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Niambi, Esteemed Speaker - Illustration by Eric Deschamps

Niambi, Esteemed Speaker | Illustration by Eric Deschamps

Reddit has got a community for just about everything and everyone. From subreddits dedicated to cat videos to just straight up likes, there isn’t anything that doesn’t have its own dedicated subreddit where members of the community can congregate, debate, and enjoy their favorite things together.

Magic is no exception to this, and the Commander format itself has multiple subreddits dedicated to it. They range from budget to ultra-competitive communities, offering together a place to talk about just about any way you’d want to play the game.

Today I’m giving you a quick summary of the subreddits you might be interested in and some alternatives to Reddit if you’re looking for an online Magic community. Let’s dive in!

Commander Subreddits in MTG

Fanatical Firebrand - Illustration by Wayne Reynolds

Fanatical Firebrand | Illustration by Wayne Reynolds

Subreddits are forum communities on Reddit that focus on topics, games, and fandoms where users can discuss their topic of choice. Commander has plenty of these to choose from, including the regular “EDH” subreddit, a more niche “CompetitiveEDH” variant, and the budget option in “BudgetBrews.”


r/EDH is the main subreddit for Commander. It’s got weekly brew ideas to get your mind turning and is filled with like-minded players discussing their new favorite strategies, ways to revamp existing ones, and even some cool articles worth checking out.

While this subreddit isn’t inherently competitive or casual, it’s mostly made up of non-competitive players. It’s sort of a melting pot of just about every kind of player and type of deck you can imagine and can be a great place to discuss just about anything about the format you love.


r/CompetitiveEDH is the competitive play-to-win specific subreddit for Commander. It’s full of Spikes looking to win as fast and consistently as possible and their various deck primers, strategy discussion, and general strategies reflect that.

If you’re looking to hop into the format and figure out how to get started or you’re already a competitive player looking for the town square type of forum to chat in, you’ve found your place here.


r/BudgetBrews is exactly what it sounds like: a subreddit for budget-oriented Commander decks. The subreddit sets a hard limit of $100 for these budget decks, which isn’t too much more than a preconstructed deck at a $1-per-card budget.

The players here have been playing budget decks for a long time, some in online or in-person leagues, and you don’t want to underestimate what a perfectly-tuned budget deck can do.

Commander Discords: A Reddit Alternative

If online forums (or Reddit in general) aren’t your thing, then I’d suggest you head over to a few excellent Commander-focused Discords for a similar but still different experience. These have all the general discussion of the subreddits in addition to Discord lobbies for online pods, online Commander leagues through Spelltable to get some games in, and even color- and strategy-specific chat rooms if you’re looking to go deep with others.

Here are some excellent Discords to check out.


PlayEDH, aside from being the most popular Commander Discord, is one of the easiest places to find an online game of Magic. The subreddit is chock-full of players from all walks of life and offers a great experience overall, whether you’re looking to play some pick-up-games or an online league.

The best part about the PlayEDH Discord (in my opinion) is that they actually rank your decklists on an objective scale, which allows you to get into games or leagues with people playing similarly-powerful decks. This prevents pubstomping blowouts and promotes healthy and consistent games across the board.

r/CompetitiveEDH Discord

The competitive EDH subreddit has its own Discord. It’s nearly identical to its subreddit with a few added bonuses. Here you get all the classic forum-based discussion about the competitive side of Commander on top of online games and leagues with prize support.

cEDH Budget Brews

If you’re a Spike player at heart but hate spending hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on cardboard, look no further than the cEDH budget brews Discord. It takes the best of both worlds, competitive playstyles and cheap decks, and combines them to offer you a lane into cEDH without breaking the bank.

Commanding Conclusion

Command Tower - Illustration by Evan Shipard

Command Tower | Illustration by Evan Shipard

That wraps up today’s quick discussion on the EDH subreddits for Magic! It can be nice to have a chat or view an ongoing discussion about Magic, especially if you’re looking to improve your playstyle, decks, or that unique strategy you’re brewing up.

What do you think about these communities in particular? Have you had some really good experiences on these subreddits, or have you found them to be a little too cutthroat and gatekeep-y? Let me know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below or join me over in the official Draftsim Discord.

Until next time, stay safe and stay healthy!

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