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The last few years have been very kind to MTG, especially with the success of Arena, its entry into the Esports field, and the increasing popularity of paper tournaments. New players are flocking to Magic every day and, naturally, everyone always wants to get their hands on new cards. This makes it easy to find a gift for your MTG-loving loved ones, but there is one annoying problem: Arena has no gift cards.

Looking for Official MTG Arena Gift Cards? Think Again

There is no obvious reason for WotC to not introduce gift cards to MTGA’s store, but it’s been a persistent problem for years. As a best guess – they’ve decided that it’s too complicated and not worth the software development cost.

MTG also has thousands of players worldwide which creates a problem: gift cards would have different values in different countries. And different bank and payment processing methods are required. However, in-game purchases are already available for MTG Arena worldwide, so this can’t really be the issue.

Despite people constantly asking for this feature on Reddit, it’s apparently still not a priority. But it sure seems like a great way for the product to make more money…

Ultimately, WotC hasn’t released any official gift cards at all for any of its products, and Arena is no exception. But don’t worry, there are some ways you can still gift your friends with booster packs and various stores also have their own gift cards, so you aren’t out entirely of options.

So let’s dig into the alternatives to gift cards on MTGA.

Bazaar of Baghdad - Illustration by Christopher Moeller

Bazaar of Baghdad | Illustration by by Christopher Moeller

No WotC Gift Cards? No Problem!

Unfortunately, there aren’t a whole lot of options when it comes to trying to circumvent the “no-MTG-Arena-gift-cards” problem. In an effort to offer you something of an alternative, I’m also going to go offer some paper-focused MTG gift avenues.

With that, let’s just dive right in!

Local Stores

Bazaar Trader - Illustration by Matt Cavotta

Bazaar Trader | Illustration by Matt Cavotta

If your friends like playing MTG with actual, physical cards, they probably have an LGS they frequently visit as these stores stand at the core of the MTG community. Aside from acting as a place where players gather together, most of these stores also offer gift cards that can be used for purchases there.

It might take some detective work to find out which LGS is the right place to get your friends a gift card to, but it’ll definitely be worth it. You might even learn a little more about what exactly you can get as a gift aside from gift cards.

Prepaid Credit Cards

One of the most common ways to gift an MTG players a “gift card” is a prepaid credit card. It’s fairly easy too, you can get them online or at most major stores. They can be used anywhere that accepts Visa or Mastercard, depending on which one you get, which includes MTG Arena.

You can buy a pre-loaded Visa gift cards for your friend to make in-game purchases for whatever they want.

Mastercard also provides easy-to-use “gift” cards that can be used pretty much anywhere. You can get them here.

Generous Gift - Illustration by Kev Walker

Generous Gift | Illustration by Kev Walker


PayPal is known for having a lot of different gift cards and promotions, but MTG is not yet one of them. You could just get a gift card for a big box retailer that sells Magic products where they can buy a paper product that also includes an Arena code.

Of course, you could also use PayPal to just send a small “gift” directly to their account.

Amazon Gift Cards

Everyone complains that Amazon prices for MTG products are somewhat higher than usual, but it’s still a reliable platform that’s widely available. You can easily get a gift card online and send them to your friend’s email and they’ll be able to use it for paper products. This obviously doesn’t help you when it comes to Arena, though.

Mana Maze - Illustration by Rebecca Guay

Mana Maze | Illustration by Rebecca Guay

Online MTG Stores

Card Kingdom is widely popular among MTG players, especially when it comes to getting specific cards that you desperately need. A dedicated player will always need cards that would improve their deck considerably, so a gift card from Card Kingdom would make any paper Magic player very happy.

Another fan favorite, TCG Player also offers gift cards that can be used for MTG booster packs or single cards. Any paper player can find almost every card they need here, so you won’t have to worry whether or not your friend can find what they want on TCG Player.

Finally, if you’re looking to specifically buy someone a gift card that they can use for MTG Arena codes, then this digital gift card from Gray Viking Games is your ticket. I’ll go into more detail below about how to gift someone specific products in MTGA using their store.

Epic Games

MTG Arena is now available on the Epic Games Store, but it still doesn’t have any gift cards that can be directly for MTGA (for now). But you can buy things from the Epic Games Store as a gift, so there’s that. Hey, at least it’s something.

Gift Horse | Illustration by Steve Prescott

Alternative Gifts

If you’re still not sure if getting a gift card would be enough, there are a lot of options you can choose from. If your friend has recently started playing MTG Arena, there are lots of promo codes that can be used for additional rewards.

Speaking of codes, you could just gift your friend or family member some codes from packs and prerelease kits. For example, you can buy these codes directly from Gray Viking Games online:

gray viking games mtga codes selection

They have a huge variety of codes, which are delivered instantly to your email upon purchase. You can even find obscure stuff like all the Secret Lair codes for sale.

Or you can also try your luck on eBay:

There are also a lot of giveaways that occasionally come up. You’ll have to look around a bit, but plenty of streamers give out codes for packs and gems. You can always track and give these codes to your friends, too, if you want.

Finally, there’s always the option to gift them with products that are neither booster packs nor cards (back to paper Magic, though). Secret Lair, card sleeves, playmats, or just get them a whole deck. There are plenty of options out there (winkwink), from Challenger Decks to Commander and Brawl Decks to “starter decks” specifically made for new players.

Treasure Map - Illustration by Cliff Childs

Treasure Map | Illustration by Cliff Childs

Gifting Goodbye

As you can see, there are a lot of different ways to gift your friend with MTG products, with some options for digital and plenty of avenues for paper. If you’re thinking it shouldn’t be this difficult, you’re definitely right. We hope that WotC will someday offer MTG Arena gift cards and make it much easier, but for now this is what we’ve got.

Wizards is definitely missing out on a decent chunk of potential revenue by not making gift cards available. As the number of MTG players steadily grows, they’ll surely realize this and introduce some sort of solution to the long-standing gift card problem. They already caught the Esports hype after years of neglect, so it wouldn’t be surprising to keep this momentum going.

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