Katilda, Dawnhart Prime - Illustration by Bryan Sola

Katilda, Dawnhart Prime | Illustration by Bryan Sola

MTG Arena players rarely agree on much, and it’s hard to find something that pleases all of them. When something like Jump In! comes along and is generally received positively by the player base, you can assume Wizards did something right.

Jump In! is a great way for new players to start building up their collections without having to put a lot of money into packs. It also gives players some experience playing a Limited format without having to take the intimidating step of playing a full-on Draft. The format is also a fun way to complete daily challenges for veteran players just looking for a change of pace.

If you’ve completed your Color Challenge levels, you may notice that you suddenly have five Jump In! tokens in your account. Let’s run through what these tokens are and if they’re worth using!

What Is a Jump In! Token?

A Jump In! token represents one free entry to a Jump In! event on MTG Arena. Players can play as many games as they want from just one token, but you’ll need to start a new Jump In! event and spend another token if you want to try a new deck.

What Is a Jump In! Event?

MTG Arena Jump In! event

A Jump In! event is a casual Limited format on Magic Arena. Players choose from three random half-decks based on a cohesive theme, then get three more choices for the second half of their deck. The two half-decks are then mixed into a single 40-card deck.

This is very similar to paper Jumpstart packs. One of the best aspects of Jump In! is that you get to keep all the cards in the decks you choose.

How Do You Get Jump In! Tokens? And How Often?

All players get five free Jump In! tokens once they complete the fourth Color Challenge tutorial level. This is a one-time thing, and as of now there’s no other way to get more Jump In! tokens.

What Is the Approximate Value of a Jump In! Token?

Joining a Jump In! event using MTG Arena’s in-game currency will cost you either 200 gems or 1,000 gold. Each Jump In! token is basically worth that much, though there’s no way to exchange them for anything else.

In terms of a dollar value, these tokens save you about a dollar each if you buy gems to enter the event, though I wouldn’t recommend doing that because it’s easy to make enough gold to play for “free.”

Can You Redeem Jump In! Tokens for Something Else?

No. Jump In! tokens are specifically used for entry to Jump In! events, so you should go ahead and use them if you want a way to get some cards from the newer sets.

The only reason I’d hold on to Jump In! tokens is if you want to wait for some new packs to be added from a newer set. This might be smart if you already have all the cards you want from the currently available packs.

Do Jump In! Tokens Expire?

As of now, it doesn’t seem like these Jump In! tokens expire. That said, MTG Arena is constantly changing.

If Wizards decides to discontinue the Jump In! event for some reason, your tokens would technically have expired because they’re worthless. There are no plans to take Jump In! away at this point, and Wizards would likely let players know ahead of time if the game mode were to go away.

Wrap Up

Jump - Illustration by Eric Deschamps

Jump | Illustration by Eric Deschamps

Jump In! is a great game mode for newer players to start adding cards to their collections. The Jump In! tokens you get are free and can’t be exchanged, so you might as well give Jump In! a try. I don’t see myself playing the format much after I run out of tokens, but I’ll be on the lookout for more ways to get tokens if they ever pop up again.

Do you think Jump In! is a good way to build your collection? Do you think it does a good job preparing players for Limited, or do you think the skills don’t cross over as much? Let me know in the comments below, or over on Draftsim’s Twitter.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to seeing you in the next one!

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