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The Kenriths' Royal Funeral - Illustration by Manuel Castañon

The Kenriths' Royal Funeral | Illustration by Manuel Castañon

We’re stepping into unknown territory once the dust has settled from the Phyrexian invasion, and the planes return to something like normality. We’re getting a set unlike we’ve ever seen in Magic labelled a “micro set” and consisting of 50 cards that tell the story of what comes after the conquest by (or defeat of) the Phyrexian hordes.

But what is this set? What is it bringing to the game? Introducing MOM: The Aftermath. Let’s get into it!

March of the Machine: The Aftermath Basic Information

Invasion of Tarkir - Illustration by Darren Tan

Invasion of Tarkir | Illustration by Darren Tan

Set Details

Set Symbol
Set CodeMAT
Number of Cards50
Rarities10 mythics, 24 rares, 15 uncommons

Important Dates

Story releaseMay 1 to 2, 2023
Previews startMay 2 to 3, 2023
Full gallery availableMay 4, 2023
Release on MTG Arena and Magic OnlineMay 11, 2023
Available on Arena TutorMay 11, 2023
Paper release dateMay 12, 2023

About the Set: The Story

Invasion of Shandalar - Illustration by Adam Paquette

Invasion of Shandalar | Illustration by Adam Paquette

This is a set unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. It’s a small set that will cover events that come after the “finale” set of March of the Machine. The set was originally code-named named “Epilogue,” which is a great descriptor of what it’s about: the epilogue of the story of the latest Phyrexian War.

The Aftermath should probably be treated as a bonus Standard set and will be legal in Standard as well as any other format that’s fed into by Standard sets like Pioneer, Modern, even Commander. It’s probably a set that everyone wants to keep an eye one because of this.

The set only consists of 50 cards apparently at uncommon, rare, and mythic and is being called a micro set. The Aftermath isn’t designed for Limited play since it’s touted to be a very story-focused set that shows what happens to the planes in the wake of the Phyrexian invasion.


Speculation is abound for what March of the Machine will bring to Magic, both in terms of gameplay and story. MaRo has cryptically suggested that the set will bring changes to both, and we know that booster packs for regular sets will be changing their makeup going forward, with more packs regularly containing more than one rare.

While this set could include literally anything since we’ve never seen something like it before, I expect some splashy rares that’ll see play in Standard at least. Good cards sell packs, and Wizards definitely don’t want this experiment to be unpopular. Fingers crossed we don’t have anything too broken!

March of the Machine: The Aftermath Full Gallery

White Cards

Blue Cards

Black Cards

Red Cards

Green Cards

Multicolored Cards

Colorless Card


Article Aftermath

Invasion of Alara - Illustration by Mathias Kollros

Invasion of Alara | Illustration by Mathias Kollros

Definitely walking into unknown territory with this one. Do you like this, or are you not a fan of a small set like this? Wizards is almost certainly putting it out to see players’ reaction and how it’s received, and I think this experimentation is good. I can’t wait to see what comes!

What about you? Is there anything you’re looking forward to in the set? Anything you want to see in similar sets in future? Let me know in the comments below or over on Draftsim’s official Twitter.

 I’ll see you in the next one. Unless I don’t make it through the invasion!

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