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Arena Tutor postgame summary w achievement

It's been a while since we had a big update for Arena Tutor, but I promise you, the wait was well worth it! I just rolled out version 2.0 minutes ago.

Today I'm going to tell you all about our new Postgame Summary screen, Game Log, and enhanced Deck Tracker.

This release builds off of our last major update with the match history and of course the initial rollout, so be sure to read those posts too if you're not already familiar with the app.

And if you somehow don't have Arena Tutor yet, fix that immediately! You can download the app for free here.

Okay, where do I even start?

Postgame Summary

Let's start with this new screen since it's awesome and I just love it.

You'll now be greeted with this new view of the lobby when your matches end:

Arena Tutor postgame summary

There's a lot going on here, so let me break it down for you.

The Essentials

First off, you'll be able to see key stats like the match game record, the match outcome, the format, and the duration.

You'll also be able to see your rank and your opponent's rank, plus an indicator above showing who won or lost.

The Two Decks

In the middle of the screen is a comparison of the two decks. Notice the buttons that on the deck art; the one on your deck will jump you to the Deck tab for that deck and the one on your opponent's deck will copy their known deck to your clipboard.

Copying your opponent's deck was a frequently requested feature so I'm glad to be able to deliver it to you. This means you can adapt your opponent's ideas and brew away!


Now this is cool. We're giving you something that MTGA never bothered to implement: in-game achievements. Who knows why WotC didn't do it, but hey, at least we're here to make your games more fun!

Go on a five-match win streak? Win with over 100 life? Kill your opponent with poison? All these (and much more) will trigger a bunch of really sweet achievements on this screen.

Did I mention that we also designed a bunch of custom graphics for you?

I think you'll have a blast discovering these and seeing how many you can get.

Opening Hand Tracker

Want to analyze your match result against the hands that you kept? You can now see a list of all your opening hands if you're a premium user. We tried to add a ton of value for our paid subscribers in this update, too.

This box will even track your mulligans:

arena tutor mulligans window

Stats Galore

arena tutor v2 statistics

Using the three navigation buttons on the left, you can click on “Statistics” to bring up a whole slew of new stats and charts to analyze your game.

You can select the stat you want to analyze and the chart will update automatically. If you're playing best of 3, there will be a selector for each individual game or for the entire match overall.

Stats available here are life totals, spells played, and lands played over time (by turn). I suggest using these charts to see where the critical turn where you “turned the corner” and muscled out a victory from the jaws of defeat was.

On the right sidebar you can see two more info boxes. First is a head-to-head, PVP comparison of your lands played, spells played, and cards drawn. If you have a big disparity over the course of the game/match, you'll really be able to see it here.

And there's a count of the top cards that both you and your opponent played for Ad Free users. This is great for some complaint equity. “OMG I can't believe they drew all four copies of (insert card here)!”

Game/Match Log

And here's perhaps the most interesting part of this whole release: a complete log of literally everything that happened in the match.

arena tutor postgame log

Why would you want this?

You can relive that great moment where you Fireball‘ed your opponent for 20. Or you can work on being an aspiring pro and analyze where your games went wrong to improve.

Hell, I've even seen people complain about looking away from the screen and not even seeing why they died in MTGA! You can see what happened in the log if you use this screen.

On the right side is a visual view of your opponent's deck. This is all the cards that Arena Tutor saw your opponent play or reveal throughout the course of the match. This allows you to reverse-engineer their decklist.

You can then copy the decklist from this screen and directly import it into MTG Arena to try out their deck! I'm sure you needed even more excuses to use wildcards

Hate It?

You can turn this window off in the settings if you don't like it. But there's so much awesome info on there; I think you'll love it.

If you're running the lobby window in overlay mode (the default), this window will automatically pop up after each match. If you have the lobby in desktop mode (popped out), maybe on a second screen, this'll show after each game but won't pop up on the screen.

Better Second Screen Tracker

Some feedback we got was that it was kind of superfluous to have a bunch of different windows that you have to drag around when you pop out the app and release it from the overlay. So we said, “what would we want to have in-game if we just combined everything into one screen?”

The answer was this:

Behold, your ultimate in-game dashboard for MTGA!

This is so much roomier than our deck tracker when you're in overlay mode. In order to access this view, click that pop-out button on the lobby window. Drag the lobby over to your other screen and you'll have this whenever you play a game.

Popping out the lobby window in Arena Tutor

Notice that, like the postgame summary, this info lives in the new Game tab.

Roomier Deck Tracker

Instead of smushing everything into one list, we now have your decklist on the left and your opponent's on the right. This allows you to see more cards. All the sort and display options from the regular tracker window are still there.

Game Log

You remember the game log that shows after the match? Well, that game log is actually being dynamically created during your match.

So at any point you can stop play and check what happened. Did you miss your opponent's scry? Was it top or bottom? Why is your creature dead? What were the targets of the last spell your opponent cast?

Now you can go back and see what happened, even though MTGA doesn't want you to know that!

New Settings

We wanted to give you more options with all this new functionality, so there are a few more settings available on the Settings tab.

Separate Deck Tracker Window

This one is a little confusing, but the gist of it is: if you have the lobby window in desktop mode (popped out), our assumption is that you have it over on another screen. Because of that you'll most likely be using the tracker on that screen and don't need the old tracker as an overlay.

That means the deck tracker stops showing up on your game window. But if you want it to still appear, just enable this toggle.

Enable/Disable Postgame Summary

If you don't want the postgame summary to launch after every match, you can just disable it. Don't worry; you can always re-enable it or retrieve the summary/stats info later…

Viewing the Postgame Summary from Matches

Finally, we tried to seamlessly integrate the new features with the existing app. One key thing we wanted to do was create a linkage between your Match History and these postgame screens for that particular match.

It's as simple as the little “log” button:

match history log button arena tutor

Click that button and it'll immediately jump to the game log for that past match. Voila!

Try it Out!

We put a ton of work into this release. I think you're going to absolutely love it and get a ton of value out of it. So go play some MTGA with Arena Tutor and check out all the sweet new features. Don't forget to download it now if you don't have it already!

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