Dawnhart Disciple - Illustration by Mila Pesic

Dawnhart Disciple | Illustration by Mila Pesic

It must be pretty chilly outside because we’re bundling up today. Arena bundles, that is. Leave the coat at home.

As with paper Magic, MTG Arena can be a bit pricey if you’re not choosey with the way you buy products. As much as I’d love to just tell people to just draft to fill up their collections, it’s come to my attention that there are, in fact, people who like to play Constructed instead. Gasp.

Hopefully, I can help you sort through the different offerings in the Arena store so you can save a little scratch on your next Constructed venture.

What Is an MTG Arena Bundle?

Shizo, Death's Storehouse | Illustration by John matson

Shizo, Death's Storehouse | Illustration by John matson

An Arena bundle is an assortment of cards, Arena packs, cosmetics, emotes, wildcards, or gems sold for real-world money in the MTG Arena Store. Many of these bundles are on rotation, with some being a limited-time offering and others being tied to the most current sets on Arena.

We’re focusing on “evergreen” bundles here, the ones that are either always available in-store or that rotate with a similar cadence for each new major set. There are plenty of other companion bundles, Alchemy bundles, land art bundles, and so forth that change often enough that we’re not going to mention them here.

As a caveat to every bundle here, please remember to buy responsibly and spend within your means!

#6. Mythic Pack Bundles

Mythic Pack Bundles

Mythic Packs are slightly more expensive packs that guarantee a mythic rare. If you’re hunting specifically for mythics and intend to buy boosters, these are likely a better choice than buying standard boosters. If you’re trying to acquire a specific playset of a single mythic rare, it’s more reliable to buy wildcards straight-up than gambling on opening boosters. You also aren’t rewarded for buying these in bulk. Buying 10 at a time is the same price as buying 10 individually, so you could purchase them in moderation and see what you open along the way.

  • 1x Mythic Pack – 260 Gems/1,300 Coins
  • 10x Mythic Packs – 2,600 Gems/13,000 Coins

#5. Standard Pack Bundles

Standard Pack Bundles

Standard packs, the easiest way to buy a six-pack.

I’m assuming these are the packs that keep Arena in business. Constructed brewers and anyone trying to spike an early-format Standard tournament are likely investing into Standard packs over anything else. There’s no reward for buying these packs in bulk. If you’re searching for a small subset of cards, there’s no need to splurge on the largest bundles here. Buy smaller quantities of packs until you open what you need, and remember you’ll be accumulating wildcards as you do.

While the individual sets change, these prices are consistent with just about every Standard set release. I also found the slider at the top of this store page convenient, since it highlights sets which are/aren’t legal in Standard.

Standard Legalkity Slider
  • 1x Pack – 200 Gems/1,000 Coins
  • 3x Packs – 600 Gems/3,000 Coins
  • 6x Packs – 1,200 Gems/6,000 Coins
  • 10x Packs – 2,000 Gems/10,000 Coins
  • 45x Packs – 9,000 Gems/45,000 Coins
  • 90x Packs – 18,000 Gems/90,000 Coins

#4. Wildcard Bundles

Wildcard Bundle

Wildcards are used to craft specific cards for your collection. They’re an essential part of the Arena economy, and partially responsible for how difficult it can be to acquire cards you need. A wildcard can be exchanged for any card on the client with an equivalent rarity, with rares and mythics being the bulk of what most players need. Purchasing one of these bundles is the equivalent of buying a playset of a specific card, though you can obviously craft whatever you want in whatever quantities with the wildcards you have. If you need four copies of something right away, this is your best bet.

  • 4x Rare Wildcards – $9.99
  • 4x Mythic Wildcards – $19.99

#3. New Set Release Bundles

New Set Bundles

About two weeks before the release of a new major set, you’ll start to see “pre-release” bundles appear in the store. There’s usually a variety of bundles tied to new sets, with one focusing on booster packs, another on Play-In Points and Draft tokens, and a third focused on that set’s Mastery Pass. While these offerings change from set to set, the ones available for Outlaws of Thunder Junction are pretty standard for what you can expect to see:

  • Pack Bundles” – $49.99 – 50x normal boosters, 5x Golden Boosters, 1x pre-selected Mythic and an associated card style.
  • Play Bundle” – $24.99 – 2x Player Draft tokens, 1x Sealed token, 5x Play-In Points, 1x pre-selected Mythic and an associated style, the set companion, and a card sleeve.
  • Pass Bundle” – $14.99 – Set Mastery Pass, 1x pre-selected Mythic and associated card style, and a card sleeve.

Note that these bundles aren’t actually for sale until the corresponding set actually releases on Arena.

#2. Gem Bundles

Gem Bundles

Gem Bundles are probably the best to become acquainted with, since gems are the only resource on Arena you can actually purchase with real-world money, so they set the standard for how much everything on Arena actually costs.

Individual Gem Bundle prices become better deals the more you buy in bulk, so it’s best to parse out exactly what you need gems for first, then decide on which bundle’s best for you.

  • 750 Gems – $4.99 – The standard amount for a single Quick Draft.
  • 1,600 Gems – $9.99 – The standard amount for a single Premier/Traditional Draft.
  • 3,400 Gems – $19.99 – The standard amount of gems needed to purchase a Mastery Pass, though note that you’re better off buying the Pass Bundle if you plan on spending real-world money to unlock it.
  • 9,200 Gems – $49.99 – A pretty random number, but perhaps worth the price for long-term acquisition goals.
  • 20,000 Gems – $99.99 – Enough to cover the cost of 90-pack purchases (18,000 gems).

#1. New Player Bundle

New Player Bundles

Arena offers two new-player bundles that are easily the best deals you can snag from the store. The catch: They’re only available as a one-time purchase. Once you make a new Arena account, these are immediately available from the store, and they’re honestly pretty good deals for anyone looking to jump right in and kick off their collection.

  • Welcome Bundle – $4.99 – 2,500 Gems and five assorted Standard-legal boosters.
  • Adventurer Bundle – $14.99 – 3,500 Gems, an Adventurer avatar, and a City of Brass sleeve. Compare this price to the $20 Gem bundle, which gives you 3,400 gems for $5 more.

Comparing Your Collection to Bundle Contents

Obviously if you’re chasing after key cards for your collection, it helps to know exactly what’s in your collection already. There are two easy ways to do this.

Arena Advanced Filters

The first is to actually check your collection in-game. To do this, simply click the Decks tab on the Arena homepage and then click Collection. You’ll be greeted with the entirety of your collection sorted in order. I find that it’s helpful to navigate to the Advanced Filters (the sort button represented by three horizontal lines), then make sure “Collected” and “Not collected” are both highlighted. This brings up the entire Arena card pool, where you can compare what you have to what you don’t own. You can further narrow your search in the Advanced Filters by MTG set, mana cost, color, etc.

Arena Tutor Collection Tracker

And of course, we’re very proud of our Arena Tutor add-on, which not only helps you in-game, but provides a handy collection tracker you can use to sort out what you own vs. what’s missing. Obviously, you can’t tell what to expect from any given Arena bundle made up of random packs, but tracking your collection in Arena Tutor can give you a better understanding of how close you are to set completion, rare/mythic completion, etc.

Wrap Up

Mass Production - Illustration by Remi Jacquot

Mass Production | Illustration by Remi Jacquot

And that’s Arena bundles, all bundled up in one place. There are others not mentioned here, as well as rotational ones that change often enough that you’ll just have to keep an eye on them. My advice for regular Arena players is to check the store at least once per play session. You might snag a deal you weren’t expecting, plus you’ll sometimes get free gold or gems in the store anyway, so it’s a good habit to develop.

Otherwise, it’s just a matter of recognizing what your goals are and matching the bundles to those goals. If you just plan to draft, you don’t need to worry about Standard packs or Wildcard Bundles. Conversely, Constructed aficionados probably need to familiarize themselves with most bundles the store has to offer.

How do you handle Arena purchases? Are there any go-to bundles you’re typically fond of? Let me know in the Draftsim Discord or on Twitter/X.

As always, thanks for making Draftsim your #1 stop for all things Magic!

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