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Well. Double Masters 2022 sure looks sweet, doesn't it?

  • Two rares and two foils per pack?
  • Double first picks?
  • Ample fixing?

Sign me up!

The only bad thing is that it isn't available to play just yet… or it it?

Magic Online themselves don't even have a ton of information available about the release. But… I do!

As you already probably know, the set is already live for practice on Draftsim's draft simulator.

And since Double Masters 2022 is an all-reprints set (with one important exception), this means that you can play sealed against your friends starting now.

Let me show you the way…

Step 1: Generate a Sealed Pool on Draftsim

First, head over to Draftsim's sealed page for Double Masters 2022.

The app will generate a fresh sealed pool for you. Export the first one you see — no cheating!

A Double Masters 2022 sealed pool on Draftsim

To do so, just hover over export and click “Copy List.”

Exporting a deck on Draftsim

Your pool will be copied to your clipboard so you can import it into MTGO.

Step 2: Save a .dek or .txt File with the Sealed Pool

Open up your favorite text editor and paste the list in. Here's me doing it in Notepad:

Saved deck text file

Make sure to delete any extra spaces or carriage returns before and after the card list.

Also be sure to delete Cryptic Spires. The card is unavailable on Magic Online (as of the publish date) and it will cause your later decklist import to fail if so.

Cryptic Spires error on MTGO

When you save the file, save it as a .txt or .dek file.

Step 3: Import the Deck into MTGO

Yeah, it's been a while for me too. But hey, this set looks like it'll be good enough to actually make me use Magic Online again!

MTGO login screen

Click on Collection, then click the import a deck button.

Select the deck file you saved earlier.

You can leave the format as “Freeform.”

Imported MTGO deck

After this, you'll see the imported deck. You should have exactly 90 cards — six 15-card packs, minus the Cryptic Spires.

If you're anything like me, there are a ton of cards here that you don't own. So you'll need to add them to your wish list.

Right click in the main area and add the missing cards to your wish list.

MTGO add to wish list

Now go over to your wish list to see the cards you need to buy.

Finding MTGO wish list

After having a look, right click on your wish list on the left panel and save the list by exporting it.

Add wishlist to binder

I saved mine as a .txt file so I could reopen it in Notepad.

Save wishlist as a text file

Step 4: Buy the Cards

Next up, head over to your favorite card rental service on MTGO, like Cardhoarder or Manatraders.

Or you can buy the cards from a bot, like Goatbots.

Bots on MTGO

I'll buy the cards from Cardhoarder since I like em and already have an account set up. Oh and if you want to help Draftsim, I like them because I have an affiliate account there.

Cardhoarder shopping

They have an easy deck import and fast ordering.

After a few minutes, I have my cards!

Now you might balk at paying $20-30 here just to practice a sealed pool. But you can sell the cards back to a bot afterwards. So, effectively after you do this you are paying just a few dollars to practice Double Masters 2022 each time.

Step 5: Build Your Deck

OK so now we have all the cards for that deck we imported at the beginning of this whole rigmarole.

Proceed to build your deck, keeping in mind that you have six Cryptic Spires at your disposal.

Isn't this sealed deck building experience better than MTGA's somehow? Yeah, I know. (We've got an alternative to that here too).

Since you have to decide what your Cryptic Spires will be before you “submit” your deck, then you can transform them… into guildgates!

Rakdos Guildgate

For the purposes of this sealed exercise, they are functionally equivalent! So now add six guildgates to your deck, if you desire:

I had quite a few in my account. And even if you don't, they are very cheap to buy.

OK, we're done building. Time to play!

Step 6: Find Friends and Direct Challenge Them

Have any equally-addicted friends that are planning on gong to some Double Masters 2022 release events? Part of a play group or Discord online? Message them and show them how to play early too using this article!

And if you don't have any friends? Make some on Draftsim's Discord! We're friendly and have lots of people who love to play every format.

Wrap Up

Well, I hope you enjoyed that guide. Make sure to follow Draftsim on Twitter and Facebook to see when we upload new sets or publish more of our awesome articles. And if you're an MTGA player, I've recently updated Arena Tutor with some amazing new features, so check it out.


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