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Updating MTG Arena: Step-by-Step Guides

Updating MTG Arena after a system patch usually isn’t that hard, but sometimes you can run into problems. Before you uninstall and reinstall completely, we’ll show you two ways you can try to get the client running on your own and resolve common issues.

Automatic Arena Update

This first one is the easiest and hopefully always the one that works for you. It's pretty much the way it's supposed to work, but we'll go over it just in case your new to the client:

1. Open MTG Arena as you usually would

2. A window will pop-up that downloads and runs the update

MTG Arena update download

3. The update will finish and then Arena will start—log in or continue playing as you normally would!

MTG Arena log in page

Manual Update: Using the MTG Arena Launcher

The second option is basically a workaround if for some reason the launcher you usually use is giving you problems. Here we go:

1. Navigate to the following file path on your computer:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Wizards of the Coast\MTGA\MTGALauncher

MTGALauncher folder on PC

2. Click “MTGALauncher” to run the update and launch Arena

MTGALauncher application on PC

3. The update will finish and then Arena will start—log in or continue playing as you normally would!

MTG Arena log in page

These are the two ways you can try to update MTG Arena. Hopefully, these options work for you as well as they do for us because it would be a shame to have to first bury and then dig up MTG Arena for no reason.

Midnight Scavengers MTG card art by Jason Felix

Midnight Scavengers

Having Problems After an MTG Arena Update? Step-by-Step Guides

There is nothing as frustrating as just having installed a new version of MTGA and WHAM, a new problem pops up. That’s why we’ll be showing you how to open a support request as well as how to open a bug ticket.

Technical Support and MTG Arena Status page

If you’ve got an issue and want to see if you can resolve it yourself first, head on over to Technical Support. You’ll find a list of issues with possible solutions to the problem that can help you troubleshoot.

You can also inspect the MTG Arena Status page, which lets you know if there are any issues with Arena at the moment which may clarify why you’re having problems.

MTG Arena status page

Opening a Support Request

Opening a support request isn’t too difficult. Take a look:

1. Navigate to WotC’s Submit a request page

MTG Arena support page

2. Select the appropriate option from the “What would you like to contact us about?” drop-down menu

MTG Arena support page dropdown selection

3. Complete the fields that appear based on what you’re contact Wizards about—in our example, we chose “Account Issues”

MTG Arena support page account issues fields

4. Click “Submit” once you’ve filled out all the fields and you’ll be contact by the Support Team (hopefully) shortly

MTG Arena support page submit button

Opening a Bug Ticket

Knowing how to open a bug ticket is important. Before you report your bug, though, it’s best to check if the bug you’re experiencing has already been reported.

This support system works through “ideas”, where bugs are reported when users “create a new idea”. Other users who have experienced the same issue then vote for it to show Wizards that it’s a widespread problem. The more votes, the more serious the problem, the quicker Wizards will fix it.

First, we’ll go over how to check if an idea for the bug you’re experiencing already exists. Then we’ll jump to how to create a new idea for a bug if one doesn’t already exist.

Checking if a Bug Idea Already Exists

1. Navigate to the MTG Arena Bugs page

MTG Arena bug page

2. Scroll down to “Bug Details” and then use the “Bug Title” search bar to search for your bug

MTG Arena bug search

3. If your bug appears, click “Vote” under it to indicate that you’ve experienced the bug as well

Quick note: you can click on the bug title to see more details and any comments

MTG Arena bugs page vote

4. If you can’t find your bug, continue to the next section to create a new idea thread

Creating a New Bug Idea

1. Navigate to the MTG Arena Bugs page

MTG Arena bug page

2. Scroll down to “Bug Details” and then click “Post a New Idea”

Quick note: You may have to try searching for something first in the “Bug Title” field to make this option appear

MTG Arean bugs post new idea button

3. Complete the “Bug Title”, “Category”, and “Describe your idea” fields and then attach any related images or files

Quick note: Wizards suggests including steps to reproduce the bug, your results, what should be happening, and any workarounds you’ve found

MTG Arena new bug idea

4. Click “Post Idea”

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  • Avatar
    Mike March 24, 2023 6:16 am

    on mac, is there a way to use a download manager instead of having to download 7 GB inside the MTG Arena app itself? because if it disconnects for any reason, it starts over again from zero. It’s pretty hard for me to download 7 GB without it at some point disconnecting, I have a slower internet connection, so unless it can resume where it left off, I cannot download the 7 GB part of the game

    • Nikki
      Nikki March 30, 2023 12:17 pm

      Unfortunately as far as I’ve been able to find there isn’t a way to manage the download outside of Arena, though I don’t own a Mac so I can’t test it. Definitely seems like an issue that MTGA doesn’t save your progress if there’s an issue mid-download though, maybe if you contact Wizards directly they’d be able to propose a solution for you though?

      Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. Best of luck!

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