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Inspiring Statuary - Illustration by Kirsten Zirngibl

Inspiring Statuary | Illustration by Kirsten Zirngibl

Magic is a beloved collectible card game that has captured the hearts and imaginations of fans for nearly three decades. The game has spawned a vast and passionate community of players, collectors, and fans who share a love for its intricate lore, gameplay mechanics, and striking artwork.

One emerging aspect of the fan base is the growing interest in MTG figures. These minis come in various styles and sizes, from intricately detailed statues of iconic characters to playful chibi-style figurines. For collectors and fans of MTG, these figures offer a way to bring the game's characters to life in three-dimensional form.

But the official MTG figures produced by WotC can be hard to get and don’t appeal to everyone. So what should you do if you want to get your hands on unique pieces of art? Let’s take a closer look at the world of MTG figures and the vendors who create them!

#10. Teferi Akosa Keychain

Teferi Akosa keychain

Check out this Teferi keychain! Unlike your typical MTG action figure, this keychain is made from high-quality foam and features a larger-than-average size that makes it stand out. Once you see it in person, you’ll be impressed by its level of detail and craftsmanship.

#9 Ajani Goldmane WizKids Figure

Ajani Goldmane WizKids mini

The Phyrexian cat has more action figures than you may think. He is one of the most popular characters in the game, after all. I like this version of Ajani because it's one of the easiest to get and is well crafted for its price.

#8. Jace Beleren Legacy Collection

Jace Beleren Legacy Collection mini

This Jace action figure is more detailed than the previous ones, which is why I like it over the others. It's fully articulated from the Funko brand, meaning that quality is assured.

There are at least five other planeswalkers in the Legacy Collection, but the Jace one is definitely the best.

Funko Magic: The Gathering -Legacy Action Figures- Jace Beleren
  • 20 Point articulation
  • Funko did it again!
  • Check out the other Magic: The Gathering Legacy Figures!
  • Funko (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

#7. Ajani Goldmane Funko Pop!

Ajani Goldmane Funko Pop! vinyl

Funko has done a decent job in representing MTG characters so far. I prefer figures that stand out from one another a little bit more, and the reason I like the Ajani Funko Pop! is because it has a different structure from the rest.

Funko Pop! Games: Magic The Gathering - Ajani Goldmane Vinyl Figure
  • Collect them All!
  • Stands 3 3/4 inches tall
  • Funko did it again!

#6. Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni Resin Figure

Ink-Eyes Servant of Oni resin figure

This Ink-Eyes action figure is approximately 15 inches tall and made of high-quality polystone. I like it because it's part of a limited edition that features intricate details and a beautiful paint job. Unfortunately it might be difficult to get your hands on an official in-the-box copy for that same reason.

#5. Ziatora, the Incinerator Unpainted Figure

Ziatora the Incinerator unpainted figure

The level of detail on this Ziatora, the Incinerator mini is insane. Despite not being colored, you can see the level of effort put into the statue, from the base to the wings and scales.

#4. Jin-Gitaxias Unpainted Figure

Jin-Gitaxias unpainted figure

Like the Ziatora action figure, this Jin-Gitaxias mini is very realistic with a fine attention to detail. The seller also sells it painted if you want something other than the gray clay skeleton color.

#3. Jace and Chandra Nendoroids

I absolutely love these Jace and Chandra figures. Not only do they look very well crafted and are amazingly well painted, they’re also highly customizable. You can even customize their facial expression, and in Chandra's case can choose the hair color between a fiery red and a more natural crimson.

#2. UltraPro’s Elesh Norn Figurines From The Vault

UltraPro's Elesh Norn Figurines from the Vault

I don’t know what it is about this chibi version of Elesh Norn, but I totally dig it. I think it’s the tooth and the out-of-character pose that give it a unique personality.

#1. Atraxa Unpainted Figure

Atraxa unpainted figure

This Atraxa figure has to be one of the most difficult sculptures to 3D print. It has multiple cure spots and peaks that are a nightmare when it comes down to printing and cutting. This is an excellent deal for the price, and one of the most beautiful pieces of MTG art I’ve ever seen.

Where Can You Get Officially-Licensed MTG Miniatures?

Various stores distribute officially-licensed MTG minis. Here are some of these companies:


Nicol Bolas Funko Pop! vinyl

Funko produces various pop culture collectibles, including vinyl figures called “Pop! Vinyls.” In collaboration with Wizards, Funko has created a line of Pop! Vinyls based on MTG characters.

These Funko MTG figures have the distinctive Pop! Vinyl style, with oversized heads and small bodies. They depict various iconic MTG characters from Liliana Vess all the way to Nicol Bolas.

Funko also has a “Legacy Collection” of MTG figures with more realistic physical depictions, accessories, and the ability to pose however you like. They’re compatible with other action figures in the Legacy Collection line, allowing for even more customization and playability.

Funko POP Games: Magic The Gathering - Series 2 Nicol Bolas Vinyl Figure, 6-Inch
  • Check out the other Magic The Gathering POP figures from Funko!
  • Stands 6 inches tall
  • Collect them all!


WizKids unpainted minis bundle

WizKids focuses on pre-painted sculpted miniatures for tabletop RPGs. They’re introduced in sets, meaning you can find exclusive ones from Innistrad, Kaldheim, Strixhaven, and so on.

Magic: the Gathering Unpainted Minis Wave 2 Quick-Pick
  • The Magic the Gathering Unpainted is a new addition to our Unpainted Miniatures
  • Contains 1 copy of every Magic the Gathering Unpainted single
  • Great gift for the avid miniature painter
  • Premium Plastic Construction
  • Ages 14+


Bioworld MTG characters 18-piece keychain collection

Bioworld produced custom-designed acrylic keychains in 2019, featuring printed characters from Magic. The keychains were officially licensed and came in two sets of six planeswalkers. The acrylic sheets were 140×72 mm in size, and the die-cut base was 52×52 mm.

Bioworld Magic: The Gathering Characters Keychain 18 Piece Set
  • CUSTOM DESIGN - These MTG keychains are acrylic die cut with vibrant printed Magic: The Gathering characters
  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED - This Magic: The Gathering merchandise is officially licensed and 100% authentic
  • PERFECT GIFT - Magic fans everywhere will love it
  • 18 PIECES - Set of 6 Characters, 3 of each character in the entire set
  • SIZE - 140x72 mm acrylic sheets, 52x52 mm die cut base


UltraPro Myr Figurines from the Vault mini

UltraPro released lines of Magic figures in 2022 and 2023 called “Figurines From the Vault.” These figures are designed to showcase the cute side of some of the game's most iconic creatures, like Elesh Norn. The vinyl figures (like this adorable little myr) stand approximately 4 inches tall and have a matte finish.

Ultra Pro - Magic: The Gathering Figurines from The Vault (Myr) - Cool Figurines to Bring Along for Battles, Perfect Desk Decoration, Office Decoration or Room Décor
  • Officially licensed Myr figurine for Magic: The Gathering - Based on the Silver Myr card
  • An adorable take on the most fearsome creatures in all the realms
  • Vinyl figure stands nearly 4 in. tall
  • Features a matte grey finish and unrelenting loyalty
  • Also available: Sliver, Perilous Myr (Variant), and Harmonic Sliver (Variant). Collect them all!

Monogram International Inc.

Monogram International Inc. specializes in designing and manufacturing licensed character products including figurines, keychains, and other collectibles.

Some of the most popular products produced by Monogram include their 3D figurines, which feature highly detailed and stylized versions of popular characters. These figurines are made from high-quality materials and are designed with collectors in mind.

XM Studios

XM STUDIOS Chandra Nalaar figure

XM Studios produces high-end collectible statues and art prints.

In 2020 they acquired the license to produce 1/4 scale statues of Magic and D&D figures. Unfortunately these statues are only available in select countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.

The first statue in this lineup, designed by Magali Villeneuve, was revealed to be Chandra Nalaar and it featured two switchable heads.

Good Smile Company

Good Smile Company Chandra and Jace Neondoroid figures

Good Smile Company is a Japanese manufacturer for collectibles and figurines. The company was founded in 2001 by Aki Takanori and quickly gained popularity for producing high-quality figurines and collectibles of anime, manga, and video game characters. The company is known for its “Nendoroid” line of figurines, which are small, chibi-style figurines that feature interchangeable parts and accessories, allowing collectors to customize their figurines and create unique displays.

The MTG collection currently features both Jace and Chandra figurines.

What Other Stores Sell MTG Miniatures?


Walmart offers a wide variety of products, including action figures. They carries minis from many popular franchises, including Magic.

When it comes to MTG, Walmart is known for being unreliable but capable of supplying stunning deals. You can pick up figurines, bundles, even Commander precons here for relatively cheap if you’re lucky since they don’t always follow market price.


There isn’t much to say about Target that hasn’t already been said about Walmart. If you’re ever visiting this store, keep your eyes peeled for underpriced MTG products.


There are millions of sellers on Amazon, ranging from individuals selling used items from their homes to large corporations with branded products. You can find most of the action figures for MTG here, and it should be one of the first places you should look if you’re interested in building your collection.


Another online marketplace, eBay operates on an auction-style format where sellers can set a starting price and buyers can bid on the item. Sellers can also offer their items at a fixed price, known as a “Buy It Now” listing.

Where to Buy Custom Miniatures?

Any reputable site that can print in 3D can print any action figure you may want. Here are the most notable ones:


3DkingCZ is a popular seller on Etsy who specializes in high-quality resin miniatures, FDM prints, and painting.


Etsy is an online marketplace specializing in handmade, vintage, and unique items. While not specifically focused on action figures, many independent artists and sellers on Etsy create and sell custom or unique action figures.

Some of the most popular sellers I could find are NeoTurnGaming, MomentumMiniatures, and SecretIdentityPrints.

Are There Bundles or Gift Sets of Miniatures Available?

MTG elf fighter and elf cleric miniature duo

There aren't a whole lot of bundles available for MTG minis. The best you'll be able to find are bundles of miniatures likely intended to be used in tabletop RPGs, like this elf fighter and cleric duo. Other “bundles” include Bioworld's keychains and WizKids' quick-pick collections.

Magic: the Gathering Unpainted Miniatures: Elf Fighter & Elf Cleric
  • Magic the Gathering Unpainted Mini Features: Figure #7 (6 Units)

Wrap Up

Disfigure - Illustration by Svetlin Velinov

Disfigure | Illustration by Svetlin Velinov

MTG figures have become an increasingly popular way for game fans to bring their iconic characters to life. While the official figures produced by WotC are highly sought after, the growing market for third-party figures has opened up a world of creative and unique options for collectors and fans.

I’d love to hear your opinion given how subjective figurines can be. Let me know your favorite MTG figures in the comments below or over in the Draftsim Discord.

As always, it's been a pleasure, and I'll catch you next time!

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