Smothering Tithe - Illustration by Daisuke Tatsuma

Smothering Tithe | Illustration by Daisuke Tatsuma

Everyone has their favorites when it comes to memes, and often those favorites are related to our interests, as extended shared jokes about fandoms or pastimes. For myself, a good Star Wars meme is always welcome. I can poke a bit of fun at a franchise I perhaps have spent too much time with, laugh, and move on.

But I think Magic: The Gathering memes hit a bit different, especially Commander memes. A lot of these hit really close to home, and it was only after I’d been collecting these that I saw that most of these are jokes about players, not the game. Maybe we’ve built a bunch of online communities and content channels devoted to complaining and that’s part of MTG culture? So what’s left for memes are the uncomfortable truths about us as players?

Look, don’t blame me! I’m just the collector. You all did this! Let’s check it out.

cEDH Memes

Storm Crow - Illustration by John Matson

Storm Crow | Illustration by John Matson

cEDH is complicated. When is a deck a high-powered casual deck and when is it cEDH? We don’t seem to know the answer, so memes to the rescue!

So many of these are about the seductions of power and cEDH and how to draw the line, and I think that is only going to get more complicated for people going forward. Good things we have memes to help sort it out.

Table Politics

It turns out that managing multiplayer Magic is pretty hard! Theoretically it should be more fun. Like a party game. And we’re going to take this competitive game, keep all the competitive rules, but try to play it somehow for fun. Cool, cool, cool.

So when is it okay to start getting tilted?

This section of memes was pretty triggering for me, actually, as these feel like every time I play Commander some form of most of these happens. Maybe it’s me? Maybe I’m the problem? I dunno. If you all would just pay the , we wouldn’t be in this mess. And I only swung at you because you were the only one with an open board, and I needed the trigg….

Proxies Versus Poverty

EDH can get expensive, and by the time we amp things up to cEDH level, we end up in a pretty proxy-friendly space. But there are implications to trying to finish a deck without proxies. And there are implications to proxies.

The ongoing theme of spending a lot of money your significant other doesn’t know about seems more of a warning than a joke, but then again, so are NSFW proxies, so be careful out there! Good choices, folks!

Deck Hate

In the moment, I’ll hate whatever deck you’re playing, maybe even especially if it’s my deck I loaned you and you’re punking me with it. But sometimes decks or approaches or play styles just bug us so much we have to call them out. Here’s a selection.

That last meme is for real, but it seems weird to have a list of decks we hate with no green on the list.

Everyday Commander Blues

Finally, there are struggles we all feel. The universal themes and experiences. There aren’t as many, but they ring true.

Commanding Conclusion

________ Goblin - Illustration by Chuck Lukacs

______ Goblin | Illustration by Chuck Lukacs

We play Magic because it’s fun. Usually. Most of the time. At least very often. But sometimes it’s a bit too much, for whatever reason, and that’s where humor comes in, and today we called in the memes. If you need more, check out our list of Magic memes in general.

Memes remind us to keep having fun. And I’ll second that. Memes > roping on Arena.

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Until next time, stay safe!

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