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Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer (Multiverse Legends) - Illustration by Magali Villeneuve

Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer (Multiverse Legends) | Illustration by Magali Villeneuve

There are plenty of new features coming in March of the Machine, including battles, transforming Phyrexian cards, and a new set of Praetors. One additional feature is the Multiverse Legends bonus sheet.

Not only is this sheet going to have some serious implications on the Limited formats, it’s also got some highly sought after cards. Then there are the alternate frames, fan-favorite returners along with some brand new ideas.

With all this info, I think it’s time to take a look at what’s coming in more detail!

Multiverse Legends Set Details

Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon (Multiverse Legends) - Illustration by Kekai Kotaki

Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon (Multiverse Legends) | Illustration by Kekai Kotaki

Set SymbolMOM Multiverse Legends set symbol
Set CodeMUL
Number of Cards65
Rarities20 uncommons, 30 rares, 15 mythic rares

What Are Multiverse Legends in March of the Machine?

Multiverse Legends is a bonus sheet included in March of the Machine, consisting of popular legendary creatures from across the Multiverse. Similar way to the Strixhaven Mystical Archives and the Retro Artifacts from The Brothers’ War, the Multiverse Legends are included in draft, set, and collector boosters. These cards are also playable in the Limited formats of the set, with one Multiverse Legends card being included in every draft booster.

How Many Multiverse Legends Are in MOM?

There are 65 Multiverse Legends cards included in March of the Machine, spanning legendary creatures from many different planes and times across the Multiverse.

Each Multiverse Legend card comes in at least three different versions. The normal base version, as well as a showcase treatment based on the plane the creature is from. They’re also available in non-foil, foil-etched, and Halo foil, as well as rainbow foil for the serialized versions.

Multiverse Legends Full Card List







Where Can You Open Multiverse Legends?

Multiverse Legends can be found in draft, set, and collector boosters for March of the Machine.

How Many Multiverse Legends Are in Each Pack?

Each draft and set booster will contain a guaranteed Multiverse Legends card. Additionally, around 4% of set boosters will have a Multiverse Legends etched foil in the foil slot.

March of the Machine collector booster contents graphic

Collector boosters have three slots where Multiverse Legends can show up. One of these slots is a foil uncommon Multiverse Legend, another is a traditional foil alt-border rare or mythic (which could be a serialized Praetor), and the final slot is a foil rare or mythic Multiverse Legend (which could be Halo foil, foil-etched, or traditional foil). Each of these slots also has a chance to be a double-rainbow foil serialized version of the respective rarity Multiverse Legend card.

In theory, this means that a single collector pack can contain three serialized cards! Although this is super unlikely with less than 1% of collector boosters containing any serialized cards.

Are Multiverse Legends Legal?

The printing of the Multiverse Legends cards doesn’t change the legality of the cards, just like Mystical Archive and Retro Artifacts before them. This means that we won’t be getting Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer in Standard, and Thalia, Guardian Of Thraben won’t be legal after rotation this autumn.

But if you open these cards in Limited (and you will, with one in every pack!), then you can play them in your Draft or Sealed deck!

Multiverse Legends vs. Retro Artifacts vs. Mystical Archive

For all intents and purposes, Multiverse Legends are the “legendary creature” version of the instants and sorceries of the Mystical Archive, and the, well, artifacts of the Retro Artifacts. But there are a couple small differences.

First, when looking at Limited gameplay, Multiverse Legends are closer to the Mystical Archives, since they are coloued. This narrows the number of decks they can go in, meaning you can expect to see appropriately colored legends making it further around the Draft table.

Also, for those nostalgia hunters, a lot of the legends seem to come from recent sets. This may be due to the fact that uncommon legends have only really become a thing in the last few years, but when compared to the earlier iterations they had more entries from more than five years ago than I can see in Multiverse Legends.

Notable Cards

Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer

Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer

The biggest inclusion on many player’s lists has got to be Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer. This is the money card of Multiverse Legends, clocking in at over $60 before this reprint.

This is a chase card, especially if you can find it in the Kaladesh Invention frame.

Atraxa and Skithiryx

Other cards that will make $ signs in your eyes include Atraxa, Praetors' Voice and Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon at around $55 and $35 respectively. Both are popular cards at the EDH tables, and ones that most players will be looking to open.

Wrap Up

Yargle, Glutton of Urborg (Multiverse Legends) - Illustration by Serena Malyon

Yargle, Glutton of Urborg (Multiverse Legends) | Illustration by Serena Malyon

Well, that’s about it! A bunch of cool legends, some of which will likely leave you salty at the Draft tables, and others that will have you shouting with joy when you crack them. A certain monkey is bringing a lot of hype, but there are a lot of other powerful cards coming too.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to seeing what Multiverse Legends do in Limited, or do you think they’re going to be too game warping? Is there anything you’re looking to open up, even outside of the value conversation? Let me know down below in the comments, or find us over on Twitter.

Good luck in your prerelease!

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