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Fblthp, the Lost - Illustration by Jesper Ejsing

Fblthp, the Lost | Illustration by Jesper Ejsing

Every so often, you'll see an MTG Arena Cube event pop up in our Arena event calendar. Maybe you've built a cube in the past, or, if you’re like me, you weren’t really all that familiar with Cube before it was introduced to Arena.

So, what is this format, how does it work, and where did it come from? Let’s talk about that.

The Full Story of Cube, Simplified

Doubling Cube - Illustration by Mark Tedin

Doubling Cube | Illustration by Mark Tedin

So, Cube. It’s pretty simple, in that it’s basically a custom draft format. A “cube” is created containing whatever cards the organizer wants to include, usually using between 360-540 powerful cards.

How Does Cube Drafting Work?

Players pick cards to build their deck one at a time from rotating 15-card packs that use cards from the cube, just like you would in a draft. After the event, the cards go back to the cube. Basically, Cube is a custom draft game where the players use the organizer’s cards and then give them back afterward.

Some cubes follow other themes or restrictions or are built around specific archetypes/synergies. Cube is also generally singleton, meaning there’s only one copy of each card in the cube. We’ll get to all that in just a bit, though.

Arena Cube Event Details

Arena Cube is a phantom event with BO1 and traditional BO3 matches. The typical entry fee is either 600 gems or 4,000 gold.

Arena’s Cube offers a large card pool, including Alchemy cards and some cards that are only legal in Timeless.

Since MTGA has sets from Ixalan forward along with the Historic Anthologies and any remasters such as Shadows over Innistrad, Kaladesh, and Amonkhet. It’s generally more fun and provides more variety and opportunity for interesting/unique gameplay that you just can’t get in any of the other formats on Arena. Which, really, is the biggest appeal for Cube to begin with.

Now that we’ve touched on the “technical” side of Cube on MTG Arena, let’s jump into the event itself.

MTG Arena Cube

MTG Arena Cube Event Rewards


# of WinsRewards
02 uncommon + 1 rare ICRs
1500 gold + 2 uncommon + 1 rare ICRs
21,000 gold + 2 uncommon + 1 rare ICRs
32,000 gold + 2 uncommon + 1 rare ICRs
43,000 gold + 2 uncommon + 1 rare ICRs
54,000 gold + 1 uncommon + 2 rare ICRs
65,000 gold + 1 uncommon + 2 rare ICRs
76,000 gold + 1 uncommon + 2 rare ICRs


# of WinsRewards
02 uncommon + 1 rare ICRs
12 uncommon + 1 rare ICRs
24,000 gold + 2 uncommon + 1 rare ICRs
36,000 gold + 2 uncommon + 1 rare ICRs

General Play and Deck Building Tips

This Cube's mostly about splashy, powerful cards and incredible engines. You need to have a cohesive deck with a very well-defined plan. This is not normal Limited, it's “Standard Lite” — so you want a mini-Standard deck. Don't throw together two colors worth of “good cards,” or you'll likely start losing.

Arena Cube has many Limited all-stars of sets past (the “Incredible Bombs” category in the Draftsim card ratings), and many of those cards continue to be bombs in the Cube. A card that was incredibly powerful by itself in draft, such as The Immortal Sun is still insane in cube. You want to take these bombs early and draft your decks around them. Other examples are Mirari's Wake, Etali, Primal Conqueror and planeswalkers. A real bomb provides card advantage and doubles as a win condition!

Patient Rebuilding - Illustration by Magali Villeneuve

Magma Opus | Illustration by Liiga Smilshkalne

Cube Strategy

Planeswalkers appear a lot more than they do in typical Limited. This means that your deck needs to have a way to deal with them, either through establishing an early board presence, having evasion, or having flexible removal spells that are capable of interacting with them. I've even liked Flames of the Firebrand a lot more than I expected because it helps efficiently deal with planeswalkers.

Maybe it goes without saying, but you should be taking planeswalkers highly and putting them in your own deck, too. Some of the War of the Spark uncommons are a little less good or have niche roles, but they're still playable.

Don't put “just stats” or semi-vanilla creatures in your deck just to have creatures. They should be generating value. Unless you're an aggro deck, basically every creature you grab should generate a two- or three-for-one or be part of some insane engine.

Many of the planeswalkers and cards in the cube generate copious amounts of tokens. If you're a controlling or ramp style deck, it's crucial to have a couple of sweepers in your deck to come back from falling behind on board.

The latest iteration of the Cube has tons of mana fixers. This means playing 3+ colors is very easy if you want to dip your toes around. But there's a catch: You need to prioritize lands before spells.

Let's say you're deciding between a medium power level spell like Elder Gargaroth and a Triome on your initial picks. The land should be your pick; Gargaroth is more replaceable since you won't run out of powerful spells. I'll go over this in more detail a little further down.

Here are some key cards in the Cube before we move on to archetypes:

Arena Cube Draft Archetypes

Archetypes updated for January 2024 Cube by David Royale

If you've been winning with anything I haven't mentioned here, be sure to leave a comment on this article or Tweet @limiteddecks so we can all see! For now, let’s talk about what archetypes are supported in Arena Cube.

If you have experience drafting on Arena or otherwise, you’ll definitely recognize some of these strategies. The great thing about Cube is that there are so many overlapping strategies. Here are some of the main deck archetypes to look out for when drafting.


Mono-colored decks are builds with just one color in the entire list with little to no splash. The most powerful are mono-red and mono-white followed by green, black, and finally blue holding last place in terms of power level.


What sets mono-red apart from the others is the presence of Embercleave in the Cube. This card can win games on the spot, and nothing does this legendary equipment‘s job better. Mono-red also has access to powerful haste creatures in the form of dragons that can pressure your opponents in the later stages of the game. On top of that there's a ton of spot removal that can deal direct damage to your opponent.

Mono-white has its tools, building cheap boards with a mix of creatures and tokens and finishing the game with pump spells or combat tricks.

Mono-black can also be played aggressively with cards like Cult Conscript and Evolved Sleeper, which can apply early pressure to your opponents, along with other solid creatures such as Gix, Yawgmoth Praetor, or Forgefire Automaton that provide value in the long run.

However, this deck mainly relies on its cheap removal, and black has access to the best options in the form of Cut Down or Fatal Push, to name a few. Because of this, you can also build mono-black in a pseudo-control manner, centered around removal, discard spells such as Thoughtseize or Undercity Plunder, and potent card draw engines like Phyrexian Arena or Morbid Opportunist to take over the game.

In contrast, Mono-green is all about ramping, utilizing cards like Explore or Gilded Goose to cast potent spells such as Esika's Chariot or Elder Gargaroth ahead of schedule and apply pressure to your opponents.

Llanowar Elves

This strategy works exceptionally well when you can align the right cards, especially when you're on the draw with a turn-1 Llanowar Elves into a turn-2 Lovestruck Beast or another ramp spell, allowing you to play a turn-3 5-drop. However, achieving this can be tricky, as it heavily depends on having cheap mana dorks in the first turns that become somewhat useless in the late game and are vulnerable to early removal.

Nevertheless, thanks to the hand-smoother, this strategy gains some solidity in best-of-one formats.

Mono-blue is the last on this list, and it's the weaker color since it's harder to properly assemble. The best way to do it is to prioritize cheap value creatures with flash like Malcolm, Alluring Scoundrel and Faerie Mastermind to put yourself into the tempo role. The problem with this is the removal; it's too narrow since a big spell resolved is painful to come back from. Your plan is to counter everything before that happens, but it's tough if you let something slip through or if you're on the draw and can't answer a solid 2- or 3-drop.

Being mono-color is a good bet. If you spot that it's being under-drafted early in the Cube you'll end up with a compelling deck. But be warned: This strategy excels in BO1 since hand smoothing helps a lot and it's easier to curve out.

2-color Aggro Decks

One of the most straightforward approaches in Arena Cube, particularly in best-of-one formats, is to draft white or red-based aggro decks.

The key is to prioritize drafting inexpensive creatures like Adanto Vanguard, Esper Sentinel, Monastery Swiftspear, or even Grim Lavamancer. Pair these with formidable threats such as Adeline, Resplendent Cathar, and Hellrider to hasten your opponent's clock.

While Boros is arguably the strongest combination, your choice for the second color can vary based on what's available. However, I would recommend avoiding blue, as it often leads to drafting a tempo deck rather than an aggressive one.

Tempo Decks

Snapcaster Mage Young Pyromancer

Drafting this archetype can be challenging, as you must fully commit to it from the outset. More often than not, these decks are blue-based, leveraging countermagic and other tricks. Key cards such as Snapcaster Mage or Young Pyromancer are essential for the deck to truly shine.

Lightning Bolt Molten Impact

To enhance this strategy, pair it with cheap removal spells like Lightning Bolt or Molten Impact. This combination allows for efficient control of the game's flow, disrupting the opponent's plans and gradually gaining an advantage throughout the match.

Monastery Swiftspear

Once you gain control of the game, the goal is to swiftly close out the match. This involves maintaining pressure with efficient threats like Monastery Swiftspear, preventing the opponent from stabilizing, and ensuring that the game doesn't reach the late stages where other decks might excel.


Teferi, Hero of Dominaria

Control decks are characterized by a blend of high-value spells that trade advantageously (often 2-for-1) against your opponents, counterspells, board wipes, and targeted removal. In this archetype, reliance on creatures is minimal, often playing fewer than five. Notably, planeswalkers such as Teferi, Hero of Dominaria become key win conditions in control strategies.

This archetype is flexible regarding color pairs, with a predominant focus on blue, complemented by red or black and white. Green, however, does not synergize well with this strategic approach, making a Simic control build less advisable.

To excel in this archetype, prioritize acquiring mana fixing, removal options, and impactful spells. A noteworthy suggestion: Grixis stands out as the optimal color combination for a control deck.

5-Color Nonsense

This is probably the most fun and challenging archetype to draft. You want to focus almost all of your initial picks on lands. Except for signature spells that have four or five colors.

Unlike mono-green, I prefer green-based ramp decks with a twist: avoiding reliance on mana dorks. As mentioned earlier, the issue with mana dorks is their susceptibility to easy removal. Given the abundance of efficient removal spells in the game, the chances of these creatures surviving are quite slim.

Explore Cultivate

In contrast, utilizing cards like Explore and Cultivate allows for effective ramping, propelling you ahead of the game. Opponents have limited options to thwart this strategy unless they're equipped with countermagic. I use the term “green-based” because the majority of ramp spells are concentrated in that color. However, you can pair green with other colors like black for removal or blue for card advantage, addressing potential gaps in your deck.

Consequently, you may find yourself drafting decks with more than three colors, and even up to five, depending on the draft's direction. The significant payoffs you seek are game-changing spells, such as Atraxa, Grand Unifier, Titan of Industry, or powerful planeswalkers like Teferi, Hero of Dominaria or Nissa, Who Shakes the World.

The Complete Card List for Arena’s Cube Draft

ColorCard Name
WhiteAdanto Vanguard
WhiteAdeline, Resplendent Cathar
WhiteAo, the Dawn Sky
WhiteApproach of the Second Sun
WhiteBenalish Knight-Counselor
WhiteBlade Splicer
WhiteCaptain Eberhart
WhiteCerise, Slayer of Fear
WhiteCollective Effort
WhiteDauntless Bodyguard
WhiteDay of Judgment
WhiteElesh Norn, Grand Cenobite
WhiteElesh Norn, Mother of Machines
WhiteElite Spellbinder
WhiteElspeth Conquers Death
WhiteElspeth Resplendent
WhiteEmeria's Call
WhiteEsper Sentinel
WhiteFateful Absence
WhiteFelidar Retreat
WhiteGiver of Runes
WhiteHistory of Benalia
WhiteIn the trenches
WhiteIntrepid Adversary
WhiteInvasion of Gobakhan
WhiteLegion's Landing
WhiteLion Sash
WhiteLoran of the Third Path
WhiteLuminarch Aspirant
WhiteLyra Dawnbringer
WhiteMana Tithe
WhiteMarch of Otherworldly Light
WhiteMaul of the Skyclaves
WhiteMikaeus, the Lunarch
WhiteMonastery Mentor
WhiteMyrel, Shield of Argive
WhitePortable Hole
WhiteRanger of Eos
WhiteRealm-Cloaked Giant
WhiteRestoration Angel
WhiteSanguine Evangelist
WhiteSeal Away
WhiteSelfless Savior
WhiteSelfless Spirit
WhiteSerra Paragon
WhiteSettle the Wreckage
WhiteSigardian Evangel
WhiteSkyclave Apparition
WhiteSpirited Companion
WhiteSteel Seraph
WhiteSun Titan
WhiteSune's Intervention
WhiteThalia, Guardian of Thraben
WhiteThalia, Heretic Cathar
WhiteThe Restoration of Eiganjo
WhiteThe Wandering Emperor
WhiteThraben Inspector
WhiteTouch the Spirit Realm
WhiteUsher of the Fallen
WhiteVirtue of Loyalty
WhiteWedding Announcement
WhiteWelcoming Vampire
WhiteWerefox Bodyguard
WhiteWingmate Roc
WhiteWrath of God
BlueAbsorb Energy
BlueAether Channeler
BlueAgent of Raffine
BlueAgent of Treachery
BlueBaral, Chief of Compliance
BlueBaral's Expertise
BlueBlink of an Eye
BlueBlue Sun's Twilight
BlueBrazen Borrower
BlueChampion of Wits
BlueChart a Course
BlueChrome Host Seedshark
BlueCommit // Memory
BlueConfounding Riddle
BlueCyclonic Rift
BlueDig Through Time
BlueDisdainful Stroke
BlueFaerie Mastermind
BlueFrost Titan
BlueFuturist Spellthief
BlueGod-Eternal Kefnet
BlueHard Evidence
BlueHorned Loch-Whale
BlueJacob Hauken, Inspector
BlueKindred Denial
BlueLedger Shredder
BlueMake Disappear
BlueMalcolm, Alluring Scoundrel
BlueMalevolent Hermit
BlueMemory Deluge
BlueMidnight Clock
BlueMultiple Choice
BlueNarset, Parter of Veils
BlueNightclub Bouncer
BlueOracle of the Alpha
BluePact of Negation
BluePhyrexian Metamorph
BlueSaiba Syphoner
BlueSearch for Azcanta
BlueSee Double
BlueShark Typhoon
BlueSleight of Hand
BlueSnapcaster Mage
BlueSpell Pierce
BlueSublime Epiphany
BlueSupreme Will
BlueSurgical Metamorph
BlueTalion's Throneguard
BlueTeferi, Temporal Pilgrim
BlueThassa's Intervention
BlueThirst for Discovery
BlueTime Warp
BlueTishana's Tidebinder
BlueTorrential Gearhulk
BlueTreasure Cruise
BlueVendilion Clique
BlueVoracious Greatshark
BlueWarzone Duplicator
BlackArchpriest of Shadows
BlackAyara's Oathsworn
BlackBastion of Remembrance
BlackBitter Triumph
BlackBlack Sun's Twilight
BlackBloodchief's Thirst
BlackBreach the Multiverse
BlackCollective Brutality
BlackCrux of Fate
BlackCult Conscript
BlackCut Down
BlackDeadly Dispute
BlackDrown in Ichor
BlackEvolved Sleeper
BlackExtinction Event
BlackFatal Push
BlackForgefire Automaton
BlackGix, Yawgmoth Praetor
BlackGix's Command
BlackGo for the Throat
BlackGonti, Lord of Luxury
BlackGrave Titan
BlackHeartless Act
BlackInfernal Grasp
BlackInquisition of Kozilek
BlackJadar, Ghoulcaller of Nephalia
BlackJunji, the Midnight Sky
BlackKnight of the Ebon Legion
BlackLife of Toshiro Umezawa
BlackLiliana of the Veil
BlackLiliana, the Last Hope
BlackLolth, Spider Queen
BlackLonely End
BlackLord Skitter, Sewer King
BlackMassacre Wurm
BlackMind Spike
BlackMisery's Shadow
BlackMorbid Opportunist
BlackMurderous Cut
BlackMurderous Rider
BlackNoxious Gearhulk
BlackNullpriest of Oblivion
BlackPhyrexian Arena
BlackPhyrexian Fleshgorger
BlackPile On
BlackPriest of Forgotten Gods
BlackRankle, Master of Pranks
BlackScrapheap Scrounger
BlackSedgemoor Witch
BlackSheoldred, the Apocalypse
BlackSheoldred's Edict
BlackSorin the Mirthless
BlackSoul Servitude
BlackSouls of the Lost
BlackStalactite Stalker
BlackStarving Revenant
BlackSwarm Saboteur
BlackTenacious Underdog
BlackThe Cruelty of Gix
BlackThe Meathook Massacre
BlackUndercity Plunder
BlackUrborg Scavengers
BlackVirtue of Persistence
BlackVraan, Executioner Thane
BlackVraska's Contempt
BlackWoe Strider
RedAbbot of Keral Keep
RedBig Score
RedBloodthirsty Adversary
RedBomat Courier
RedBonecrusher Giant
RedBonehoard Dracosaur
RedBrotherhood's End
RedBurn Down the House
RedChandra, Acolyte of Flame
RedChandra, Awakened Inferno
RedChandra, Torch of Defiance
RedCollective Defiance
RedDevil's Play
RedDragon's Rage Channeler
RedDragonmaster Outcast
RedElectrostatic Blast
RedFable of the Mirror-Breaker
RedFight with Fire
RedFlames of the Firebrand
RedGoblin Bombardment
RedGoddric, Cloaked Reveler
RedGoldspan Dragon
RedGrim Lavamancer
RedInferno Titan
RedInti, Seneschal of the Sun
RedInto the Fire
RedJaya, Fiery Negotiator
RedKrenko, Tin Street Kingpin
RedLegion Warboss
RedLight Up the Stage
RedLightning Bolt
RedLightning Strike
RedMagda, Brazen Outlaw
RedMagda, Brazen Outlaw
RedMagmatic Channeler
RedMephit's Enthusiasm
RedMishra's Command
RedMolten Impact
RedMonastery Swiftspear
RedNahiri's Warcrafting
RedObliterating Bolt
RedPillar of Flame
RedPlay with Fire
RedProfessional Face-Breaker
RedPurphoros's Intervention
RedRabbit Battery
RedRampaging Raptor
RedRekindling Phoenix
RedRobber of the Rich
RedRoil Eruption
RedSearing Blood
RedSeasoned Pyromancer
RedShatterskull Smashing
RedShivan Devastator
RedSiege-Gang Commander
RedStoke the Flames
RedTerror of the Peaks
RedThe Elder Dragon War
RedToralf's Disciple
RedTown-Razer Tyrant
RedTrumpeting Carnosaur
RedUnholy Heat
RedUrabrask's Forge
RedVirtue of Courage
RedVolcanic Spite
RedYoung Pyromancer
RedZealous Conscripts
GreenArmored Scrapgorger
GreenAugur of Autumn
GreenBecome Immense
GreenBramble Familiar
GreenBriarbridge Tracker
GreenCenote Scout
GreenCourser of Kruphix
GreenCraterhoof Behemoth
GreenDeeproot Wayfinder
GreenDuskwatch Recruiter
GreenElder Gargaroth
GreenElvish Mystic
GreenEsika's Chariot
GreenForceful Cultivator
GreenFoundry Groundbreaker
GreenGarruk Relentless
GreenGilded Goose
GreenIncubation Druid
GreenInscription of Abundance
GreenIntrepid Paleontologist
GreenJugan Defends the Temple
GreenKellan, Daring Traveler
GreenKogla, the Titan Ape
GreenLlanowar Elves
GreenLlanowar Visionary
GreenLotus Cobra
GreenLovestruck Beast
GreenMenagerie Curator
GreenNightpack Ambusher
GreenNissa, Ascended Animist
GreenNissa, Resurgent Animist
GreenNissa, Who Shakes the World
GreenOnce Upon a Time
GreenOracle of Mul Daya
GreenParadise Druid
GreenPelt Collector
GreenPrimal Might
GreenPrimeval Titan
GreenQuesting Beast
GreenQuirion Beastcaller
GreenReclamation Sage
GreenRishkar, Peema Renegade
GreenScavenging Ooze
GreenSelvala, Heart of the Wilds
GreenSentinel of the Nameless City
GreenSettle the Wilds
GreenStorm the Festival
GreenTamiyo's Safekeeping
GreenThe Great Henge
GreenThe Huntsman's Redemption
GreenTimeless Witness
GreenTireless Tracker
GreenTitan of Industry
GreenTitania's Command
GreenToski, Bearer of Secrets
GreenTranquil Frillback
GreenUlvenwald Oddity
GreenVerdurous Gearhulk
GreenVivien Reid
GreenVivien, Monsters' Advocate
GreenVoracious Hydra
GreenVorinclex, Monstrous Raider
GreenWerewolf Pack Leader
GreenWolfwillow Haven
GreenWorkshop Warchief
ColorlessAgatha's Soul Cauldron
ColorlessChimil, the Inner Sun
ColorlessColdsteel Heart
ColorlessCultivator's Caravan
ColorlessEmrakul, the Promised End
ColorlessGolos, Tireless Pilgrim
ColorlessGuardian Idol
ColorlessHangarback Walker
ColorlessHedron Archive
ColorlessKarn, Scion of Urza
ColorlessKarn's Sylex
ColorlessKey to the Archive
ColorlessMazemind Tome
ColorlessMind Stone
ColorlessMishra's Bauble
ColorlessOrnithopter of Paradise
ColorlessReckoner Bankbuster
ColorlessRetrofitter Foundry
ColorlessSkysovereign, Consul Flagship
ColorlessSolemn Simulacrum
ColorlessStonecoil Serpent
ColorlessSyr Ginger, the Meal Ender
ColorlessThe Immortal Sun
ColorlessThe Irencrag
ColorlessTreasure Map
ColorlessUgin, the Ineffable
ColorlessWorn Powerstone
ColorlessWurmcoil Engine
MulticolorAnguished Unmaking
MulticolorAssemble the Team
MulticolorAtraxa, grand Unifier
MulticolorAvacyn's Pilgrim
MulticolorBloodbraid Elf
MulticolorBloodtithe Harvester
MulticolorCrucias, Titan of the Waves
MulticolorCut // Ribbons
MulticolorDeathrite Shaman
MulticolorDecadent Dragon
MulticolorElusive Otter
MulticolorErtai Resurrected
MulticolorExpressive Iteration
MulticolorFalkenrath Aristocrat
MulticolorGlissa Sunslayer
MulticolorGrow Old Together
MulticolorGrowth Spiral
MulticolorGyruda, Doom of Depths
MulticolorHalana and Alena, Partners
MulticolorHeartflame Duelist
MulticolorHostage Taker
MulticolorHuatli, Poet of Unity
MulticolorHuntmaster of the Fells
MulticolorHydroid Krasis
MulticolorInvasion of New Phyrexia
MulticolorJewel Mine Overseer
MulticolorJudith, the Scourge Dive
MulticolorKaito Shizuki
MulticolorKaya the Inexorable
MulticolorKellan, Daring Traveler
MulticolorKeruga, the Macrosage
MulticolorKhenra Spellsear
MulticolorKiora, Behemoth Beckoner
MulticolorKnight of the Reliquary
MulticolorKogla and Yidaro
MulticolorKolaghan's Command
MulticolorKoma, Cosmos Serpent
MulticolorLingering Souls
MulticolorLurrus of the Dream-Den
MulticolorLutri, the Spellchaser
MulticolorMaelstrom Pulse
MulticolorMagma Opus
MulticolorMigloz, Maze Crusher
MulticolorMirari's Wake
MulticolorMosswood Dreadknight
MulticolorNantuko Slicer
MulticolorNicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh
MulticolorPlargg, Dean of Chaos
MulticolorPlukranos, Unchained
MulticolorPriest of Fell Rites
MulticolorPrismari Command
MulticolorQuintorius Kand
MulticolorRadha, Heart of Keld
MulticolorReflector Mage
MulticolorRip Apart
MulticolorRona, Herald of Invasion
MulticolorShowdown of the Skalds
MulticolorSorin, Solemn Visitor
MulticolorSpell Queller
MulticolorSphinx's Revelation
MulticolorSyr Joshua and Syr Saxon
MulticolorTear Asunder
MulticolorTeferi, Hero of Dominaria
MulticolorThe Scarab God
MulticolorThief of Sanity
MulticolorThird Path Iconoclast
MulticolorToxrill, the Corrosive
MulticolorUlder Ravengard, Marshal
MulticolorUro, Titan of Nature's Wrath
MulticolorValki, God of Lies
MulticolorVanishing verse
MulticolorVesuvan Mist
MulticolorVoice of Resurgence
MulticolorVraska, Golgari Queen
MulticolorWoodland Acolyte
MulticolorYorion, Sky Nomad
LandBlood Crypt
LandBloodstained Mire
LandBlooming Marsh
LandBoseiju, Who Endures
LandBotanical Sanctum
LandBreeding Pool
LandCaptivating Crossroads
LandCave of the Frost Dragon
LandClifftop Retreat
LandConcealed Courtyard
LandDen of the Bugbear
Land Dragonskull Summit
LandDrowned Catacomb
LandEiganjo, Seat of the Empire
LandFabled Passage
LandField of the Dead
LandFlooded Strand
LandForsaken Crossroads
LandGlacial Fortress
LandGodless Shrine
LandHall of Storm Giants
LandHallowed Fountain
LandHinterland Harbor
LandHive of the Eye Tyrant
LandIndatha Triome
LandInspiring Vantage
LandIsolated Chapel
LandJetmir's Garden
LandKetria Triome
Landlair of the Hydra
LandOtawara, Soaring City
LandOvergrown Tomb
LandPolluted Delta
LandRaffine's Tower
LandRaugrin Triome
LandRestless Anchorage
LandRestless Bivouac
LandRestless Cottage
LandRestless Fortress
LandRestless Prairie
LandRestless Reef
LandRestless Ridgeline
LandRestless Spire
LandRestless Vents
LandRestless Vinestalk
LandRootbound Crag
LandSacred Foundry
LandSavai Triome
LandSokenzan, Crucible of Defiance
LandSpara's Headquarters
LandSpirebluff Canal
LandSteam Vents
LandStomping Ground
LandSulfur Falls
LandSunpetal Grove
LandTakenuma, Abandoned Mire
LandTemple Garden
LandWatery Grave
LandWooded Foothills
LandWoodland Cemetery
LandXander's Lounge
LandZagoth Triome
LandZiatora's Proving Ground

Can I Keep the Cards I Draft in MTG Arena Cube?

No, you don’t get to keep any of the cards that you pick. Here's your reminder that the Cube events are “phantom.” On the flip side, though, you’ll see more rares and mythic rares in the Cube because of this and so you’ll be able to build a more kick-ass deck than you would in a normal draft.


Is Arena Cube Worth It?

If you’re looking for a different format to play and have fun with, then I’d say it’s worth it. If you’re not particularly interested in Cube, and are just wondering if the entry fee is worth the rewards, then that’s another story.

Reddit has done the math for methank god—so all I have to do is present you with their findings. And, with those findings, the answer to the “is it worth it?” question would be a resounding no. As the user who so helpfully put that nifty table together points out in their comment, the final value of the event depends on how much gold a gem is worth to you, which depends on what you do with your gems. But either way it doesn’t really pan out.


You don’t even really need all that fancy math to see that the event is not worth the entry fee, though, at least not in terms of rewards. I’d say it’s obvious that this event is meant to be for players to have fun with, rather than to offer enticing rewards if you can manage to max out your wins. That doesn't mean this is the best way to go about something like that because 3,000 gold or 600 gems is a pretty hefty price to pay for a new format.

Wrap Up

Gelatinous Cube - Illustration by Olivier Bernard

Gelatinous Cube | Illustrated by Olivier Bernard

That’s all we’ve got for you today! Hopefully, we were able to shed some light on this exciting addition to Arena’s event roster.

Cube is a great format and certainly a breath of fresh air for MTGA. It’s fun, unique, and an awesome combination of Limited and Constructed. If you’ve never played, it may be worth a shot if you’ve got the gold or gems to spare.

Alternatively, if you’re into Limited in general and draft like there’s no tomorrow, Arena Tutor could potentially be your best friend. Not familiar with my usual spiel? Perfect! Arena Tutor is our awesome tracker for MTGA drafting that can also help you with your picks thanks to our signature AI. Give it a try. Go on, don’t be shy. It won’t bite.

What are your thoughts on Cube? If you’ve played it, did you enjoy it? Let us know in the comments down there!

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