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Grimlock, Dinobot Leader - Illustration by Tyler Jacobson

Grimlock, Dinobot Leader | Illustration by Tyler Jacobson

Wizards went straight for the nostalgia button when it announced Magic’s new Transformers cards. These two-sided cards feature beloved Transformers characters like Optimus Prime, Starscream, and Megatron. Each card has new mechanics that show off what the Autobots and Decepticons are best known for: transforming!

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What Are the Transformers MTG Cards?

Grimlock, Ferocious King - Illustration by Tyler Jacobson

Grimlock, Ferocious King | Illustration by Tyler Jacobson

Magic’s Transformers cards are two-sided legendary cards that are part of Universes Beyond. These cards take characters and environments from other brands and IPs (like Warhammer 40k), adding MTG rules and mechanics so they become playable in some formats.

All the Transformers cards feature the mechanic ”more than meets the eye,” which allows you to pay a mana cost to cast the converted version of the card. When you cast the card as a creature, you pay the mana cost on the face. If you use more than meets the eye, you pay that cost instead and cast the card flipped as a vehicle. The vehicle side has living metal which is like an automatic crew during your turn.

These new cards come in two different style variants: one that features artwork reminiscent of the 1980s cartoon, and another called “shattered glass.” Arcee is the only card that doesn’t have a shattered glass variant.

You can also get foil and non-foil versions of the Transformers cards.

How Many Transformers Cards Are There?

There are 15 Transformers cards for you to collect when you crack open The Brothers’ War set boosters or collector packs. Each one is a legendary artifact creature on one side and legendary artifact vehicle on the other.

I highly doubt that there will be new Transformers cards added in the future as part of this set or that Wizards will make any reprints.

List of Transformers Cards

Shattered Glass Variants

Where Do You Get Transformers Cards?

The Brothers' War Set Booster Box

You can get Magic’s Transformers cards from The Brothers’ War set and collector boosters from any retailer that carries MTG cards. You can also buy them online from sites like TCGPlayer, or you can support your local game store by grabbing the packs there.

Magic The Gathering The Brothers’ War Set Booster Box | 30 Packs (360 Magic Cards)
  • 30 The Brothers’ War Set Boosters—the best MTG boosters to open just for fun
  • 12 Magic: The Gathering cards plus 1 Art Card in each booster
  • At least 1 Retro-Frame Artifact card in every pack
  • Transformers card in 10 percent of packs
  • 1–5 cards of rarity Rare or higher and at least 1 Traditional Foil card in every pack

Are Transformers Cards in Regular Brothers’ War Packs?

The Brothers' War Collector Box

Unfortunately, you can only get the new Transformers cards in The Brothers' War set and collector boosters. Sorry to disappoint you if you were hoping to try your luck at Draft and nab some of these new cards. There’s always the singles market if you’re okay with used cards.

The shattered glass cards are only available in The Brothers’ War collector boosters.

Magic The Gathering The Brothers War Collector Booster Box | 12 Packs (180 Magic Cards)
  • 12 The Brothers’ War MTG Collector Boosters—15 Magic cards plus 1 foil token in each booster
  • Only packs that may contain Shattered Glass alternate-art Transformers cards
  • Only packs that may contain special Foil Serialized Schematic cards
  • Foil or nonfoil Transformers Mythic Rare card in every pack plus 5 other cards of rarity Rare or higher
  • 3–4 Retro-Frame Artifact cards, including at least 1 Showcase Schematic card in every pack

What Is the Magic Set Code BOT?

The set code for the Transformers cards is “BOT,” which helps you find these cards when you’re searching for them online or if you’re organizing your cards by set. The two set codes help you distinguish from the “BRO” set, which is for The Brothers’ War, and the BOT set for Transformers cards.

Don’t forget that BRO set and collector boosters contain cards with both BRO and BOT set codes to identify The Brothers’ War and Transformers cards respectively.

Why Did WotC Create Transformers Cards?

Wizards created the Transformers cards as part of its Universes Beyond series. These are fun cards meant to be collected more than for regular play. They’re only legal in certain formats after all.

Most folks who’ve never played MTG probably think the game is all about elves, goblins, and dragons. Seeing cool characters from Transformers, Street Fighter, and The Walking Dead will surely pique new player interest.

But one-offs and special drops can be a little obnoxious for seasoned players. If you don’t care for a particular series then you’d rather not waste a slot in a set or collector pack on a card that doesn’t excite you. Not only does it fall into lukewarm hands, it takes up space in packs that some players are passionate about. The worst case scenario might be those who are deep into The Brothers’ War lore but have a strong dislike for the Transformers.

What Are Shattered Glass Transformers Cards?

The shattered glass Transformers cards are the alternate art versions of the Transformers cards. They draw inspiration from another universe where the Decepticons are the good guys and Autobots are bad.

The artwork on the cards includes pink and purple broken glass shards as the backdrop and frame of the card name and text box. The shattered glass series are also borderless while the traditional versions have a black border.

Are the Transformers Cards Valuable?

While it’s impossible to predict how the value of the Transformers cards will change over time, it’s likely that they’ll increase. A quick look at previous Universes Beyond cards easily shows that these types of playable collectors’ cards grow to be worth anywhere between $3 and $40, or much more in rare cases.

Are the Transformers Cards Legal?

The Transformers cards are only legal in Commander, Legacy, and Vintage. You shouldn’t go buying set and collector booster packs in hopes of upgrading your Standard and Pioneer decks or you’ll be out of luck.

Are Transformers Part of Universes Beyond?

Yes, the Transformers cards are part of Universes Beyond.

Transformers Cards vs. Godzilla Cards

The Godzilla cards are an alternate set that was made for purely aesthetic purposes. Unlike the new Transformers cards, the Godzilla cards were just a new art set that duplicated existing cards with different names and artwork.

So if you wanted to play Void Beckoner, for example, you could cast Spacegodzilla, Void Invader instead for the same mana cost and with the same abilities, power, and toughness.

On the other hand, the Transformers cards are new and unique in design, mechanics, and gameplay. They’re entirely new cards with new (albeit familiar) abilities.

Wrap Up

Optimus Prime, Inspiring Leader - Illustration by Steve Argyle

Optimus Prime, Inspiring Leader | Illustration by Steve Argyle

That’s just about all there is to know about Magic’s Transformers cards. If you’re into MTG lore and are loving The Brothers’ War set to release, these cards featuring your favorite Autobots and Decepticons are the cherry on top. Especially for us older players who grew up with the Transformers cartoons.

What do you think of The Brothers’ War release and Transformers cards? Do you have a favorite card? Let me know in the comments below or join the discussion over in the Draftsim Discord.

Autobots, transform and roll out!

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