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MTG Arena daily quest reward

We’ve covered daily rewards a bit in the past, but now it’s time to go in-depth. So, let’s introduce you, shall we?

MTG Arena’s daily rewards come in two flavors: quests and wins. Every 24 hours you get a new quest worth either 500 or 750 gold (at least you should), plus you get the chance to win up to 750 gold, 250 XP, and 6 Individual Card Rewards.

Daily rewards were introduced, as I’m sure you can imagine, to entice players into playing Arena more often. Daily rewards are the foundation for the Mastery System, which in turn entices players to play more often to get more stuff.

OK, so let’s jump into the fun stuff: numbers!

The Lowdown on Daily Rewards, from Wins to Quests and More

As I mentioned, there are two types of daily rewards: quests and wins. The daily quests see you complete a specific action a certain number of times while you’re playing, and MTG Arena win rewards give you stuff for each game you win. Simple enough.

So, let’s see what you can get and when!

Daily Quest Rewards

We’ll start with the daily quests, since you can complete these without ever having won any games. When it comes to the quests, there are a couple different types that you’ll see. Attacking with creatures, killing your opponent’s creatures, playing lands, and casting certain spells will all pop up here. The numbers attached vary, and each quest has two flavors: a “low-end” and a “high-end.”

MTG Arena low vs high daily quest rewards

Each quest rewards you with gold and 500 Mastery XP upon completion. The amount of gold varies depending on if it’s the low-end or high-end flavor. The low-end gives you 500 gold, while the high-end nets you 750 gold. WotC hasn’t said what the likelihood of getting a 500-gold quest versus a 750-gold quest is, though there are some players who have tested it over a period of time and posted their results online.

You’ll automatically get one new quest each day at 9 a.m. UTC, up to a maximum of three at a time. If you let all three quests pop-in before completing them, that means you can earn rewards for all three in one day (which basically means you only have to play every three days to get the max weekly XP instead of everyday).

You can also “re-roll” one quest each day by clicking on it and then clicking “OK” in the confirmation pop-up. You'll get a new quest and potentially land a high-end version with the better gold reward.

MTG Arena daily quests click to re-roll

Clicky clicky

That’s about all there is to know about daily quests, so let’s take a look at all the different options and where they land.

The Complete List of MTGA Daily Quests

QuestGold RewardXP Reward
Attack with 45 creatures750500
Cast 40 creature spells750500
Kill 25 of your opponent's creatures750500
Play 40 lands750500
Cast 30 white or blue spells750500
Cast 30 blue or black spells750500
Cast 30 black or red spells750500
Cast 30 red or green spells750500
Cast 30 green or white spells750500
Cast 30 white or black spells750500
Cast 30 blue or red spells750500
Cast 30 black or green spells750500
Cast 30 red or white spells750500
Cast 30 green or blue spells750500
Attack with 30 creatures500500
Cast 20 creature spells500500
Kill 15 of your opponent's creatures500500
Play 25 lands500500
Cast 20 white or blue spells500500
Cast 20 blue or black spells500500
Cast 20 black or red spells500500
Cast 20 red or green spells500500
Cast 20 green or white spells500500
Cast 20 white or black spells500500
Cast 20 blue or red spells500500
Cast 20 black or green spells500500
Cast 20 red or white spells500500
Cast 20 green or blue spells500500

Daily Win Rewards

Next up are the MTGA daily win rewards! Again, this resets at 9 a.m. UTC every day and give you gold, XP, and ICRs—“individual card rewards” if you’re not familiar, which is a randomly generated card reward—for your first 15 wins of the day. Each win isn’t equal, though.

MTG Arena daily wins

You get 25 Mastery XP for each of your first 10 wins, plus either gold or an ICR. Let’s dive into how it all breaks down:

List of Rewards for Each Daily Win

Win #Reward
1250 gold + 25 XP
2100 gold + 25 XP
3100 gold + 25 XP
4100 gold + 25 XP
5ICR + 25 XP
650 gold + 25 XP
7ICR + 25 XP
850 gold + 25 XP
9ICR + 25 XP
1050 gold + 25 XP
1225 gold
1425 gold

How to Get the Most From Daily Rewards

Now, how do you make the best of it all?

When it comes to daily wins, the first four are the most profitable netting you 550 gold and 100 XP. If you’re looking to get Mastery XP, 10 wins is your max with 250 total XP—plus three ICRs and 150 gold—rewarded. After that, you’re just getting gold and ICRs. Which, mind you, isn’t bad, but a measly 50 gold and three ICRs isn’t much to write home about. If you don’t have the time, don’t sweat it.

MTG Arena first four daily win rewards

For the daily quests, there’s some moving parts to consider. I mentioned being able to re-roll one quest a day, and it’s in your best interest to do so if you’ve got a 500-gold quest. Re-rolling it can only either give you the same value or a higher value quest, so there’s really no “losing.” This post, while a bit old (don’t mind the 800 XP per quest bit), gets that point across perfectly. Even with this comment’s adjustment to the likelihood of getting a 750-gold quest, you’ll still see the assumed value of that quest go up with the first re-roll. Ah, math. At least I didn’t have to do it this time.

Point being, you should always re-roll a 500-gold quest once when you get it. You might end up with just a different goal to achieve, or you could get a different goal to achieve and a higher gold reward. There’s really no downside. For obvious reasons, don’t re-roll 750-gold quests when you get them. You’ll probably end up with the worse end of the stick.

How about optimizing your time to complete both your daily wins and quests at the same time, I hear you ask? Well, that depends on what your quest is as they’ll all require different strategies and decks. If you’re really pressed for time and can only play a handful of games, it might be in your best interest to craft a deck that can both win and complete your daily quest’s task.

That’s easier said than done, though, and if you’re on a time budget making a brand-new deck every time you want to play isn’t really the best plan. You could search online for a good deck that fits your criteria for the day, but this is also assuming you have the cards to make said deck.

So, what do you do if you don’t have the resources (time, cards, Wildcards, etc.) to focus on completing both your daily wins and daily quests in one go? Just focus on the daily quests instead of the wins. You get more out of them—both in gold and in XP—so they’ll get you further faster. Make sure you complete quests at least every three days to maximize your earnings. Keep an eye out for events that reward you with Mastery XP, as well.

MTG Arena Workshop Heirlooms of History event screen

All Workshop events from Heirlooms of History forward provides either XP, gold, or an ICR in that lovely hand-sewn sac

Speaking of resources (great segue, I know) Arena’s promo codes can help you out with that if you haven’t redeemed them yet. You’ll get a bunch of free packs, cosmetics, and some Mastery levels. Never a bad thing! Your vault can also help you get Wildcards (eventually), but that’s just a matter of collecting in general.

‘Tis the End of the Day

That’s about all I’ve got for you on the topic of dailies. Summary? Quests are better to complete than wins if you have to choose, the first four wins give you the most value, and the first 10 wins give you Mastery XP. That’s… just about it, really. Could’ve just plopped that at the top and called it a day!

What’s your experience with daily quests and wins? Obviously it was better before the Mastery system was introduced, but how do you think it stands now in general? Let us know in the comments down there!

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  • Avatar
    Jeffrey Zlatkin April 26, 2021 5:39 pm

    Hello Nikki-
    Thank you for the great advise and information! As genarally a MAGIC ARENA newbie, its really cool to see ‘verification’ of what I was already thinking! Tha shows Im on the right track and good to know the track leads forward..;-)
    Kepp up the good work!

  • Avatar
    Eric Aris April 26, 2023 4:41 am

    At any point do the daily quests fully repopulate, or is it always 1 per day

    • Nikki
      Nikki May 1, 2023 1:04 pm

      It’s only ever one new quest per day, unfortunately. Would be kinda nice if there was a weekly, even monthly reset or something though!

      • Avatar
        Sophia May 28, 2023 3:28 pm

        Slight correction: quests will sometimes reset (3 new ones) after a major update. I haven’t spotted a particular pattern for which updates cause the reset though, and it’s not a regular thing.

        • Nikki
          Nikki June 5, 2023 8:57 am

          I wasn’t aware of that, thanks for letting us know!

  • Avatar
    Arthur July 14, 2023 2:05 pm

    A friend of mine does the Daily quests via bot matches but that doesn’t seem to work for me, any thoughts on what the difference may be?

    • Jake Henderson
      Jake Henderson July 19, 2023 11:52 am

      Hi Arthur. I’m not too sure. My best guess would be that there’s something specific about the daily quest that you’re not fulfilling. Perhaps it specifies a game mode or certain cards that aren’t being played.

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