Rhystic Study - Illustration by Fuzichoco

Rhystic Study | Illustration by Fuzichoco

While new Magic: The Gathering sets often bring new mechanics or new card types, there are just a few that focus more on the appearances of the cards rather than bringing something new to the table. Wilds of Eldraine is an example of that, as it has a bonus sheet of throwback enchantments that got a facelift with new art.

However, there are other things the new set brought to the table, like the new “Confetti Foil” variant available in some collector boosters. But what is it, and how is it different from a regular foil?

All those questions will be answered today!

What Is a Confetti Foil in MTG?

Smothering Tithe | art by Daisuke Tatsuma

Smothering Tithe | Illustration by Daisuke Tatsuma

Some Magic: The Gathering cards have a glowing effect with a shiny, reflective, or holographic finish compared to regular ones, called foils.

Confetti foil is a special treatment available in collector boosters that appears on borderless anime versions of the Enchanting Tales bonus sheet cards from Wilds of Eldraine. The difference between it and regular foils is that these new confetti ones have a heavy sparkling effect that looks like confetti adorning the card.

How Do You Identify a Confetti Foil?

Due to its distinctive shiny, confetti-like finish, identifying a confetti foil is somewhat straightforward. Still, I acknowledge that some of these cards might be difficult to spot at first glance due to their color palette. When in doubt, you can put them under a light while rotating slowly to see if they shine.

How Do You Get Confetti Foils?

Confetti foils can be obtained in Wilds of Eldraine collector booster packs. You can of also trade for them or get them from your LGS or the secondary market.

What Types of Packs Have Confetti Foils?

So far, confetti foils are exclusive to Wilds of Eldraine collector booster packs, with a chance of appearing in less than 3% of packs. Rumor has it that they’ll be added in future Secret Lairs if they become popular.

What Sets Have Confetti Foils?

While they can appear in future Secret Lairs, confetti foils are currently only found in Wilds of Eldraine collector boosters.

What Are the Odds of Opening a Confetti Foil?

Only 3% of collector boosters are expected to have a confetti foil in them. Due to the number of rares and mythic rares, it’s also expected that 1.1% of the rares have this treatment, while the mythics will have a 1.8% chance of appearing.

Are Confetti Foils Valuable?

Due to the scarcity of these cards, their value is expected to be very high. Take The One Ring as proof that the fewer copies of a card that exist, the higher its value can be.

Confetti Foils vs. Regular Foils

While both kinds of foil cards shine, regular foils tend to shine all over the card in a plain pattern highlighting the brighter parts. Confetti foils highlight only certain features of cards, leaving some key elements untouched, like faces, bodies that don't have clothing, etc.

Confetti Foils vs. Etched Foils

Etched foils seem very similar at first glance to confetti foils, though you the former will have the same collector number in the bottom left corner as non-foil versions, whereas confetti foils have a different collector number than their non-foil versions.

Confetti Foils vs. Textured Foils

Textured foils have circular imprinted grooves as a foiling pattern and have a distinct feel to the touch. Confetti foils have a more consistent speckling throughout the entire card, and don't have the same raised foiling.

Can All Cards Be Found as Confetti Foils, or Only Certain Ones?

While it would be nice to get a chance to get every card from the set in a confetti foil treatment, only a few of the enchantments from Enchanting Tales have it.

Do Confetti Foil Cards Warp or Bend More Than Regular Foils?

Regular foils and Secret Lair foils tend to bend due to the exposure to moisture, which affects the card's composition.

The confetti foil treatment seems different from the previous ones based on the previews because it looks like more of a “spray” over the card rather than being a part of the card's composition. This can change how they respond to humidity, but if the treatment is the same as a normal foil, chances are that they’ll likely bend as the other ones do.

Are Confetti Foils Tournament Legal?

Cards that have a significant marking or have had their shape changed from regular ones aren’t tournament legal. While foils in their normal state don't meet these restrictions, be careful if they start to bend.

Wrap Up

Doubling Season - Illustration by Kemonomichi

Doubling Season | Illustration by Kemonomichi

Foils are some of the most precious cards for any MTG collector, especially special treatments like the Enchanting Tales sheet from Wilds of Eldraine. These cards are certainly valuable because they’re the first that have this kind of foil treatment. And if the appeal is good, we may see it in further sets.

What do you think? Would you like them and be willing to see them in future sets? Let us know in the comments! As always, if you like the content and want to see more, follow us on Twitter to make sure you get all MTG news.

Take care, and see you next time!

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