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Did you know that MTGA keeps a detailed log of all your in-game and draft events? These logs can be used to determine your vault progress, figure out your win rate, or even to enable third-party tracker applications.

Well, at least that log data was there until September 4, 2019. On that day, an update was pushed to MTGA that caused several Arena-related applications to break and a lot of people were left wondering “where did my vault info go”?

The good news is that it’s not gone, it’s just been hidden by Wizards of the Coast. Supposedly this change was made to help address slowness and performance issues in MTGA. The effect was debatable, but if you need to turn it back on, here’s how you do it.

First, log into Arena and go up to the settings menu labeled “Adjust Options” in the upper right of your Home screen.

main home screen of MTGA

Next, click on the view account button on the bottom of the Options screen.

MTGA options screen

This displays a bunch of “hidden” account options. Make sure to click on the “Detailed Logs (Plugin Support)” button.

Enable detailed logs plugin support

And that’s it! Click the arrow to back out of your account settings and click out of the options screen.

After playing, you can confirm that your vault progress is shown again by using the method outlined in our article on checking your vault.

Any apps you use should now start working. MTG Arena is still in beta, at least until the release of Throne of Eldraine, so this method could easily change. But we’ll be sure to keep this article updated to make sure you can easily re-enable logging.

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