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The Deck of Many Things - Illustration by Volkan Baga

The Deck of Many Things | Illustration by Volkan Baga

MTG Arena has been my favorite way to play Magic, and it's brought me back to the game in a big way. I’m a casual F2P player, so my card and deck building options are limited. I’m always looking online for new decks, and if there’s anything on the market that can help me build new and competitive Standard or Explorer decks or update my old decks that are not winning that much, it's Draftsim’s Arena Tutor.

Today I’m going to show you five reasons why you should use Arena Tutor’s deck builder to build decks on MTG Arena. Stay with me and we’ll go through a little tutorial together to make the most of this awesome resource!

Why Arena Tutor Is the Best Free MTGA Deck Builder

Gives You Hundred of Ideas

You’ve just realized that you have 20 rare wildcards and 5 mythic rare wildcards, so it’s time to build a new deck. In the Arena Tutor “Metadeck” section, you can see all formats and all the top decks. Or, you can search by the least amount of WCs you’ll need to spend. If you’re a mono-red player, you can see which mono-red builds are doing better just by looking for mono-red decks.

Metagame Is Updated Twice a Week

I’m a terrible deck builder, so I’m usually looking on the web to see the new tech. Are control decks playing win conditions now? Is there a deck that’s the new hotness? Arena Tutor updates the metagame automatically, so your only concern is to play MTG with a nice deck. Of course, you’ll need the card on Arena to build them.

Free Win Percentage Data

Arena Tutor is just handing you the win percentage of decks on a plate natively on the platform. You can simply consult Arena Tutor to see what decks are performing better in which formats.

Easy to Use

How often have we gazed upon a nice and shiny new deck, only to discover that we can’t build it on Arena? Or that it sucks? Netdecking has never been so easy with Arena Tutor. You can look up decks by color, color pair, formats, win percentage, and so on and so forth. It’s actually integrated into your MTG Arena account, so Arena Tutor already tells you what deck you could be playing based on your current collection.

It’s Free

Look, I know there’s a premium version of Arena Tutor and you should definitely try it because it adds a bunch of nice features, but not in the deck builder. All the resources I’ll show you in the deck builder feature are 100% free.

Building Decks Using Arena Tutor

Enough talk! I’ll show you Arena Tutor for real running on my PC using data from my MTG Arena collection. First, let’s open Arena Tutor. Here’s the initial screen, and today I’ll show you how to use the new Metagame tab, which allow you to see the top decks you’ll want to build. So, let’s click on it.

Let’s say I’m hooked to the Explorer format, and I want to build new Explorer decks. In the right-most part of the screen, you can see the top Explorer decks by win rate. The Mono Blue Spirits deck is currently looking pretty good.

When I click on the menu, I can search the Explorer metagame by Win Rate, Popularity, Completion, and Name.

  • Win Rate shows you the decks with bigger win percentage.
  • Popularity shows you decks that are a bigger part of meta.
  • Completion shows you the decks that you’ll need the least wild cards to build on MTG Arena based on your collection.
  • Name gives you decks in alphabetical order.

Since I’m a Free to Play MTG Arena player and I don’t have that big of a collection, I’ll search by completion because I want to find a deck I can build. Let’s select completion. Since Arena Tutor also tracks my collection, I can see exactly how many and which wildcards I need to complete a given deck.

As you can see, there are a couple decks I could build by spending precious few Wildcards. Grixis Karn has a win rate of 50,9% at the moment and requires 4 wildcards, while Mono Black Devo has a win rate of 49,1% and requires 3 rare WCs and an Uncommon WC. Finally, there’s Phoenix which requires only 1 rare, and a few uncommons and commons that I have. Let’s start with Phoenix.

Izzet Phoenix Explorer Deck

Arena Tutor just told me that I need Den of the Bugbear as my rare, plus 4 copies of Fiery Impulse and 4 copies of Lightning Axe. I’ll take this deck to my Arena account, but I’ll replace that rare land for a mountain to be able to play it. For that, I’ll just click on the Export Deck and import it on Arena.

Now I’ve opened my MTG Arena account, and I’ve imported the deck. Note how effortless this is: Arena tutor told me what deck I’d spend the least Wildcards and still get a good fighting chance in Explorer and allowed me to export the deck. The only thing I need to do on MTG Arena is to build and save the deck.

And voilà, there’s the deck guys. I’ll just craft the cards I needed and I’m ready to battle.

As easy as that, I’ve got a new Explorer deck.

Grixis Karn Explorer Deck

Following the same procedure, I’ve opened the Grixis Karn deck on Arena Tutor. I’ll be able to see what I’m currently lacking to build it on Arena.

I’ve just realized that the 4 rare WCs I needed to build this deck are rare dual lands, so if I really want to play the deck, I’ll just replace the lands with dual lands I have in my collection and play it.

Another deck is ready to rumble.

Mono-Blue Spirits Explorer Deck

So, I’ve returned to the metagame section of Arena Tutor and changed it so it’s showing the decks by win rate. Currently, the best deck is Mono Blue Spirits, and it’s showing that I need 14 rare wild cards to build it on Arena. That’s a lot. It would be a lot easier to build Abzan Greasefang or Burn, and there’s no way I’m playing humans anytime soon.

As you can see, Arena Tutor shows that I lack 14 rare creatures, so that’s not easily being replaced by other cards in my collection. I’ll import it to MTG Arena anyways just to show you.

On MTG Arena, I’ve uploaded the deck, and I’m really missing the 14 creatures. I’ll just scrap this one and move on.

Does MTG Arena Have an Auto Deck Builder?

MTG Arena has a deck builder and a feature to import the decklists you see online (netdecking), provided that the websites have the “Import deck to MTG Arena” feature, but that’s it. When you add Arena Tutor, you’re playing with power. You’ll get the updated metagame for the format you want to play (be it Standard, Explorer, Historic) and you’ll be able to see how many Wildcards you need to build the deck.

Wrap Up

Rebuild - Illustration by Lindsey Look

Rebuild | Illustration by Lindsey Look

That’s all from me on Arena Tutor and how effortless it is to “netdeck” competitive Constructed decks using it.

I'm mainly an MTG Arena player, and I can’t recommend Arena Tutor enough. The deck builder is awesome, and the other features are also a must. I can track my collection to see the sets I have the most and the least cards, Arena Tutor helps me draft better and build better decks, and it tells me which of my decks are having the best win rate. It’s free and very easy to use, so be sure to give it a spin!

Are you already using Arena Tutor? Please tell me your favorite features in the comments below, or in the official Draftsim Discord.

Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

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