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I'll be the first one to acknowledge the MTG Arena economy is quite complicated and hard to understand, even for experienced players. You have to juggle between gems and gold, figure out which packs to buy, how to maximize your wildcards and how to build competitive decks without costing yourself an arm and a leg.

So you're probably curious — OK, what is this chip thing with the planeswalker symbol on in it doing in my account? How and where can I use it?

An MTG Arena draft token

What Is a Draft Token?

A draft token is a virtual voucher for a free draft on MTG Arena. These are only redeemable for a “Player Draft” — in other words, a draft with humans, not bots. This means either a Premier Draft or a Traditional Draft, and is typically (but not always) the current draft format. Sometimes you may have a draft token for a Cube draft or a different format. You can find out formats that are actively running in MTGA on our calendar.

Based on the current pricing for Player Drafts, a draft token is worth either 1,500 gems or 10,000 gold. That's approximately $10 (USD).

How Do You Redeem a Draft Token?

Redeeming a draft token is very simple. When you go to the event entry/lobby screen, you'll see three payment options: gems, gold, or your draft token. Just click the draft token and you'll enter the event (for free) using the voucher.

A green button with your draft token will appear near the gold and gems entry after you acquire one

Where Can You Get Draft Tokens?

Well, the best way to get them is when Wizards gives them to you for free. They've held promotions where you get a free draft (on the house, so to speak) when they have a new format they want you to try out.

Examples in the past have been Ikoria: Lair of Behmoths (because it was the first format with Player Drafts) and Cube (because it had previously only been sealed). I could see them doing one for Amonkhet Remastered or another special set like that in the future.

But the most common way to get a draft token is by purchasing a Mastery Pass. In fact, this is probably the best source of value in entire set mastery pass. If a pass costs 3,400 gems, you're instantly getting 1,500 gems worth of value back from your purchase.

Mastery Pass draft token

Draft tokens are rewarded at a relatively low mastery level

Very rarely, you can also find discounts on draft tokens in the MTG Arena store:

Draft token daily deal in store


If you draft regularly, this is absolutely a great deal and you should jump on it. You're simply paying 1,350 gems instead of 1,500 for a draft. But I wouldn't hold out waiting for this to be in the store, however…

Finally, draft tokens are also occasionally given out as prizes for tournaments on MTG Arena and or as an apology for extended downtime or bugs.

Do Draft Tokens Expire?

No, you can hold onto them across formats and seasons. However, as much as I want to hold my tokens for the next Turbo Draft, I would advise using your token as soon as humanly possible because you don't know when it won't work due to a) a technical glitch or b) some kind of economy change or new format that devalues them.

Can I Exchange It/Do Something Else With It?

No, I'm sorry! You might be a Standard or Historic die-hard who couldn't care less about draft, but if you happen to get one, the only way to use it is on a draft!

However, if you're not an experienced drafter, I have two recommendations for you. First, check out our big beginner's guide to drafting; it's a great starting place to learn the format and get your feet wet. Second, you should download our free in-game app Arena Tutor because it gives you pick recommendations while you draft, hopefully netting you a bunch more gems and gold.

Finally, if you've used your draft token, alas, you won't be able to get another one for this draft format. But if you want more free stuff for Arena, you should definitely also check out our article with a bunch of codes for free stuff.

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