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The World Tree - Illustration by Anastasia Ovchinnikova

The World Tree | Illustration by  Anastasia Ovchinnikova

Since the launch of MTG Arena, Wizards of the Coast has implemented a variety of ways to keep players interested and going back to the game, time and time again. Various new formats, a wide array of sleeves for our decks, pet companions, avatars and, of course, the thing that matters to us most: rewards for playing and winning.

Side-by-side with daily and seasonal rewards, weekly rewards are one of the excuses Wizards gives us to keep going back to Arena on a regular basis. Apart from the sheer fun of playing Magic, of course. After all, who among us doesn’t want to be rewarded for their great skills, masterful deckbuilding, and clever strategizing?

Where to Find Weekly Rewards

The counters for daily and weekly rewards can be found at the bottom of the Home screen of the game, along with your current Mastery Level. Their counter is the second starting from the right, and it’s easy to spot thanks to its big orange “XP” symbol.

MTG Arena weekly win rewards

Weekly rewards are a much simpler task to complete than daily rewards, but their prizes are also more limited. While dailies offer quests ranging from playing certain colors or killing a certain number of creatures as well as daily win rewards. The reward pool for daily wins is also larger and more varied, including various amounts of gold, Mastery XP, and individual card rewards.

On the other hand, weekly rewards are a lot more concrete and to the point. The premise is simple: for every win (up to 15) that you get, you earn 250 Mastery XP. Luckily, XP comes with its own rewards, especially if you have a nice amount of gems to spend.

Which events qualify to earn you XP? Standard and History Play, ranked modes, drafts, sealed, and most event wins count for these rewards. Basically, the only exception is bot matches (sorry, Sparky).

Weekly Rewards and Mastery XP

Experience in Arena counts towards your Mastery level. The Mastery System is a level-based rewards system that resets with the release of every new expansion. The XP you gain from both daily and weekly rewards will increase your level, and with every new level comes new rewards.

Kaldheim Mastery Pass level 44

In the case of free-to-play players, you’ll earn a free booster pack for the current expansion every two levels. There are also five Mastery Orbs that you can earn every handful of levels, which you can use to unlock special card styles in the Mastery Tree.

If you’ve invested money into the game or you’re a dedicated player who’s managed to earn a solid amount of gems through events, you can buy the Mastery Pass for 3,400 gems. If you do, your Mastery rewards (and therefore weekly rewards) become much better. Every level you advance gives you a new reward on top of the packs and Orbs you’d get without the pass. This includes card styles, mythic cards, packs from previous sets, pets that will keep you company during your games, gold, gems, and a lot more.

With weekly rewards alone you earn 250 XP for each win up to 15, which would add up to a total of 3,750 XP. This means between 3 to 4 levels each week by winning no more than two games a day. And that’s if we’re not counting the extra experience gained through your dailies.

Don't think this is enough? Make sure that you've used up all the free codes available to get packs, cosmetics, and more XP.

When Is the Weekly Reset?

Midnight Clock - Illustration by Alexander Forssberg

Midnight Clock | Illustration by Alexander Forssberg

As you could probably figure out from their name, weekly rewards reset every week when the Arena server resets. This happens every Sunday at 2 AM PST, which means that every win after that will count for the starting week’s win counter.

If you weren’t able to complete the 15 wins before this point, you won’t be able to claim that week’s remaining XP since the counter will reset back to 0 for the new week. However, it’s not necessary to finish all 15 steps of the weekly rewards to claim the ones you did win.

Each individual win automatically adds the 250 XP to your Mastery level, whether or not you manage to win all the remaining ones after it. So even if you weren’t able to get all 15 wins, you still get a nice amount of XP every week with just a handful and can even gain a Mastery level or two.

Wrap Up

Archetype of Finality - Illustration by Chris Rahn

Archetype of Finality | Illustration by Chris Rahn

So, to make a long story short, MTG Arena rewards you for winning games throughout the week. Whether you’re pay-to-play or a free-to-play, racking up the XP from these rewards is always a great way to move up the level-ladder in the Mastery System and get packs and other awesome prizes. Just remember to finish up before Sunday morning if you want to get the most XP possible.

But at the end of the day, or in this case, the end of the week, even if you don’t manage to get all the wins you need, I think everyone can agree that it’s still nice to be rewarded for your efforts. So get to building that new deck you’ve been planning on and do your best to get as many wins as possible! And to make that task easier, don’t forget to check our Arena Tutor to track your progress and your decks.

So good luck, may the shuffler be with you, and have a great week!

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