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Guildmages' Forum - Illustration by Adam Paquette

Guildmages' Forum | Illustration by Adam Paquette

The sheer velocity in which people share information online is both a blessing and a curse. Gone are the days where people discovered MTG card interaction by themselves.

Forums are great to read about lots of different topics in little time. Want to know how to sideboard against a certain matchup in Modern? Forums got you covered. What about how many removal spells you should play in your Commander deck? There’s probably a topic about it in an EDH forum.

Today I’ve prepared a list of forums for you to read and learn, and above all else: to feel like a part of the community. Since MTG is so big and so complex there are forums for anything you could possibly want.

Let’s go through the list and see where discussion happens, shall we?

#11. MTG Vault Forum

MTGVault Forum

Topics: Constructed deck development, news and announcements, off-topic discussion.

MTG Vault is a place to publish decklists and discuss. The forum offers help with deck development for the specified format. Although the New and Active decks section is always active with new decks and ideas, the MTG Vault forum doesn’t seem to be that active since posts aren’t that up to date, unlike other forums on this list.

#10. Forum

TappedOut forum

Topics: Constructed format discussions, game discussions.

TappedOut is a site known for its decklists and a Draft simulator where you can invite people or take part in Drafts. But it also has an active forum where players discuss all kinds of things. There are lots of discussions on Constructed formats, including help to build or tune decklists posted on the site.

#9. Slightly Magic Forum

Slightly Magic Forum

Topics: General MTG discussion, MTG facts, image discussions.

The Slightly Magic forum was created to discuss TCGs in general, not just MTG. According to the owner of the forum:

The forum was started more than 15 years ago to gather dedicated people who scanned, processed, and distributed high quality MTG card pictures. It is still one of the best sources to find HQ MTG pictures.

Goblin Hero, moderator at

There’s also a lot of discussion on popular software that uses card images and scans, like Cockatrice and XMage, which some people might know and use to test decks. You can also find threads dedicated to Microprose’s MTG Shandalar, which players as old as me likely remember. It’s a kind of adventure game mixed with MTG.

There are also discussions on Ascension, Dominion, and other card games.

#8. Magic Corporation Forum

Magic Corporation forum

Topics: Wide range of topics including Constructed, Limited, casual, and digital MTG platforms.

Magic Corporation seems pretty active in the French community. The forum says that they’re the biggest French MTG website, so there you go!

The Limited section is brimming with full-set reviews. There are also lots of posts on Standard Deck discussion, Commander 1v1, and both casual and budget formats.

#7. MTG Nexus Forum

MTG Nexus forum

Topics: MTG in general, Constructed formats (mainly Commander), Limited, Cube.

The Commander subsection of the MTG Nexus forum has more posts than every other category, which shows that (although there’s room for everything) Nexus is mainly a Commander forum. You can find a lot of EDH primers here, listing why you should play said commander, its color strengths and weakness, and staples, if the commander supports combos, and how to effectively combo off.

You can also find discussions of cards and where should they be played versus where they shouldn’t.

#6. MTG The Source

MTG The Source forum

Topics: Legacy decks and supports, competitive scene and other eternal formats like Vintage, Modern.

MTG The Source is a forum that focuses mainly on Legacy with discussions about other (mainly eternal) formats. You’ll find lots of discussion on Legacy Challenges, metagames and win percentage, ban-worthy cards, and more.

There are also much needed budget Legacy lists for those interested in the format but not willing to spend a load of money.

#5. LigaMagic Forum

LigaMagic forum

Topics: Limited, Constructed, card trading, digital MTG, MTG news, Brazilian MTG scene.

The LigaMagic forum is one of the biggest MTG forums in Brazil for Portuguese speakers. You can talk about all things Limited and Constructed, buy and sell cards, discuss tournament organization in Brazilian cities, team support, and more. Budget formats like Pauper and Penny Dreadful are huge in Brazil along with MTG Arena and MTGO, because if you think the price of Standard or Eternal formats is expensive in the U.S., wait until you see the Brazilian reality.

Liga Magic is also used as a platform for the main Brazilian stores to sell cards. You can also use it to see which stores sell the cards you need for cheap to optimize your shopping.

You’re not going to find a lot of discussion about competitive grinding as the discussion is more on the FNM level. There are loads of good Brazilian players willing to help newcomers tune their FNM decks and share their passion for the game.

There is a bit of a communication barrier given that most of MTG’s information online is in English, so you’ll sometimes see people mistaking card names and mixing both languages.

#4. MTG Forum DE

MTG Forum DE

Topics: Casual and competitive formats, card and deck trading, MTG software and rumor mill.

The little I understand from German shows that the MTG Forum DE is a very active forum with lots of recent posts. It’s one of the biggest, if not the biggest, German MTG forum out there. It looks very much like a German MTG Salvation to me, especially with the topic structure.

Oh, and the Constructed discussion section actually highlights the decks to beat with tips on how they work along with their strengths and weakness.

#3. Board Game Geek Forum

BoardGameGeek forum

Topics: Reviews, play sessions, rules, strategy, variants.

BoardGameGeek is one of the best places to discuss board games in general, and MTG is treated as a board game here. It’s more of a casual discussion so you won’t see people discussing Modern or Constructed metagames. More like what makes you keep playing or quit, which formats you should play, or how to grow your collection.

This is one of the better forums if you’re a newbie just getting into MTG and want some help. BoardGameGeek is a place where people usually compare different games, so you could also easily run into negative takes or first impressions.

#2. RiptideLab Forum

RiptideLabs forum

Topics: Cube talk, Cube blog.

The RiptideLab forum is specialized in Cube Drafting. You can see players blogging about the design of their cubes, which cards are interesting among the new releases, what cards they put in their cubes and why, collect feedback from other users, and more. You can also find evaluations of new cards and new themes from a recent set that might be interesting to include in a Cube.

This is one of the forums I go whenever I want a take on Cube.

“Riptiders” are very passionate for Cube design and card discussion. Forum members are also keen on giving others advice and feedback on cube design, variance in power level, and more. Lots of Cube talk and design innovation here, like breaking singleton and lowering the power level of the cards used.

#1. MTG Salvation

MTG Salvation forum

Topics: Constructed, Limited, rumor mill (spoilers), speculation, Cube.

MTG Salvation is a forum that doesn’t specialize in anything specific. You have robust sections for almost any theme, discussions at length about certain archetypes, and more.

MTG Salvation is a good place to go and see the community’s reaction to new cards being spoiled. And the Rumor Mill section is a nice place to read rumors about new collections, story evolutions, mechanics, or predictions.

One of the best things about MTG Salvation to me is the detailed threads covering one specific topic, be it a guide or primer to play a Modern deck against almost any matchup, long discussions about the banning or unbanning of a card, or the position of a given deck in the metagame.

Reddit Forums

A common criticism of subreddits is that the discussions are superficial and narrow, without the possibility to organizing content into threads like forums. But Reddit is too popular to ignore. Discussion about MTG left the forum exclusivity a long time ago, and the MTG subreddits are very popular and useful.

Magic: the Redditing

Magic the Redditing subreddit

Magic: the Redditing is very general with lots of discussion about the game, new cards, new decks, championship winning decks, and some players ranting about quitting MTG forever, as all forums have.

You also can see suggestions for other subreddits to check, like MTGO (Magic Online), Pauper, MTGLegacy, LRcast, and more. After all, the diversity of formats is what makes Magic huge.

Draftsim Reddit

Draftsim subreddit

Yes, Draftsim has our own subreddit with our articles posted daily. Come interact with us!

Magic Arena Reddit

Magic the Gathering Arena subreddit

You can find discussions about things exclusive to MTG Arena in the MTG Arena Reddit including problems with the clients, a discussion about roping, the economy, just good stuff overall.

Discord Servers

Another discussion platform that’s hard to ignore and can be used for lots of discussion, including MTG-related ones, is Discord.

Draftsim Discord

The Draftsim Discord is the place to comment on our articles, see the new ones, and discuss every MTG format, rotating and non-rotating. You can find Dan Troha supporting Draftsim’s Arena Tutor.

Pauper Cube Discord

The Pauper Cube Discord is one I’m very fond of since players discuss Pauper Cube, a great format that everybody should play. You can find updates and other Cube-related stuff here. You can also help shape a Cube along with the rest of the community, and users actively vote for their favorite cards to get in the Cube, take part in polls, and more.

Official MTG Discord from WotC

You have official news on WotC, MTG, MTG Arena events, event coverage and more in the official MTG Discord from WotC.

Wrap Up

Natural Connection - Illustration by Wesley Burt

Natural Connection | Illustration by Wesley Burt

For years now we’ve developed this hive mind to talk about MTG, be it in articles, forums, subreddits, Discords, and more. And though it seems like a thing of the past, forums are still one of the better ways to discuss and have organized content, which is why they’re probably staying at least for now.

What are your thoughts on these forums? Did I miss your favorite MTG-related forum, subreddit, or Discord? Please feel free to point out your favorites in the comments section below or over on the Draftsim Twitter.

Stay safe folks, and I’ll see you next time!

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