Pointed Discussion - Illustration by Jarel Threat

Pointed Discussion | Illustration by Jarel Threat

There are podcasts for everything these days, and Magic is no different. We already had plenty to choose from before the pandemic, but they really saw a boom since then.

Today I'm looking at as many Magic podcasts we can and what they’re about. If you’re looking for something new and interesting to listen to, this is the best place to find it!

Arena Decklists

Arena Decklists logo

If you’re looking for a podcast for competitive Constructed formats, you can’t do much better than Arena Decklists. Whether it be Standard, Pioneer, Modern, Legacy, or even Vintage on occasion, this is where you want to go. Advice, guides, previews, and discourse, this podcast has a bit of everything for the Spikes out there.

Brainstorm Brewery

Brainstorm Brewery is described as a Magic finance podcast, but in recent years they’ve turned to more of a general Magic lifestyle podcast with a financial slant to it. The three main hosts are all involved in the buying and selling of Magic cards and regularly have guests in attendance to talk about particular topics they specialize in. Generally light-hearted, they cover a range of topics with a conversational tone.

Casual Magic with Shivam Bhatt

Casual Magic is one of Shivam Bhatt’s many projects where he talks all things about playing Magic in a casual way. His guests range from designers to personalities, and even sometimes competitive players. Commander is often on the table to be discussed, but the range of topics doesn’t stop with just that.

Commander Clash

Commander Clash is a Commander-focused podcast by the Commander Clash crew from MTGGoldfish. Acting as a companion piece to their Commander Clash videos on YouTube they look at a variety of topics in Commander, from the latest big story in the format to more evergreen topics.

With some well-known names like Seth (probably better known as SaffronOlive) and Crim (TheAsianAvenger), this podcast has some knowledgeable hosts on its panel.

Common Knowledge

Pauper is an incredibly popular format, and Common Knowledge focuses on just that. If this cheap (but incredibly involved) format is your jam then you probably want to give this podcast a listen. Deck techs, power rankings, set reviews, and more; Christian and Adam cover it all.

Constructed Criticism

Constructed Criticism is a levelling up podcast focused on the 60-card formats out there. Whether you're looking for decklists, heuristics, tournament results, or ban discussions, you’ll likely find it here. Heezy and Abe cover some of the more competitive topics in MTG, focusing on Constructed formats both on and off Arena.

Dies to Removal

Probably better known as a YouTube-based podcast, Dies to Removal is a semi-regular podcast from The Professor and PleasantKenobi where they discuss a mix of topics, but usually the state of MTG at the time of the podcast. Somewhat surprisingly, they provide a good amount of balance to each other’s opinions, and aren’t afraid to give kudos to Wizards where it’s due, despite often criticising their decisions.

Draft Chaff

One of the newer podcasts out there looking at Limited formats, Draft Chaff takes a fairly casual look at Draft, Sealed, and Cube, but aren’t afraid to let their inner Spike show from time to time. With regular features like “Flavor Town,” which looks at the flavor included in the set, and their “Draft Chaff Hero” looking at some of the commons and uncommons that define a set in full detail, Zach and Ben put their own spin on a tried-and-true podcast format.

Drafting Archetypes

Drafting Archetypes is a Limited podcast hosted by none other than MTG pro Sam Black. As the name suggests, he deep dives into individual archetypes of the Limited set of the moment, giving insight into winning strategies. Applying his expertise to whatever he’s talking about, Sam makes the podcast both entertaining and informative.

Drive to Work

Drive to Work is a pretty unique entry into this list, as it’s a bi-weekly podcast from Mark Rosewater, MTG’s lead designer. He uses his podcast to give quick looks into some behind the scenes elements of the history and design of Magic. Even if you disagree with a lot of MaRo’s decisions, I’d recommend giving his podcast a listen.


EDHREC is one of the biggest websites for Commander, but did you know they also have a podcast? Unsurprisingly focusing on EDH, EDHRECast uses the power of the data that their website holds to give some insight on how people are building their decks, and what’s popular at a given time.

One of the better sources for stats in Magic’s biggest format, they manage to find a unique angle to make content in this fairly crowded space.

Good Luck High Five

In this more casually-orientated podcast, Meghan and Maria take a laid-back look at the latest things happening in the world of Magic in Good Luck High Five. Whether it be story, collecting, playing, conventions, or anything else Magic related, these spell slingers will cover it in their signature laid-back fashion.

Limited Level-Ups

Another Limited-focused podcast looking at levelling up in Draft and Sealed (shocker!), Limited Level-Ups is presented by Alex (Chord_O_Calls), who you may know as Lords of Limited’s third teammate in the Limited Resources/Lords of Limited showdowns.

He knows his stuff when it comes to 40-card formats, and this is likely what you’re looking for if you’re looking for something to supplement your regular schedule of Limited Podcasts.

Limited Resources

This is one of the original podcasts for Magic, and seen by many as the GOAT for Limited information. Limited Resources originally started way back in 2009 and has set the bar for pretty much all MTG podcasts that have come along since. Currently hosted by Marshall Sutcliffe and joined by Luis Scott-Vargas, there’s a lot of expertise behind the mic here.

Lords of Limited

Whilst Limited Resources is the best-known Limited podcast, the second place slot is a bit more difficult to identify. But I firmly believe that Lords of Limited holds that title. The real gem in their crown are their 50 takes in 50 minutes episodes they use to sum up a format.


Lorebrarians, as the name suggests, focuses on the lore of MTG (and occasionally other franchises, too). Presenting the information into the history of characters and planes in a style reminiscent of Rhystic Studies, the narrator’s calm, soothing voice is perfect for when you want to relax with some MTG content.

Magic Mics

Magic Mics is a weekly MTG podcast looking at the latest hotness in the hobby. Its hosts are Evan Erwin, Reuben Bresler, and MTGNerdGirl and they discuss whatever is the most relevant topic of the week, with the occasional retrospective thrown in for good measure. Available in traditional podcast form, you can also find them on Twitch.

Magic Numbers

One of the rising stars in the Limited MTG content scene, anyone following Draft content must know about Sierkovitz by now. Working closely with 17lands, he brings his vast expertise in data analysis to the latest Draft formats in Magic Numbers.

You need to give this one a listen or a watch if you’re a numbers person. It’s still great for everyone else, though!

MTGGoldfish Podcast

MTGGoldfish Podcast is the more general version of MTGGoldfish’s podcast offerings. With Command Clash covering all things Commander, here they discuss everything else to do with Magic.

Crim and Seth are joined by the owner of MTGGoldfish to discuss the latest news items, and also take some time to answer listener questions (known as Fish Mail). It’s a good recommendation if you’re just looking for knowledgeable hosts discussing Magic’s hot topic that week.

Mystical Dispute

Mystical Dispute puts its own spin on the podcast format by turning each episode into a debate on the Limited sphere. Episodes usually revolve around a specific question, either on the current Limited set or a more general topic within drafting. The two hosts, sometimes joined by a guest, have a good-natured debate, with each host taking a different side and trying to convince the other of their take.

If you’re a fan of hot takes, this podcast is for you.

North 100

Loading Ready Run also produces North 100, a podcast focusing on Canadian Highlander. Probably the leading podcast on the unique format, Serge Yager and Ben Wheeler look at the latest releases and how they affect the format, but occasionally look at more evergreen topics, too.


TapTapConcede is one Loading Ready Run’s podcasts, where they bring their unique comedic style to the table. Fan-favorites are their Nicknames episodes, where they get listeners to come up with nicknames for every card in a set, and Stump the Expert, where they quiz each other on Magic cards.

The Command Zone

The Command Zone is generally seen as the Commander podcast, presented by Jimmy Wong and Josh Lee Kwai. It's probably the best known on this list.

Episodes often run quite long to cover everything they want to cover (most episodes are longer than an hour), but there’s always good information included. Straddling the gap between casual and competitive with ease, it almost seems useless to include it here because you likely aren’t interested in Commander if you haven’t heard of it!

What Are You Listening To?

Ardent Dustspeaker - Illustration by Mads Ahm

Ardent Dustspeaker | Illustration by Mads Ahm

Hopefully this is a pretty comprehensive list of the podcasts that are out there and where to find them. There are obviously so many podcasts out there and more popping up every day, so if I've missed one of your favorites, apologies! You should comment below so everyone else can also find it, or let us know over in the Draftsim Discord.

I hope you’ve found something interesting that you can take away. I’ll catch you in the next one!

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