wizards Of The Coast\MTGA and hit enter

4. Find the file named Player.log and copy it

Player.log file

On Mac OS

1. Open Finder to browse your files

2. Navigate to Users → [Your Mac’s name] → Library → Logs → DiagnosticReports

Mac MTG Arena log file path

3. Grab the latest .crash files to use for crash reports

What Is Player-prev.log?

player-prev.log file in mtga

Player-prev.log is just your last Player.log file. A new Player.log file is generated whenever you close MTGA, so Player-prev.log is the last version of Player.log before that.

This is useful if you need the data from your previous session of MTGA before the last one. Hence the name!

What About output_log.txt?

output_log.txt is the old MTGA log file. This was used for debugging prior to an MTGA update years ago.

Note the last modified date on this — if you have the file, it hasn't been updated in quite awhile. It isn't used for anything anymore because it doesn't record the latest data in Arena.

What Is Player.log Used For?


When you submit a bug report in MTG Arena, there is an option to include this file. I highly recommend you do upload your Player.log file because it will give the customer service rep (and technical team) a lot more information for understanding your issue.

You can think of this as the “proof” or “smoking gun” that the issue happened. As much as you can try and recall or describe the step-by-step of what happened, the log has all the necessary technical details and forensic evidence about what went wrong.

Hauken's Insight - Illustration by Aurore Folny

Hauken's Insight by Aurore-Folny

Personally, I think you'll have a lot higher likelihood of getting a refund from WotC if you include this type of evidence.

Beyond enabling Wizards of the Coast's support team, their developers use this file for their own troubleshooting purposes. But the funny thing is, the existence of this file has also created an entire ecosystem of MTGA assistant apps.

Unlike many other game publishers, Wizards does not provide an API for their game or any kind of developer toolkit. All you get is this file.

But there is actually a lot you can do with this single file.

For MTG Arena Addons And Trackers

For Arena Tutor, this file is usually the first thing I ask for when a user reports a problem to us. It allows us to re-run and re-parse a user's files in order to reproduce and fix the bug.

Prakhata Pillar-Bug

But the real power comes from enabling detailed logs/plugin support in your MTGA settings. This allows us to read a slew of information from the game. It enables our app to give you:

Virtually everything in Arena Tutor (and anyone else's app) is dependent on this file to get the necessary information from the game.

Arena Tutor Deck Summary

Visualization of your decks in Arena Tutor

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