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Revel in Riches - Illustration by Eric Deschamps

Revel In Riches | Illustrated by Eric Deschamps

Finding deals for your Magic purchases can be an absolute pain. It can be an expensive hobby, especially if you’re more than just a casual player. But every store has their big sale, and every big retailer particularly loves Black Friday.

Finding the right deals at the right retailers can be difficult. While most of this year’s sales have yet to be announced, I’ll share everything I’ve done all the research for you, so all you have to do is sit back, relax, and read on while I point out where to get the hottest deals.

Let’s get into it!

StoreCard KingdomStar City GamesTCGPlayerGray Viking Games
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Card Kingdom

Card Kingdom Black Friday sale graphic


Card Kingdom has already announced their 2021 Black Friday Sale. For all purchases on their site up to $1,000, Card Kingdom will give you 10% store credit back, which you can then use to buy even more stuff! These purchases cover pretty much everything MTG-related, from singles and sealed products to accessories such as dice and deck boxes.

So, if you’re planning on making an MTG purchase anytime soon, whether that’s for tuning up your deck for your next FNM or getting your holiday season shopping done a little early, make sure to do it on Black Friday. The Card Kingdom deal officially starts at 12:00 AM PST on Friday, November 26th and ends at 11:59 PM PST on Monday, November 29th. That should give you plenty of time to figure out how to best take advantage of this awesome deal.

Star City Games

SCG Black Friday 2021


Star City Games carries tons of product, be it sealed or singles, and there’s no time like Black Friday to get a deal on everything. This 2021 season, their Black Friday sale lasts from Monday, November 22nd all the way until Sunday, November 28th at 11:59 ET!

The deal gives you a 10% discount on all sealed products, 15% off all HP (heavily played) singles and up to 50% off on select supplies. While the 50% discount only applies to a few products, both the 10% and 15% discount should be enough of a good deal to make you want to get your MTG purchases done this week.


Bazaar Trademage - Illustration by Christopher Moeller

Bazaar Trademage | Illustration by Christopher Moeller

TCGPlayer has routinely run deals similar to Card Kingdom in the past by offering store credit in the 10-to-15% range. It’s safe to say that that’s likely what the deal will end up being if they plan to hold another “sale” this year. Although it isn’t really a sale, but it wouldn’t be a bad time to buy some cards considering the extra credit you’d get to play around with.

Other Online Stores

While Star City, TCGPlayer, and Card Kingdom are the more notable names for buying MTG products online, there are other storefronts in the past that have joined the Black Friday crowd in offering deals and sales. The list of such retailers is wide and scattered throughout the last five to ten years. Without much consistency to use as a baseline, your best bet this year is patience and a watchful eye.

Physical Retailers

Magus of the Bazaar - Illustration by Rob Alexander

Magus of the Bazaar | Illustration by Rob Alexander

This one’s a bit harder to pin down. Walmart and other big chain retailers that carry Magic products have deals on stuff in their stores all the time, but whether or not it’s applied to MTG stuff specifically is anybody’s best guess.

It’d be best to check them out when the fated days draw near and they start announcing their deals for the year. Though I’d much faster look to online retailers for my Magic needs, you never know. There could be a surprise around the corner waiting to show itself this year.

Just because most of the likely sales will be online on sites with big names already attached doesn’t mean you won’t find deals elsewhere. Check out your local game store to see what they’ve got going on. It’s always best to support your LGS whenever possible, especially now. You never know what your store is planning to surprise their community with, so stop in and see what’s up if you get the chance.

Give them a call (shocking for us Gen Z and Millennials, I know) and ask if they’re going to have specials. Or just follow them on social media.

Black Friday for MTG Arena

Night Market Lookout - Illustration by Nils Hamm

Night Market Lookout | Illustration by Nils Hamm

I don’t expect Wizards to offer any deals in the store on gems. You get the game’s premium currency in events and by just straight up buying them for the most part, and they hold a very specific value. Cards styles and packs might see a small discount, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. If you’re looking for any decent Arena related deals, you’re likely looking towards retailers online that sell codes.

In case you were previously unaware, that’s absolutely a thing. If you’ve missed an event or promotion that gave out special codes, you can catch up by buying them, and Black Friday might make that just a little easier to accomplish.

The best place to look for these little holy grails is Gray Viking Games. They’re up-to-date and always adding new stuff. They even sell some codes for super fancy card sleeves, some of which I’m hoping to see in some sort of Black Friday rotation. But beggars can’t be choosers. At the end of the day, I’ll take what I can get.

Update: GVG has a 10% off sitewide discount for Cyber Monday 2021. Click here to get the discount.

It Ain’t All Online

Market Festival MTG card art by Ryan Barger

Market Festival | Illustration by Ryan Barger

All of that said, shop how you want! There’s no pressure either way. We’ll be keeping a vigilant eye out for deal announcements and compiling the absolute best and most exciting ones here when the time comes. But until then, are there any deals in the past you’ve scored that you’re particularly happy about? Any speculation on upcoming deals? You’re always free to strike up a conversation in the comments below!

StoreCard KingdomStar City GamesTCGPlayerGray Viking Games
TypeStore CreditDiscountStore CreditCoupon
LinkDiscount LinkDiscount LinkDiscount LinkDiscount Link
CategoryLarge PurchasesSmall/Big PurchasesSinglesMTG Arena

If you’re more of a digital player and are scouting for MTGA sales, make sure you’ve got Arena Tutor handy. It’s great if you’re a drafter, but also just an awesome tool to track all of your matches with our signature AI built right in.

Happy shopping everybody. Until next time!

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