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Herald of Secret Streams - Illustration by Sara Winters

Herald of Secret Streams | Illustration by Sara Winters

There are hundreds if not thousands of Magic content creators and streamers out there. I only really knew and watched the top 9 or 10 and was completely unaware of the many other wonderful streamers that go live nearly every day.

So today I’m presenting you with a list of some of the best Magic Twitch streamers I could find. You might recognize a few names, like LSV and Numot, but almost all of these are what most would call “small streamers.” They might not have thousands of average viewers, but all of them are dedicated to their stream and consistently provide wonderful and entertaining content.

Let’s get to the list!


Twitch channel

HeadologyMagic is a Limited streamer who can often be found playing in Draft and Sealed invitationals and getting high rank on the MTG Arena Limited leaderboard. When she isn’t dominating the Limited rankings she can be founding teaching her students, who she adores! She also posts various highlight clips to her YouTube channel.


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Eliott_Dragon is a French MTG streamer and professional player from Toulouse who’s often found climbing the both the Limited and Constructed leaderboards on his Twitch stream. He played over 1,750 games of Constructed Magic in 2021 and regularly streams every day for five to ten hours.


Twitch channel

Jaffer is a longtime Magic player and streamer who’s been playing for nearly 10 years. He enjoys climbing the Constructed ladder with some occasional Magic Online content and playing casual EDH as a guest on other channels. Jaffer streams from 6pm EST to about 2am EST from Thursday to Tuesday.


Twitch channel

GarbageAndy is a trashy MTG streamer from New Yawk who’s been playing for over 20 years! His main format is Draft, and he can often be found drafting for upwards of five hours every single day. He streams Monday through Friday after 6pm EST and works as a professional video editor on the side.


Twitch channel

Amazonian is a very popular MTG Arena streamer from Boston, Massachusetts who’s been playing Magic for over 13 years! She’s a big fan of Standard which she plays “all day, every day,” but actually mostly only played Commander until MTGA’s release. She goes live every single day at 9am and typically streams for upwards of eight hours brewing and playing new Standard decks.


Twitch channel

Reiderrabbit, a.k.a. Reid Duke, is a professional (and famous) Magic player who was introduced to the Magic Hall of Fame in 2019 and is a six-time Grand Prix winner. He currently works as a content creator for ChannelFireball and periodically streams throughout the week starting at around 10am EST. He plays a large variety of formats including Cube, Standard, Historic, the various Arena Opens, Modern, and Legacy.

Reid also has a great modern course over at Spikes Academy.


Twitch channel

The EDHRECast is a weekly Commander podcast that plays EDH with a new guest every Wednesday at 9pm. It’s the official podcast of EDHREC, a Commander-focused data and statistics website that collects data on EDH decks and the card inclusions in them.


Twitch channel

EyelashTV is a MTG and WoW streamer who goes live every day at 3pm EST. She typically enjoys playing Modern for most her stream where she brews and plays new decks while cruising through leagues.


Twitch channel

Anuraag Das, otherwise known as anzidmtg, is a Magic Legacy enthusiast known for playing Miracles since 2014. Anzid sporadically streams Legacy and Vintage content on MTGO throughout the week and is a content creator for Channel Fireball. He enjoys high-stakes Legacy and Modern games and spends time on stream brewing new control decks and critiquing decks submitted by his viewers.


Twitch channel

PlayingWithPowerMTG is a group dedicated to making cEDH Magic content. They also run a popular YouTube channel where they feature competitive Commander games that are narrated and have great visual aid. They host community tournaments and games and like to feature patrons on their streams and games, allowing viewers and big Commander fans to play alongside the cast.


Twitch channel

Ashlizzlle is a Magic streamer and content creator who streams six days a week from 8pm to 2am EST. She spends most of her time on stream interacting with chat while she plays Draft and Standard on MTG Arena. She enjoys theory crafting decks and posting highlights of the decks she plays to her YouTube channel.


Twitch channel

Shouta Yasooka, known as yaya3_, is a professional Japanese Magic player and content creator who first debuted at Pro Tour Barcelona in 2001. He’s since reached the Top 8 at over 31 other Pro Tours and Grands Prix, most recently winning the 2018 World Magic Cup on the Japanese national team.


Twitch channel

Todd Anderson, who goes by Tandy online, is a pro Magic player and content creator. He has four top 8 Grand Prix finishes and has qualified for 13 total Pro Tour events. Andy enjoys playing a variety of formats on MTGO, including Pioneer and Modern. When he’s not playing the game himself he enjoys casting and watching coverage of SCG invitationals and other Magic organized play.


Twitch channel

Luis Scott-Vargas, better known as his alias LSV, is a professional Magic player, content creator, and co-founder of ChannelFireball. He’s most known for playing the Vintage Cube of MTGO and making numerous Pro Tour and Grand Prix appearances and victories.

His most recent win in organized play was Grand Prix Denver, which was one of the last Grands Prix before the pandemic shut down most in-person organized play. Despite his incredible popularity, LSV rarely streams on twitch, only going live for a few hours once or twice a week.


Twitch channel

MeninooNey is a self-proclaimed “MTGO Grinder” from Brazil who streams Modern gameplay in leagues and tournaments on Twitch. He takes his gameplay very seriously, and often hides his hand and decklists from stream to prevent stream-snipers.


Twitch channel

Evan, better known as Evaros, is a full-time Magic streamer who mostly plays on MTGO. He enjoys playing lots of Modern where he plays a large variety of decks. He’s usually working on his own decklists or critiquing the lists submitted by chat. He mostly streams from 7pm to 12am EST and takes Tuesdays and Wednesdays off.


Twitch channel

MTGNerdGirl is a Magic streamer and content creator from Portland, Oregon who streams from 7pm to 9pm every day on her Twitch channel. She plays a variety of formats including Draft, Sealed, and Constructed. She also covers a lot of Magic organized play and participates in Cube Drafts and other charity-sponsored events.


Twitch channel

CovertGoBlue is a popular Magic content creator known for his YouTube channel of the same name. He releases videos daily highlighting new Standard, Alchemy, and Historic decks that either he or another player brewed and playing them on the Mythic ladder. Covert enjoys playing a wide variety of decks and plays just about every semi-viable archetype you could think of across all formats.


Twitch channel

Luca Van Deun, otherwise known as LegenVD, is a popular Magic content creator who streams in addition to his YouTube content. He typically drafts the latest set and goes over his choices and gameplay decisions and builds viewer-suggested decks for all formats ranging from Standard to Historic Brawl. While his streaming schedule is fairly erratic, he has daily uploads on YouTube with a new deck or strategy presented each time.


Twitch channel

Yellowhat, a.k.a. Gabriel Nassif, is a professional French Magic Hall-of-Famer who plays Magic for ChannelFireball. He streams in addition to making YouTube and written content for the site and still participates in professional organized play, debuting most recently at the 2021 Magic World Championship. He usually streams Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10am to 7pm EST and got his nickname and online alias “Yellowhat” from the classic yellow bucket hat he wears on-camera and to events.


Twitch channel

Voxy is an MTG streamer and content creator for ChannelFireball who’s best known for working on The Command Zone. She’s the top MTG streamer in terms of hours streamed and watched and spends most of her time playing the Limited format of the newest set. She sometimes cracks packs from booster boxes on stream or brews Commander decks.


Twitch channel

AspiringSpike is another content creator for ChannelFireball and one of the biggest Modern players on Twitch. He’s recently been in a contest for the most Trophies in a Modern League and has been trying to trophy multiple modern leagues per day while streaming. He plays practically any deck in Modern while occasionally brewing his own and giving suggestions to viewer-submitted decklists.


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Twitch channel

AfterOfficeTTV is an Argentinan Magic streamer who primarily streams himself deckbuilding and theorycrafting, playing MTG Arena and the occasional Duels of the Planeswalkers, as well as other retro video game!


Twitch channel

Kanister_MTG, also known as Piotr Głogowski, is a professional Polish Magic player who streams on Twitch from 6am to 4pm Thursday through Tuesday. He’s a decorated Magic player, ranking 2nd in the 2020 Magic Pro League season, making three Grand Prix top 8s, and winning the 2018-19 Mythic Championship. Most of his Twitch content is playing various cubes on MTGO and participating in Modern challenges.


Twitch channel

Numot the Nummy is a popular Magic content creator and semi-pro player who streams and uploads to YouTube daily. Most of his content is Draft-oriented but he can occasionally be seen playing Constructed in Standard or Historic, especially leading up to organized play in those formats. He streams from 10am to 5pm EST Monday through Friday and is the second most popular streamer in the Magic: The Gathering category!


Twitch channel

DemonicTutors is a long-time Magic player and content creator who’s huge fan of Legacy, Modern, and some Limited. He mostly plays his favorite formats on MTGO and participates in organized play when he can. He’s even won and top 8’d a few SCG Legacy events. He has a regular streaming schedule of 2pm to 7pm Tuesday through Friday and 6am to 1pm on Sundays.


Twitch channel

Affinityartifacts is a Commander Magic streamer who plays EDH in online pods every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. She’s best known for working on The Command Zone, a Commander-focused YouTube channel that has celebrity guests on to play Magic.


Twitch channel

Jim Davis, a.k.a. “The Goblin King,” is a professional Magic player who’s also a popular and regular streamer on Twitch. He’s been playing Magic for over fifteen years and creates YouTube content in addition to his livestream. His content mostly includes MTG Arena gameplay where he plays “freshly brewed” decks and often participates in Bronze to Mythic challenges.


Twitch channel

Crokeyz, a.k.a. Stephen Croke, is a Magic Twitch streamer and YouTuber who creates Constructed content including deck guides, highlights, and deck brewing. He consistently goes for (and hits!) rank 1 in Mythic on MTG Arena and usually restricts himself to one deck during these attempts. When he isn’t playing in tournaments himself he also covers them and provides play-by-play casting on his channel.


Twitch channel

Andrea Mengucci is a professional Italian Magic player, streamer, and content creator for ChannelFireball. He’s a Pro Tour winner, Mythic Invitational 2019-20 winner, and the winner of the Magic World Cup in the 2015-16 season. Most of his content is Legacy, Vintage, and Modern gameplay but he occasionally drafts and paly various cubes on MTGO.

Wrap Up

Stream of Life - Illustration by Mark Poole

Stream of Life | Illustration by Mark Poole

And that wraps up my collection of Magic streamers on Twitch for you to check out! I personally discovered half a dozen or so new content creators I’ve never seen before that I’m now following and actively watching.

What did you think of my list? Were there any small creators or streamers you love that you wish were included? Comment down below and maybe I’ll include them in the list later on.

Until next time, stay safe and stay healthy!

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