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The Most Dangerous Gamer - Illustration by Aaron J. Riley

The Most Dangerous Gamer | Illustration by Aaron J. Riley

There are a few things you can do if you’re trying to get better at playing Magic. Plenty of research on cards with articles like those on Draftsim is useful, as are tools like Draftsim’s Arena Tutor. But watching other players is another way to grow as a player.

When you watch other players you’ll find yourself learning new lines as they take paths you never would have imagined. You can hear tips and tricks from pros that extend well beyond the context of the match you’re watching. Sometimes you’ll even spot a mistake and find the better line yourself. There’s always value in watching these channels to relax and enjoy seeing one of your hobbies played.

Here are 31 of the best MTGA gameplay channels and streams, in no particular order. Let’s get into it!

Numot the Nummy

YouTube | Twitch

Numot is one of the oldest Magic streamers around. He’s got a strong focus on Arena, and his videos strike a wonderful balance between entertaining and informative.

Numot mostly plays Limited, though he also plays Cube when it’s available, as well as Standard as relevant for qualifier events on Arena.

Bobi Brews


Bobi Brews is a YouTuber who focuses on making janky brews on Arena. He usually plays Standard, but there are also some Historic and Explorer videos here and there. He’s a fan of making interested combo decks work, which makes him a perfect channel for anybody who likes to see what happens when you throw together a pile of synergy.

Game School Dad – MTG Arena


Game School Dad is a little different than some of the other channels we’re looking at. He’s got gameplay videos interspersed with deck techs and videos that focus on how you can get a collection on Arena.

This is a great channel to check out if you’re new to Arena and looking to build a collection and find beginner-friendly decks.


YouTube | Twitch

ChannelFireball is a familiar name in Magic, named after one of the game’s oldest combos. The channel has content from several pros across an equally diverse number of formats.

Not every video focuses on Arena, but there’s plenty of Arena gameplay in Limited, Explorer, Standard, even a little Cube.

Magic: The Gathering Arena


This is the official Arena YouTube channel hosted by Wizards of the Coast and has plenty of gameplay content hosted by creators like MTGNerdGirl and AliasV across all of Arena’s formats.

It’s also got plenty of informative videos like Draft guides and deckbuilding basics.

The Great Bubba


The Great Bubba is a smaller YouTube channel whose Arena gameplay is centered around Historic Brawl. They brew all the decks and feature a robust assortment of playstyles and colors.


Twitch | YouTube

Meebo is a fantastic MTG player who was once part of the Rivals League. They stream both MTG Arena content and Valorant with a heavy focus on drafting. They’ve also got some Cube videos on MTGO and are a fantastic player to learn from.



CoolStuffInc is the channel associated with the card shop of the same name. It features a variety of formats both on and off Arena, often hosted by Magic pros like Jim Davis and Ali Aintrazi.

This channel offers a nice depth of variety and high-level gameplay.


YouTube | Twitch

LegenVD has been in the content creation game for a while. They focus almost exclusively on MTGA gameplay and have videos across all the formats the platform hosts. They’ve got Limited content and Standard gameplay that features a collection of interesting brews.

MTG Arena Original Decks

YouTube | Twitch

As the name suggests, MTG Arena Original Decks is all about brewing exciting decks on MTGA. They post daily videos with a fresh decklist each day. There’s plenty of variety among both formats and decks, ranging from classic stompy strategies to combo finishes with new cards.


LordTupperware Twitch banner


One half of the Lords of Limited podcast, LordTupperware exclusively streams Limited. He’s one of the best streamers to watch to get better at Draft.

You can also find some of his Drafts on ChannelFireball’s YouTube.



Jamietopples is a streamer who focuses primarily on Drafts, though there’s also some Constructed gameplay sprinkled in. She also does the occasional variety stream into games like Marvel Snap and is one of the most enthusiastic and cheery MTG streamers to watch.


YouTube | Twitch

NicholaiBolas is another content creator who focuses primarily on playing Limited. His content extends beyond gameplay with videos that offer tips and tricks to improve at Limited as a whole in addition to Draft guides for new formats.



Nimi is another brewing channel that focuses on playing Standard on MTGA. They upload videos daily with new lists.

They’re also one of the more unique channels on the list as they don’t provide any commentary, letting their gameplay speak for itself.


MisterMetronome Twitch banner


The second half of the Lords of Limited podcast, MisterMetronome also exclusively drafts on MTGA. He’s just another excellent streamer to learn Limited fundamentals from and gives excellent commentary alongside his gameplay.


YouTube | Twitch

PowrDragon’s Arena gameplay focuses on Standard brews. He’s got plenty of Standard gameplay videos focusing on a variety of decks. There are also plenty of deck tech videos and some purely interesting content for variety.


YouTube | Twitch

Amazonian offers a flexible variety of content across her platforms. There are plenty of Limited streams on Twitch, though her YouTube has a stronger emphasis on Historic Brawl content with her Brawl Stars series. There are also a handful of videos for newcomers to Arena that breaks down aspects, like Mastery Passes.

Strictly Better MTG

YouTube | Twitch

Strictly Better MTG has been making excellent deck techs for a minute now, and his gameplay content is just as good. He’s also got a deep variety of videos on his channel. There’s also a plethora of deck techs and videos analyzing cards from spoiler season and looking at the bigger picture of formats.


Voxy Twitch banner

Twitch | YouTube

Voxy is a fantastically entertaining Limited streamer who also has plenty she can teach you. Her videos are primarily about Limited, but there’s the occasional variety stream thrown in. There’s also a little bit of Constructed gameplay on occasion.

Mono Black Magic

YouTube | Twitch

Mono Black Magic is a channel that focuses on making competitive Standard brews on Arena. He plays a variety of decks with a fondness for combo and has an infectiously excitable air that makes his videos a ton of fun to watch.


 YouTube | Twitch

MTGGnome’s channel focuses on Historic Brawl content. They’ve got a ton of videos featuring original brews and interesting lines for the Arena-exclusive format.


Twitch | YouTube

Ashlizzle streams almost every day of the week. She focuses on Constructed, especially Standard, and much of her gameplay involves grinding up Arena’s ranked ladders and playing in events like the Metagame Challenges.


YouTube | Twitch

CovertGoBlue is another Standard brewer with plenty of interesting ideas in his videos. He also tends to play BO1 Standard, making some of his content a little different than others on this list.


YouTube | Twitch

TheSkarTV brings out a bunch of Standard brews, but he’s also got a fair amount of Explorer videos. There’s also non-gameplay content including metagame breakdowns, mechanical explanations, and tips to generally improve at Magic.


CalebDMTG Twitch banner

Twitch | YouTube

CalebDMTG admittedly doesn’t play as much Arena as some of the other channels here as it’s pretty evenly interspersed with MTGO gameplay. But his Arena gameplay is some of the best around, and Caleb is one of the best players to watch and learn from.



Swayze is a channel that brings a robust selection of Standard videos to the table. His content focuses on finding interesting brews to climb the ladder with, often looking to innovate and undercut the meta.


YouTube | Twitch

Hello Good Game puts out a new Standard gameplay video every day. There’s also some Artisan content and guides to cards from the new set to round out the channel. They also post a few beginner deck techs for people new to Arena.

Rumply MTG


If we haven’t given you enough daily Magic videos already, Rumply MTG is another channel offering daily content. We’ve got plenty of Standard brews from this channel that offer up interesting alternatives to meta decks, and they even play viewer-submitted brews.


YouTube | Twitch

To round out the list we’ve got another Limited-focused streamer. MTGNerdGirl has great insights about the Draft formats and frequently streams them. She’s also got Limited set reviews for the newest sets and videos that explore how you can get the most value out of Arena.

Wrap Up

Split Screen - Illustration by Simon Dominic

Split Screen | Illustration by Simon Dominic

Learning from others is one of the best ways to improve at Magic. Watching gameplay like those made by all the wonderful creators above will introduce you to a variety of new decks, playstyles, and ideas that can only help you grow as a player.

Something else that can help you grow is using Draftsim’s Arena Tutor extension to help keep track of your match history, win rates, and analyze how cards are performing for you. What did you think of our list? Who are some of your favorite creators that we missed? Let me know in the comments or on the Draftsim Discord.

Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

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