Jeweled Lotus - Illustration by Olena Richards

Jeweled Lotus | Illustration by Olena Richards

Magic: The Gathering has always been known for its stunning artwork and collectible cards, but lately there’s an extra layer of beauty that certain cards possess – a textured foil treatment. Textured foils add a fun, tactile experience to the already mesmerizing art of Magic cards, making them highly sought after.

So let’s dive into the world of textured foils in MTG, learn how to spot them, and talk about their value on the secondary market. We’ll also explore the differences between Textured Foils and other cool foiling techniques, and check if they’re legal for tournament play.

Let’s jump in!

What Is a Textured Foil in MTG?

Textured Foil Video – Credit u/lillobby6

Textured foils are special foil cards with an embossed effect that creates a captivating illusion of motion when tilting them. Textured foil cards made their debut in Magic with Double Masters 2022, introducing a fresh approach to make some cards even more valuable. This innovative feature adds a mesmerizing dimension to the already stunning artwork, and they’ve been incredibly sought-after since their release.

How Do You Tell if a Foil Is Textured?

Textured foils look like a clear, repeating pattern across the entire card surface, giving it a textured appearance. Distinguishing textured foils from regular foils can be quite simple once you know what to look for. Tilt the card under light to identify a textured foil and observe the reflection. Foil-etched cards look less shiny on the foiled portions and a bit more matte. In contrast, regular foils don’t have this consistent pattern and tend to reflect light in a more scattered manner.

How Do You Get Textured Foils?

You can get textured foils through certain MTG booster packs, specifically the Collector Booster packs for select sets. These packs are treasure chests filled with premium cards, and your chances of finding textured foils are higher than with regular packs. By investing in Collector Booster packs, you can increase your chances of getting these stunning textured versions of your favorite cards.

What Types of Packs Have Textured Foils?

Foil - Illustration by Donato Giancola

Foil | Illustration by Donato Giancola

Textured foil treatments can be found in Collector Booster packs. They were originally found in Dominaria United and in Double Masters 2022. However, it’s important to know that the textured foil treatments in these sets are really different, which got some contrasting reactions from the MTG community.

In Dominaria United, the textured foil treatment has a textured feel on the name and text box of stained glass cards, while the actual stained glass foil itself has a glossy finish. While visually appealing, this approach caused some controversy among players because of the difference in prestige compared to textured foils in Double Masters 2022 Collector Booster packs.

The textured foils in Double Masters 2022 are exclusively available in Collector Booster packs, adding to their allure. You can typically expect to find one textured foil per pack, making each pack a thrilling surprise for collectors seeking these rare and visually captivating cards.

What Sets Have Textured Foils?

Most sets after Double Masters 2022 don’t have textured foils. Instead, Wizards of the Coast periodically introduce them in various new and exciting sets. As of today, the sets that featured textured foils include:

We’ll keep an eye out for sets that have textured foils. Anytime a new set is released with them, we’ll make sure to update this section of the article!

What Are the Odds of Opening a Textured Foil?

There has been some discussion on how normal boosters have a 33.3% chance of including a foil, but there isn’t any official data for textured foils from WotC. The closest is the overview of the Double Masters 2022’s products article which states one card slot in the Collector Boosters is either “Traditional foil borderless rare or mythic rare or 1 Textured Foils mythic rare.” This implies a 50/50 chance of opening, but there’s no certainty to the odds. It’s more likely that textured foils are an incredibly rare alternative to the traditional foil borderless card.

Are Textured Foils Valuable?

Textured foil cards initially had high asking prices, with some fetching impressive sums. However, their value hasn’t aged well since their introduction.

Despite still holding a slight premium over regular foils, textured foils have experienced a drastic decline in worth. For instance, textured foil Emrakul, the Aeons Torn, once valued at $132, now sells for around $40. Similar trends are seen across all Double Masters 2022 textured foil treatments, with cards like Liliana, the Last Hope dropping from $227 to about $50, and Wrenn and Six declining from $352 to about $100.

The price of Double Masters 2022 Collector Booster Boxes has dropped significantly from approximately $300 to around $210, a 30% loss. Alongside this, textured foil cards have lost approximately 66% or more of their original value, suggesting a potential future decline in the value of new Commander Masters texture foils over time.

Textured Foils vs. Regular Foils

While regular foils already add a shimmering effect to the cards, textured foils take this experience to another level with their unique texture. So tactile! Textured foils provide a visually striking difference compared to regular foils, making them stand out in collections and decks. However, I’d still always recommend going with whatever you think is the most visually appealing. It’s your deck after all!

Textured Foils vs. Etched Foils

Textured foils have a repeating pattern on the card surface, adding an interesting feel to the card. On the other hand, etched foils have a pattern that appears to be engraved into the card rather than being a surface texture. Though the terms “textured foil” and “etched foil” are sometimes used interchangeably, there’s a subtle distinction between the two. Both types of foils offer a unique look and feel for different aesthetic preferences.

Can All Cards Be Found as Textured Foils, or Only Certain Ones?

Omnath, Locus of Mana - Illustration by Mike Bierek

Omnath, Locus of Mana | Illustration by Mike Bierek

Not all MTG cards are available as textured foils. Wizards of the Coast selects specific cards from each set to be included in Collector Boosters as potential textured foils. Generally, these selected cards are often popular or highly valuable, adding to the appeal of Collector Booster packs for players and collectors.

Five cards from Double Masters 2022 are available in textured foil.

Ten more textured foil cards are collectible in Commander Masters.

Do Textured Foil Cards Warp or Bend More Than Regular Foils?

According to fans and players, textured foil cards warp less than regular foils. However, the warping or bending of MTG cards can occur with both regular foils and textured foils because they’re both subject to changes in humidity and temperature. The extent of warping or bending depends on the quality of the card stock and how it’s stored. To minimize the risk of warping, it’s essential to keep cards in a cool and dry environment, preferably using card sleeves and storage solutions designed to protect foils.

Are Textured Foils Tournament Legal?

Yes, textured foil cards are generally considered tournament legal. As long as the card meets the usual requirements for tournament play (including card condition and card legality), textured foils are permitted in sanctioned MTG events. However, you should ensure that your cards aren’t excessively warped because severely bent cards may not be allowed in competitive play.

Wrap Up

Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre - Illustration by Thomas M. Baxa

Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre | Illustration by Thomas M. Baxa

Textured foils add a remarkable touch to the world of Magic: The Gathering, captivating players and collectors alike with their unique beauty and tactile experience. Obtained through Collector Booster packs from select sets, these sought-after cards bring out the best in MTG’s stunning artwork while offering an extra layer of collectability.

What do you think of textured foils? Have you managed to open any yourself or even seen somebody else pull one? Fill me in on your thoughts, comments, and critiques in the comments below or over in the official Draftsim Discord.

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