Last updated on December 17, 2021

Alter Reality - Illustration by Justin Sweet

Alter Reality | Illustration by Justin Sweet

It's about that time again, we've got another update for you! I'm very happy to announce something that's been long overdue for Arena Tutor: full tracking of your match history!

We already had a little bit of this over on the “Decks” tab of the application, but you weren't able to see all you matches in order, sorted by format. Until today, that is.

The wait is over, and now you can slice and dice your match results to your heart's content. If you haven't downloaded the app yet, make sure you grab it while it's hot. If you've already got our app, you'll get these beautiful new screens automatically the next time you update Overwolf.

The New Matches Tab

Arena Tutor match history

How it Works

As you can see, you have a complete list of matches as a feed in the center of the screen. You're shown the event type, match results, opponent name, match time, and your and your opponent's colors. You'll now be able to see all the matches side-by-side when you switch back and forth between Standard and Draft. Or not, as I'll cover in a bit.

If you look at the tiles on the left, there's a box for each different event type. This not only separates Limited and Constructed, it also lets you quickly filter different play modes. For example, best-of-one Standard “Play” is treated as a different event than BO1 Standard ranked.

Viewing Full Game Details

To get more details about what happened in a particular match, just click on the “+” on the right side of the match:

Expanded match details in Arena Tutor

Now you can see the result of each game, whether you were on the play or draw, the total match duration, and which deck you were playing.

The Righthand Panel: Statistics

To the right of the match history feed is your match statistics. These will automatically update based on any filters you're using, for particular events or otherwise.

Here you can see your overall match record, time played, game record, and how you did depending on if you played or drew first.

Statistics panel for matches in Arena Tutor

Surprisingly, we're better on the draw!

Let's get rid of those nasty constructed losses (Draftsim bias here…) and look at our record for only Forgotten Realms draft by clicking “AFR Traditional Draft” on the left-hand side:

Filtered statistics panel for AFR draft

Ah, much better.

Using Filters

One powerful option that you might not notice at first glance is that you can use filters. These let you answer specific questions like, “What's my win rate in draft?” “Am I better at best-of-1 or best-of-3?” and “What's my win rate for the past week only?”

The filter button in Arena Tutor's match history

Let's see what our win rate is in best-of-3 draft only as an example.

Filters on the match history tab

Just click “Apply,” and voila! Your list of matches and stats are displayed for BO3 draft only:

Filtered match results

Notice that little red dot on the filter icon? This means that you have an active filter. If you want to clear the filter and reset it, you can click “All Matches” directly under the filter button or click the filter button and select “Reset.”

Integration with Your Decks

Remember how you could see which deck you were playing in the match details? If you click on the deck name, it'll actually take you directly to the deck so you can review it in the “Decks” tab.

Arena Tutor match details with deck name highlighted


Arena Tutor Premium Features

As a bonus for all our users who are ad-free subscribers, we've also added an awesome looking win rate graph to replace the advertisements:

Arena Tutor win rate chart

You can use this to quickly spot trends in your play and watch the graph shoot upwards when you're “on a heater.” We're doing pretty good here!

New Settings Tab

I'd be remiss to not mention that we've also completely redesigned the app's settings interface. Instead of a finnicky hover menu, you now have a dedicated settings screen in the lobby window!

Arena Tutor new settings screen

All of the settings that were previously in the dropdown menu (the gear) on the lobby were moved to this screen. Hopefully you find it a lot easier to use.

Did you notice that subtle Grindstone art in the background?

In Closing…

So that does it for this new version! I hope you really enjoy it.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start tracking your matches with Arena Tutor so you have more sweet, sweet data to analyze.

I can tell you from my personal experience testing the new features that I've absolutely loved being able to have this level of personal insights into my matches. It's made me use the app a lot more! I hope you'll find it just as useful as I do.

Regardless, we've got another huge update with a lot of awesome stuff in the works soon. Talk to you then!

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