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Soothsayer Adept - Illustration by Cristi Balanescu

Soothsayer Adept | Illustration by Cristi Balanescu

Welcome to Draftsim! Instead of my usual breakdown of the cards for Draft, I’m going to enlist the assistance of a special advisor. And a big “thank you” to Wizards for providing the three preview cards today!

Allow me to introduce Augusta, Dean of Order…

Augusta, Dean of Order

Hello eager young first-years! I’d like to welcome you one more time to Strixhaven: School of Mages. It’s delightful to be able to mentor some fresh faces, so excited to learn. Of course, I hope that you’ll choose Lorehold as your college next year, but most importantly, I want you to flourish as a student.

I see that today you’ve come to my office to get help with course selection. Specifically for your “Limited Studies” minor. Perfect. I’ll help you make sure you get into just the right “class tier.”

Okay, so who’s up first?

Soothsayer Adept

You’re a humble little merfolk, aren’t you? It looks like you’ve only applied for placement in the “Fringe Playable” class. But I honestly think you’re underestimating yourself.

Arcavios is a plane full of two-power creatures! I think you’ll do great on blocking duty.

… well, at least in the early game.

You’ll be especially helpful to controlling and midrange planeswalkers who are looking to bridge into the late game. Particularly in “best of one” contests where you’ll be a significant boon to their mana curve.

And we’ve all heard the legendary tales of Merfolk Looter on other planes. By the way, is that your cousin? I know that soothsaying is a bit more of an effort for you, but your ability is still great for hitting land drops and smoothing out late game draws.

Finally, I must say that you and your classmates are excellent reminders that Strixhaven is a place where we are very in touch with the past. I should think I would know.

Once something is in the graveyard, we can always bring it back or find another use for it.

I’d like to place you in the Sometimes Playable class. I have faith in you!

Tome Shredder

Hey. Stop that! Stop tearing up that book, our ancestors are in there! 

There you go. Good pup.

You, on the other hand, are quite an ambitious canine if I’ve ever seen one. It looks like you’ve applied for the “Great First Pick” class?

Yes, we all know about the terrifying Spellgorger Weird on Ravnica. But I think you might benefit from a little more experience before you throw yourself into such a challenging class.

For example, there are no “mid combat” surprises from you since you have to spend all your energy to devour one of my books. And you can only grow once per turn. You should be realistic about your limitations.

On the other hand, your speed and agility might allow you to deal more early damage for planeswalkers who are on the play. And in the late game, you’ll be able to sink your teeth into spellbooks right away, making you relevant more immediately. Add to that the fact that you don’t require any spells in hand, so even as a late topdeck you’d be able to grow into quite the fearsome wolf.

That said, I’d prefer to see a beast that can attack and grow in power on the same turn in such an esteemed class.

Yes, we certainly have our share of magecraft and powerful instants and sorceries at Strixhaven. But let’s see how you do in an “Average” level course first. 

Oh, and please stay out of the Biblioplex.

Pilgrim of the Ages

It’s great to welcome a new student that one of our seniors conjured! It’s much easier than sending out admissions brochures, you know?

And you are quite the student indeed! A two-for-one? Nigh un-killable? Wow!

It seems like your confidence in signing up for the “Above Average” class is warranted. You’re a sharp one.

I think you’ll be a perfect companion for mages who have a more grindy or controlling style. Helping them hit their land drops and providing a great speedbump to disincentivize attacking.

With the prevalence of all the 3/2 spirits that we’ve summoned from the afterlife running around Strixhaven, you’ll often be a relevant blocker too.

And you’ll be able to permanently haunt any mages who have big ground creatures without evasion. Wonderful!

I know it might be difficult to stomach (do you have one of those?), but if you volunteer to join any Sacrifice classes, I think you’ll excel there. After all, you just come right back. No biggie, right?

I think when you add this up, everything but the most aggressive style of planeswalker will be more than happy to have your help. You’ve really proven that you’ll be a “value” to the school.

Here’s the good news: I’m going to advise you to start out in the “Above Average” class. But I think that later on this semester you may very well be able to test into the “Great First Picks” class. Good luck with your studies!

Well, students, that should do it. Remember that just by virtue of being admitted to Strixhaven, you are already among the elite. So act like it! Regardless of if you’re a first pick, or a fringe playable, you have a very important role to play in forging the future of this world!

Wrap Up

Pilgrim of the Ages - Illustration by Jihun

Pilgrim of the Ages | Illustration by Jihun

Many thanks to the dean for the assist with helping out the new students. If you’re planning to check out Strixhaven on MTG Arena, it releases on April 15.

Be sure to download our free MTGA assistant app, Arena Tutor to get game stats and help you draft better. We’ll have it updated for Strixhaven right on release day. I promise you’ll love it!

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